Top Ten Most Charismatic WWE Finishers

WWE finishing moves that make you wanna stand up and shout all night long.

The Top Ten

1 Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels
2 RKO - Randy Orton

Just one grab of your neck and a fall and then the match is over simple

"WWE finishing moves that make you wanna stand up and shout all night long." aeromaxx777
Which finisher matches perfectly?
Perhaps the one that comes outta nowhere.

3 The People's Elbow - The Rock

The Most Electrifying Man In All Of Entertainment uses The Most Electrifying Move In All Of Entertainment. Fitting.

The most electrifing man the most electrifing move

4 Tombstone Piledriver - Undertaker/Kane

It should be number one! But not kane only undertaker!

5 Trouble In Paradise - Kofi Kingston
6 Pedigree - HHH

The most powerful move in the entire universe. Warning :" So stay away from me you don't want to break your head"

Pedigree is the best finisher in WWE, then Sweet chin music. LOVE LONG LIVE TRIPLE H AND HBK. RULES.

7 Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy

There Is no Limit to The Charismatic Enigma.

It's high flying,best and the most charismatic move.

8 Air Bourne - Evan Bourne
9 Spear - Goldberg/Edge/Batista/Bobby Lashley
10 Celtic Cross - Sheamus

It affects backbone and neck

The Contenders

11 Attitude Adjustment - John Cena
12 Stone Cold Stunner - Steve Austin

Oh come on! Everybody gets electrified by this move, it practically made the attitude era by itself, we all miss Austin and this signature move

This move is awesome

13 Atomic Leg Drop - Hulk Hogan

What worst finisher ever a leg drop boo

14 Head Scissor - Sin Cara
15 Star Ship Pain - John Morrision
16 Right Hand Hook - Big Show
17 619 - Rey Mysterio

At one point Rey Mysterio was everyones favourite

18 F5 - Brock Lesnar
19 Go to Sleep - CM Punk
20 Shooting Star Press - Billy Kidman/Evan Bourne
21 Leg Drop - Hulk Hogan
22 Rough Ryder - Zack Ryder
23 Red Arrow - Neville
24 Curb Stomp - Seth Rollins
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