Most Boring Subjects in School


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81 Metal Work
82 Theatre Arts
83 Literature
84 Medieval History
85 Family Life
86 Astronomy
87 Drivers Education
88 Mechanics
89 General Business
90 Travel and Tourism
91 Traditional Languages

Behold, the subject no one In my school asked for. It's so hard that It makes you lose all of your hair from stress. Yet It's kinda boring since almost no one (NO ONE IN MY CLASS KNEW THE MEANINGS, HAH! ) know what each word means. And we don't even get Indonesian translations, It's like the author of the book expects us to know what It means because It's our province's traditional language. Very few people at my school are from the ethnic that used said language (Sundanese) so of course you'd know no one would want to get their report cards butchered from this one subject. And mathematics. - MLPFan

I rather have Chinese class (In Indonesia, It is actually really common for schools especially private schools like the school I go to to have chinese languages as a subject. The two common subtitutes are germany and japanese languages. Considering that many Indonesians are chinese nowadays. But It is optional whether the school wants to have chinese classes or not) than this. Some of my classmates and a lot of my schoolmates are chinese people so I can ask them for help. But I can hardly do the same for this one - MLPFan

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