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41 Zico (Block B)

How can Zico be so low on a list for charisma. He has taken the persona of the "bad boy", shown his serious side. He has been compassionate and shown his fun loving side. From his underground rap to calabrarations with stars like HyunA (4 minute) to writing hit songs for upcoming stars like "Beautiful" for Park Boram, he has proven himself an icon in k-pop. All of that and I still haven't mention he is the front man for Block B. He has shouldered the responsibility of the controversies and still manages to lead the group to bigger and bigger heights with each single they have released in the past few years. Zico definitely deserves a much higher spot on this list.

You forgot to mention he was the leader that held block b together through their year off and their lawsuit against their record company. Most bands have fallen apart during similar struggles. But instead block b admitted they grew closer. How many of the other leaders could have lead their group through such a hard time and come back intact a better than before

42 Park Chorong (A Pink)

She is a big troll but despite this she is very charismatic leader, she gives a lot of advices to her members and takes care of them. And she can also be harsh when they practice.

Chorong is good leader and pretty girl ever in the world. CHORONG JJANG

She looks like the maknae altough she is the eldest. But she might be the most wonderful leader in kpop.

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43 C.A.P (Teen Top)

I love C.A. P love Teen Top love Angel

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