United States of America

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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


The United States has some serious problems. The economy goes up and down every few years and is totally unpredictable and totally unregulated. It is very hard to get a job there compared to places like Europe, and the fact that American collages are some of the most expensive in the world isn't exactly helping. There is also a much higher percentage of poverty in the US compared to other developed countries and homelessness and crime are epidemics in every city. Americans seem to cling to mindless patriotism and religious fanaticism to keep the national identity, which according to some morons is being "threatened" by Mexican immigration, in tact. Politicians use god and the bible as an excuse to do everything from defend so called "marriage equality" to try and force religion into our secular public school systems. Nationalists try to cram historical lies into children's brains and cover up everything bad the country has done. It is actually kind of scary.

The US shouldn't be in the top 10. People, just because the American public is uneducated and arrogant, and the government is full of bureaucrats doesn't mean we're the worst in the world. There are plenty of countries in the world where you can't wear certain clothes or go certain places, marry certain people, say certain things, worship certain people, or stand for what you believe in because if you don't do what the government says you can get killed on the spot. Our government isn't oppressive to our people in that way. We have freedoms. While we do have our flaws, people need to stop hating America so much.

Generally, I'd say second is a good spot. Let me say a few things. A dictator that was forces people to keep him/her in power doesn't mean the country is bad. It means that the population are being forced to follow under him/her, or die if they hate it. Imagine North Korea if the Kims didn't exist! Now, the main problem in America (I see, personally..) is how they treat other nations. Now, not to all of you, but quite a few Americans like to believe that they have the best nation, based on freedom, that they invented democracy, etc etc. General bragging. First of all, Greeks invented Democracy, and Napoleon spread it (He was mostly a defender in wars, but I don't agree with how he spread it.) and then America comes along and states they did all of this...now, not to all of you, I repeat. It gripes me off to see someone taking praise for anothers work. And they still get away with it. You see, the U.S.As population and following is so large (main due to the cold war, I'd say) that they ...more

I don't appreciate some people calling us All ignorant, also have you even lived in the USA, I am not saying this because I live here, I can be what ever I want in this country and believe in what I want, I feel happy and saying America is a fake lie where we still have slaves is an unbelievable lie, don't assume it's a bad country, don't assume we are all rich or poor, and in America we are encouraged to help educate ourselves witch allows the truly devoted to do their calling, please never assume anything about America if you don't live here.

People are saying that everyone in the US is so ignorant and that we are controlled by propaganda. First, those things have nothing to do with corruption, and second, unless you have actually been here and developed your own ideas, these stereotypes and all the hatred are being fed to you by the media. So it is quite hypocritical to bash us for being "ignorant" with ignorant comments about how our media feeds us propaganda which is told to you through propaganda by your media, isn't it? But being that I am from the US, I must be too stupid to understand.

I agree. USA is so corrupt, bad government, bad education, unhealthy food, highest demand for ilegal drugs, tons of gangs, racists, rapists, tons of criminal activity and not to mention the fat people. but you have to understand NOT ALL OF AMERICA IS BAD. there are plenty of bad, corrupt people, but there are also nice people willing to help. we have a lot of charities: st. Jude, wounded warrior, food banks, habitat for humanity and so on. NOT ALL AmericanS ARE BAD GIVE THEM A CHANCE.

The United States of America is the most racist country in the world, FULL OF RACISM. There are no rights for immigrants from Persia especially, and most of them are discriminated every single moment. They have no right to bring their family members in the name of terrorism, yet Pakistan and India and all other neighbours of Iran as well as Afghanistan all have the right to bring family members. The USA is the creator of ISIS, as well as all of the other chaos that has been created in the Middle East today. - PatriciaN

God Bless the USA? Are you kidding me? I hate this country so much. Who could possibly think this is the best place on the planet? It is a powerful (militarily) country that only invades other countries for its benefits. The politicians are a bunch of liars. They don't care about their citizens... Shame on them. They are no good to the world.

