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61 Geometry

The math I'm in right now that is painfully boring and uninteresting, not to mention USELESS. - DCfnaf

One of the better parts of math, along with statistics - MLPFan

This should be higher. - Flamer310

62 Logic
63 Microbiology

This subject is fun!

64 History

History is the most boring subject. I just hate history. I feel so bad when I read history. Why do we have to know what happened in past? The most irritating subject I've ever read.

Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. Now insert that in your brain.

My whole class hates history. it is the most boring subject of my life. I HATE HISTORY.

Boo! History is so lame, I mean so what if you don't know what happened before it's what's happening now that's important plus it is so BORING


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65 Computer Applications

I love this subject - MLPFan

I hate computer class!

For this subject you have to be a tech nerd or geeek

66 Disaster Management

It is so boring! I hate this subject because it fears me disastrous

67 Physics

Physics - One of the most useful subjects. If you watch "Science of Stupid" (a show that analyzes whats wrong with a certain failed stunt or action in a video) its all based on physics, which is why its very useful

Great subject love it

I'm good at biology and chemistry is fun because you get to mess with chemicals, but then there's GOD DAM PHYSICS! I can't believe it's higher than biology and chemistry! Vote physics (and math)!

That's for sure. physics y r u so boring

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68 Marathi
69 Computer Science

Baah! I hate this subject. I mean why do we have to study about it. After basics we understand everything but why study more. Crap!

Computer Science sounds like lots of fun! I wish we did it in sixth grade! - RockFashionista

All people do in this class is hack and khan academy and put mlg stuff (that includes me)

70 Psychology

One of the best subjects to study - Ananya

You needed it to be a psychiatrist. - GirlyAnimeLover

I love it so much like it's the best thing ever! XOXO!

71 Writing

ALl you do is write! So boring

I love writing (stories and blogs. Otherwise, my handwriting sucks) - MLPFan

Yes all you do is write. And it is totally NOT boring

I don't l like it because I don't like it

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72 Art

How is this USEFUL in life? I can see Music and Drama, but ART! Only take this if you're an aspiring artist, this subject is useless if you aren't.

If you also don't like it, move to Canada, Art is nothing there. - PizzaGuy

Art is the best subject. MY teacher is good and explains things well.

I actually wish I picked this an elective.

I'm bad a art so that why I don't like it

Since you're bad at art, just practice till you get better. If practicing doesn't work for some reason, then oh well. - QueenJazzy21064

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73 Engineering

Engineering sounds like great fun! I really wish to learn aerospace or aeronautic engineering. I wish I could take a class like this. I'd have a blast! - RockFashionista

In my opinion Tech Ed is very boring, but I'm fine with you being enthusiastic - doodie

74 Turkish

Who wants to learn Turkish!?

Sultan Kösen please. - HelloWhyImHere

75 Astrology
76 Greek
77 Woodshop
78 Arabic
79 Journalism
80 Textiles
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