Top Ten Most Charismatic Leaders of K-pop Groups

Good songs, good music, dancing skills, handsome & pretty face members... These are the reason of being successful in K-pop industry! Oh, did I forget something? Yeah, leaders; I think leader is very important, he should be handsome, have a good voice, be a good dancer & be charismatic!

Now, I wanna know who do you think are the most charismatic leaders of K-pop groups!

The Top Ten

1 Kim Hyun Jung (SS501)

I vote for him, because I know he went through a lot of problems and he solved all of them alone, I'm sure it was hard! I always believed that he has charisma & I love it very much;but after all that happened for SS501, I was one of those who thought it's his fault, after all he is leader! It was hard to keep faith in him! But now, I know I was wrong and from bottom of my heart I want to support him and I believe to him! (oh, it was so sad! )

He is daebakk nothing to say really. Fighting. Come together son love you oppa continue your hard work

Handsome, good acter, good singer, he is also a wonderful rapper and... As a leader in his solo activities he proved that he is really popular in the world & he is a true wave in his country and guess what, he is a reall charismatic leader!

Kim Hyun Joong has an unique aura and is very very charismatic. Someone wants to destroy him but he is unbreakable and his fans too!

2 G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Most charismatic? As in, when these leaders are to be seated in a row, someone who catch your attention the most? The posture, the skills they have, the image of public about them, I think are the most determining factor. It's GD alright.

His posture screams confidence and politeness at the same time.

He's NOT just a singer, but AN ARTIST. Know the difference, people? To make it simple, a singer sing, while an artist makes an art of EVERYTHING they are doing, be it singing, writing lyrics, composing, producing, or SIMPLY WEARING CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES.

The public image? I can't say all news about him are good, especially after some scandals about him. But he tried his hardest to compensate for it all. He tried hard to bring happiness to people through his arts (songs, performances, etc). The important thing is, HE SHOWED HIS EFFORTS. If you want to bring happiness but your acts are little, half-hearted, and not worth mentioning or attention, what did you do that ...more

He really cares about his members, and tries his best in composing and producing the songs. He has many roles in the group, from the rapper to vocalist to producer, composer and lyricist. GD THE BEST~

Amazing! I haven't even seen him live and he still amazes and blows me away!

G dragon may not be VERY HOT to some people but he is very cute and can be sexy at times and he is just so captivating! When ever you see Big Bang performing, your eyes are most of the time drawn to gd. Gd is a great singer, rapper, artist, model, song writer, producer and his character is really great to. I always see him online and I can never get enough of him. He just captures my attention too much! G dragon will always be my number one favorite artist and Big Bang will forever be my number one favorite band! I hope that Big Bang and gd will forever go strong and will blast the charts. Even when they are 30-40 plus I hope they will continue to produce songs that make a lot of people happy and inspire others like they did to me!

3 Leeteuk (Super Junior)

Leeteuk is an amazing leader. He still keeps the group together no matter what, sure members leave and its hard but he still keeps his cool to make sure everyone is still happy with each other. He is nice and cares about every single one of his members.

Leeteuk, I would say he isn't at the top yet, but he's the best leader to me! He takes care of his members really weell

After each member leaving for military service or the group, he has still kept Super Junior together and still stays strong for the group and its members. Leeteuk is no doubt but an excellent leader.

Its because no one can have what has been through leeteuk life and he still has a strong heart and will

4 CL (2NE1)

She's the baddest female! She's smart, got swag and oh so awesome on stage. She's also the responsible one in the group eve though she's not the oldest... She's the B-E-S-T.

She has this really strong presence on stage, your attention just goes to her. Like no matter how many artists stand together on stage with her she just stands out. Her confidence and energy levels are like on another level at the same time she's shy and timid. I think these the contrasting characteristics of hers makes her more charismatic.

Charismatic kpop leader seoul city ever had! :D

Why is she so down low on this list it should be 1) GD 2) CL

5 Suho (EXO-K) Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

He sticks to the rules like a gum. Sometimes his straight and inflexible mindset is a good thing as he is serious, but sometimes I think he should think of himself more. Suho is multi-talented, he can lead and group of 5 dorky monkeys who most of them are taller than him himself, dance and sing! He is always serious and hardworking just like his birth name suggests.

Suho is so attractive, and handsome, and also super talented, he deserves to be I top 10

Suho takes good care of the members as EXO LEADER. He is serious with his work and good advice to the members and his junior. He is hardworking. He Suho does a good job as EXO leader. All EXO members takes care of each other and work hard.