The United States is nowhere near the most corrupt country. In comparison to other countries to other countries we are nowhere near the top.

Holy damn you people are stupid... how can you not think North Korea who enslaves their own people, have no access to clean water, and you're average annual income is $1,800, and the USA is around $50,000. SMH, you are some stupid people...

What AMERICA? Seriously people we might have problems but no where compared to India, Africa, and even some European countries

The (US) is corrupt, it affects the young people from other parts of the world negatively, please no offense the lifestyle there encourages crimes, drugs, sexual abuse of women... when we say corrupt the one of the minds has more negative effect to our development as people.. love (US) but I think they need to redefine it values

I understand that it may not seem like it on the surface but just look at who is in the White House. It's a communist! He got voted in TWICE! All the black people voted for him just due to his skin color. He's not even fully black! I am ashamed of the people of the country.

People your talking like you countries is one of the worst when Somalia, South Sudan you have been proven to be a country with little to no corruption.And I am not American neither to I think the US is a good country but it's not that bad sure the USA has some tiny problems but on second place could of been even Russia or Syria and yet most of you think this country is almost close to North Korea in corruption and overall badness.

I feel like half of these comments are from biased people who do not even live within the country. Yes, there is racism (and that comment about slaver is bias, every country has had slavery at some point UK, France, US, it has been everywhere) but more than North Korea, they don't let people in or out of their country for god sake.

The United States is cults galore. You got the K to watch out for, bad people who assassinate good people, and a bunch of people who hate other countries for their past. It's not just the government. It's the people. After so many years, they don't like Russia or Germany or any countries that are "former" enemies! It's stupid! If I were president, I'd ruin the lives of anyone who hates people for their difference.

The government may not like Germany all that much, but the citizens do! As for Russia, well, we tried. Not hard enough though. Dang foreign relations failure - FandomsUnite

USA is 17th least corrupt and it's government is 19th best, so this must be in the position of 140 to 170, but so much crime will put this supreme power nation into the water! USA that they should follow MONARCHY because all monarch nation has no corruption, crime, drug addiction and they have peace! Monarchy is the only way to end corruption!

I think people don't really know what they're talking about when they talk about corruption. Corruption is more objective then, say, love or hatred towards a country. In objective corruption indexes, the US actually scores quite well. Granted, not as well as some European Countries, but it is remarkable for a country of such a size that they are able to get in the top 25.

And don't think this is some Amerophile defense of the US, because there are many problems and decisions that I strongly disagree with, but I encourage commenters to at least know what they're talking about.

I am American. I wouldn't say corrupt as I would say just plain stupid. Kim Jong Un is a better leader than our president. And half the country voted for the president ruining our country. - UglyBull

How is this country voted the worst ahead of North Korea!? Sure, many bad, scary things are happening in US. But honestly,North Korea is worse.

I'm an American, many people are saying the US is corrupt, which I completely agree with, Ex. money in politics. Although many are buying into stereotypes, Ex. all Americans are obese, gun loving violent culture, and environmental unconsciousness. There are a number of Americans who do fit into American stereotypes, but this is the minority of US citizens, I see far too many people making generalizations, not just of Americans, but of every country.

The problem is the government that runs it, it's mostly greedy politicians who want to take office so they can get even more millions off of that, they're not in it for the people, they only care about the $$$$$

I live in US and I love it! But things are going way too far. So many incidents are happening all over the states!

I despise America more than any other country in the world. They are the most ignorant people in the world. They think they are the best and everybody has freedom despite the fact that the CIA follows every single thing they do. They are prisoners to the CIA. They have no idea about anything. They still believe that they are the best. They feel the need to have the biggest army despite the fact they have no need for such a large one. And oh yeah...they call football, soccer!

USA is not corrupt! D: It might have flaws. It might even have a lot of flaws. But there is a reason that millions of people immigrate to the US. It is because the US is a great place to live. It shouldn't be number 1, especially when North Korea is on the list!