Most Controversial Movies of All Time


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41 Meat Grinder
42 Deep Throat
43 Crash
44 The Green Mile
45 Toy Story 3

I don't even know how this movie was released. I was deeply disturbed by it

46 Spider-Man 3

Is it controversial because of Emo peter or that they didn't do venom right at all?

Harry dies in this one, when he finally forgives Peter! - roblist

47 The Godfather, Part III
48 Angels & Demons
49 Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Is it because the ending wasn't powerful enough?

50 Memento
51 Babel
52 The Social Network
53 W.
54 Irreversible
55 The Brown Bunny

Chlöe Sevigny doing a real blowjob in this movie is art. Not controversial.

Chloë Sevigny performing a real BJ on screen is art. Not controversial.

I think this is not so controversial as they want to believe us that it is. Chloë Sevigny is performing a real bj in this movie, but that doesn't make it porn. I mean, she's acting and just follows a script for a movie with a story. We live in a time where acadamy awards are given for porn films ( The brown bunny isn't a porn movie! ) so what's the big deal.
Like Chloë Sevigny said "Everybody does it ". In Europe this movie is called an Artfilm.

56 Kinsey
57 United 93
58 September Dawn
59 Basic Instinct
60 The Warriors

Is it because of the violence throughout?

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