He is exo's mother. He deserves it laugh out loud

6 Kris (EXO-M) Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under S.M. Entertainment.

He is the best leader :D He cares so much about his team. They call him as a father in EXO group.. :D


Laziest in EXO but a leader... So perfect... - SarahSaleha_1311

He so cool and handsome, he is cold but he has care for the other member that's why he is the most charismatic leader for me

7 Taecyeon (2PM)

He isn't the leader but if he is or he will someday, you got my vote, oppa! He can control everything well

He is not officially the leader but if 2pm was a family (which it is) he would be the older brother (which he is laugh out loud )

He isn't the leader though but he's GREAT!

Is he the leader?! Oh, my god, then... He is the best choice! He is wonderful rapper and... He is a reall one!
Trust me, he has charisma! - same

8 Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon has this one charm when she dance or sing, people just know that she is the leader. She has an ability to hold people into her. She is in her own class. Even though she is a leader, but she can't put aside the dorky side of her. Without her I can't imagine what snsd will do. She is friendly, warm, dorky and also cute leader. Snsd jjang. Taeyeon fighting!

It was just because of SNSD's fan, I like her, but I think Yuri is more charismatic than her! (Sorry) - same

She's not very charismatic, but she is very cute and pretty. She cares about the other members so much, She is funny and dorky, which makes SONES love her even more.

She's just this dorky kid leader SONES love! The cutest, dorkiest, funniest, most beautiful leader ever! Her voice, her encouragements, it makes me so motivated. The way she comforts people, the way she shows her love, She's my inspiration. I love you Taeyeon! Right now it's SNSD!

9 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

My sexy love...

he is hot

10 Yong Hwa (CN Blue)

I'm just recently following the band, but it was love at first hearing! Above all, Yong Hwa's voice was amazing, I love his personality, how he treats his fellow members and everything! Perfection is the best word to describe him!

I love him! He is an amazing leader and just full of talent!

Everybody go crazy whenever he's singing his songs..
And I'm one of that everybody..

I love all Yonghwa package, his musical talent, his passion for music, his charismatic, serious yet playful look, his way of performing... All about him!

The Contenders

11 U-know (TVXQ)

He has gone through a lot... Just like other members but he is special in a way... He is a strong shining star that will keep shining. He is a strong leader.

A very respectable leader of all KPOP groups.. Everyone seems to look up to him. And the way he supports and help others is just truly amazing..

... U-KNOW oppa... Has Everything a good leader must possess, in full Package... I rest my case...
We love you U-know...

Actually I thought he's not a very good leader since he dint lead the 5 of them til the end... But I have to vote for him because he's a very responsible person. He could have leave SM Ent with JYJ!? But he chose to stay.

12 Onew (SHINee)

HE IS THE CUTEST LEADER EVER! His trademark-eye smile-captures the heart of everyone young and old. Although he looks so shy and quiet, but when you watch some videos of Shinee in reality show, you wouldn't expect him to be funny. Onew condition. He is funny in his own little ways and that makes him attractive.

He may not be very talkative (Jonghyun is seen at the front more) and at first glance, I wouldve never guessed that he is the leader but nevertheless, he is great at it. A wonderful leader, who takes care of his younger members and supports them.

The one who silently supports his groupmates, the one who wouldn't think twice about sacrificing himself for his brothers... Onew-ah, you really are the best!

He might not be the charismatic type, but he knows how to own the stage with his voice!

13 Sunggyu (INFINITE)

Sunggyu is the best when handling the members. I think we should consider that

I really like infinite especially the leader and main vocalist, sunggyu. Their song is really great and their dance is powerful. Hope they will still sing until forever

Sunggyu is for sure one of the best leaders!

Sunggyu is the best! He can boss around the members and make them follow him. He is nice, attentive and he can make anyone happy!

14 Kahi (After School)

Kahi is ageless, she's 32 and still looks as hot as the day she debuted. Kahi one of the greatest entertainers in entertainment history. She is a very hard worker, well known for her dancing prowess, great leadership skill, awesome physique/abs. Kahi has a charismatic tough looking exterior but inside she has a kind soft heart.

I'm not sure about her (because I don't know her vary much), all I know is that she is adorable! - same

I wish that Kahi didn't leave After School. She had so much charisma and she was extremely talented.

