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21 Istanbul, Turkey

A mixture of Islamic and modern history made this city one of the best touristic places, just go there and watch the incredible monuments. - darknessmaster909

People take it upon themselves to offer help beyond the expected courtesy. No, not only to the pretty women

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22 Lugano, Switzerland V 1 Comment
23 Nuuk, Greenland
24 Algiers, Algeria
25 Athens, Greece

Great people, great history

How can we ignore the MOTHER of Dimocracy the root of our civilaization as exist today...

26 Pyongyang, North Korea

lol what - pouria_mt

North Korea is most civilized and good place! Much better than the US. I am offended that the uncivilized city of Seoul is on here.

27 Mexico City, Mexico
28 Abuja, Nigeria
29 Madrid, Spain
30 Amsterdam, Netherlands
31 Cape Town, South Africa
32 Venice, Italy
33 Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt
34 Milan, Italy
35 Lisbon, Portugal
36 Punjab, India

Punjab is most rich state in India. People are friendly.

Great culture humble people very kind and sikh religion is most peacefull in fhe whole world...

As one of India’s safest big cities, Chennai, which has 4.3 million residents, also feels less congested and hectic than other cities of its size because it is spread out. Easy access to beaches and historic temples, as well as the city’s Tamil culture, also make it appealing for expats."

37 Sydney, Australia
38 Hong Kong, China V 1 Comment
39 Kuala Lumur, Malaysia
40 Bern, Switzerland
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