One of the best leader from K-pop girl group. If not the best still one of the top class leader

15 Seung Ho (MBLAQ)

"Faith, Loyalty, Friendship n Support. This is MBLAQ" - Seungho..
I have nothing more to say.. The wise words describe MBLAQ very well..
Thanks to Seungho who bring those element in MBLAQ..

He is really charismatic and responsible.

He is the best leader I've ever seen...

He is just... Perfect!

16 Victoria (Fx)

She is warm and adorable. No one in the kpop industry can resist her charm. Victoria is popular among male group because of her beautiful appearance. Victoria is a cool type of person as well as krystal. Victoria never show off with her ability neither trying in being funny because she thinks people might don't like her for that attitude. She is a very sensible leader.

Vic umma cooks and takes care of her group members well and she is fun leader too.

Vic omma is the most caring and loving person. We love you to death, leader.

17 Hyorin (SISTAR)

Come on, Hyorin sure knows how to do the leader job. Even if they are just four members, it takes a lot of responsability and leadership to know how to control a group.

18 JR (Nu'est)

JR is cute and a responsible leader to them. He deserves to be voted.

First time I hear nuest song, I have fallen for them especially their leader, jr or his real name jong hyun. He really attractive and his voice is great.

JR is a charming, handsome, smart and intelligent boy. NU'EST/He deserves to be in the top 10. He manages the members really very well and I am extremely proud of him. Their songs are amazing and powerful while their dance is just awesome and fast. I love it! SARANGHAEYO OPPA! SARANGHAE!

He is the best leader that I encounter yet :D

19 DooJoon (Beast)

Yoon Doojoon is really a good leader of Beast! He always takes care of other members in every case. Besides, he has good low voice, excellent dance skill and is very charming. Ahh, there another thing I want to say. That is he have good live performance skill and I love him :X

Yoon Doojoon is leader and father in beast he always take care about all member.

The other members really respect him his is also open minded

Yoon Dojoon is a great laeder to beast. His voice is really wonderful. He always take care of beast members. He also has powerful dance. Although sometimes he act like a child but I still like him

20 Rap Monster (BTS)

Best leader of all time. Self reflexion + meaningful message and lyrics in his productions

I think he is cute with killer dimples

Best leader in the world!
Kpop - methodistcollege

Best leader in the kpop

21 Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P)

Bang yong guk needs to be in the top 10. Besides being a brilliany writer and composer, he is also very intelligent (1st in his class) is charming and kind, generous. He's the kind of leader that demands respect; the kind of leader people feel they need to impress because he deserves to be respected.

He cares about the other members so much and takes care of them. He is a very charming man especially with his deep cave man voice that carries so much emotion in it :D saranghae oppa

Even though he and his bands are having a very hard time. He still works very hard and gives us great music. He cares for the other members so much and loves them dearly.

Yong guk oppa is a very charming and even though he isn't really good at aegyo, he is still cute

22 N (VIXX)

N should be in top 10, he's really intelligent and he takes care of the member very well... N fighting! VIXX fighting!

I believe no one can hold the team such as N has leaded and he loves his members.

N is such a good leader. He holds VIXX together and includes everyone, is so enthusiastic, tries his hardest all the time, and, somehow, stands the shadeism from his fellow members. - Frostbloom

He is wise in both his speech and actions. And will stuff himself with schedules if that means getting his group to places. Even his members say how grateful they are to him for taking up the burden but always hope for him to continue taking that burden because he doesn't it best. Before he was assigned the leader(predebut) he took the responsibility of bringing back a runaway member even if that meant competition and less chance of him being selected. a leader is like wearing a heavy ornament he says, and so he knows that there are drawbacks to being a leader and he's put up with all of them. However, he is an EXCESSIVELY loving mother -_-.

23 Eric Mun (Shinhwa)

This man is out of imagination. His smile, his personalities and the way he leads his group is amazing.

The longest group ever.

24 Soohyun (U-Kiss)

Ukiss is lesser known but Soohyun cares a lot about his members. He is the power vocal of the group and his singing can make any song more meaningful than it already is. He becomes very emotional when he sings so occasionally he has cried whilst performing.

25 JB (got7)

JB listens to his members problems and gives advice accordingly ( watch got2day #5 : jb + yugyeom ). charismatic and strict, he makes a great leader

Jb is known for his title SEXY CHARISMA though Jackson is stealing the word "Sexy" to Jb. haha!

He takes care his members
He maybe a leader but he's your friend at all times.

JB is the best!

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