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Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.


In terms of natural ability, humans are kind of pathetic. Incredibly slow bipeds with small, weak teeth attached to small, weak jaws and with weak nails and soft, flabby skin, humans are laughably weak when compared to other organisms. However, we possess all the tools of a natural hunter. We have eyes on the front of our heads, and opposable thumbs with which to grip and climb. Even so, we'd be pretty pathetic without our brains. The human brain is probably the most dangerous weapon this planet has ever seen. Capable of vast memory storage, reason, self-awareness, coding and decoding, abstract thought, planning and more, the human brain has led to the development of some of the most bone-chillingly dangerous constructs of all time, things responsible for total extermination of entire species. Some of these things kill without that even being their intended use. Things like cigarettes, automobiles, alcohol, construction materials, plastic bags, disposable diapers, and processed foods ...more

All I can say is (although there'll be a lot of hate), is that there is a lot of hate being directed at humans.
1. If you are a human, why would you want human to go extinct? Have some pride!
2. We are dangerous, true, but without our weapons, how weak are we exactly? For those living in Canada, where guns are illegal, who do you think is more dangerous, you or a tiger?
3. Humans killing human are not the main cause of death. Cancer and illness are, something we are putting our intelligence and money to work against.
4. We supervise many lakes and land areas to make sure animals don't become extinct naturally (Ex. The top of the food chain (wild cats) grow too vast and kill those under them too swiftly) Then we step in. We don't TRY to make them extinct
5. If you guys all care about this so much, why are you reading this instead of doing something. Send an email or make a phonecall to an organization you disapprove of. YOU are capable HUMANS. (Although after reading ...more

Humans are the most dangerous animal, hands down. We have invaded and crawled over every corner of the world. We kill unimaginable numbers of plants and animals every day. We have caused the extinction of hundreds of species. We are the only animals that kill each other for no particular reason. All wild animals kill for a reason (territory, food, etc) but we often kill just because we're jealous or angry or want revenge. We also have an immense array of weapons, an these are the only reason we're still alive. Look at us: no claws, no fangs, no horns, no armour plating, no cool abilities like holding our breath for an hour or running at 50 miles an hour.

Mosquitos do kill a good number of humans, but humans can easily kill them, too, and do. Animals kill humans for a reason, usually to protect their young, but humans will kill other animals for fun, and kill other humans for no reason. We do tests on animals for the sake of making humans even more overpopulated than we already are. Instead of bringing even more children in the world, and making us so overpopulated, you can try to adopt, or even better, adopt a pet. And for hunters saying they kill animals because 'they're overpopulated,' humans are the most overpopulated, stupidest, dirtiest animals out there. Why not hunt them instead?

Humans are made of greed. There are people who kill rhinos just for a horn made out of the same material as fingernails and there are people who kill sharks just for a little bit of disgusting shark fin soup. We are slowly destroying the earth with all our pollution and technology. Even people who release helium balloons are playing a part in the murders of animals such as innocent sea creatures who mistake the balloons for food and die after consuming them. It's terrible yet we are doing so little to stop it!

100% Us humans are pure EVIL! Beating each other, stealing from each other, saying dumb stuff, being cruel to each other, lying to each other, and were not the only victims of our kind, other organisms as well! EVEN OUR OWN ANCESTORS, we're KILLING THEM! Don't even get me started on how we treat our earth, pollution, littering (which is basically being lazy with your trash), cutting down trees (yeah like we DON'T HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES NOT TO MENTION HOW MANY FACTORIES WE HAVE! ) Not to mention a lot of the diseases were CREATED BY US! Not to mention all this non-sense we started like racism, sexism, bullying, scamming, viruses,etc. WE ARE EVIL! And how many people get killed from other organisms each year? about 100,000+ right? How many people get killed by our own kind? Probably MILLIONS! Not as bad a mosquitos but REALLY bad. Do the math. - GamingGoku757

Humans are the worst thing that happened to this world. Not that we should get rid of them because the responsible ones can do amazing things. But the animals were here first. They don't deserve to be locked up in cages or put on display at our leisure. If we want to conserve them, put them back in their natural habitat and LEAVE THEM ALONE!

I agree 100% because humans always say sharks, lions and crocodiles but we kill more of them than they kill us. the animals that kill us all the time are animals like hippopotamus and mosquitos. Animals like sharks, bears, lion and crocodiles actually think we taste horrible the only time they eat is when they are defending or just really really hungry. Plus more humans are killed by murderers than animals humas do this sometie just for fun and other times the humans make the animals EXTINCT the first species humans wiped out were the dodo bird so that means we have been killing for thousands of years

Ugh. I'm not even gonna share my opinion cause just thinking about how many ways humans have made this earth even harder for the animals and plants and how they have been responsible for all those animals going endangered and extinct makes me feel sick and ashamed to be a species as evil as this. This is why I try to help the earth, but just one human's not gonna help anything. So if anyone else wants to try to help too, they are the coolest people I know.

Humans cause the most destruction. We think that we can just go out and do what we like; we think the Earth is ours to destroy. People need to open their eyes and see that the real threat is not a snake, not a shark, but ourselves.

Animals, plants and human are all living beings in the same degree and all has the right to live and serve their own purpose in mother nature. Taking away lives of animals or at some cases, plants are the same as killing a human. Humans are just so full of themselves and at times not even bothering to change

People think predators are bad, but look at humans! I mean for crying out loud we are killing the world just so we can be overly lazy and obese. And we complain! Like ah no wifi! Every thought you would have to be chained to the ground and shot! That is way worse! It happens to many wild animals everyday! And guess what? IF WE WEREN'T ON EARTH I TRULY BELIEVE IT WOULD BE PARADISE! god.

100%. We cause millions of species to go extinct yearly, most of which before they are even discovered. The endangered species list gets longer and long because of us! We may not be all that dangerous as a single unarmed person, but humans in general are definitely the most dangerous animals on the planet. I mean, we get mad if a small insect or rodent just enters our home, imagine all the species who's home's were destroying!

We have conquered the world, destroy homes of animals, deplete resources and eat almost everything. We are responsible for the extinction of 27 species every day. We kill so much, we are killing the Earth itself.

I think humans are worst because they invented guns which crazy people get and kill people its just so sad that we all just can't get along. Us humans could kill anything. not to be offensive to those, but without all these crazy weaponry, we would probably have a lot more people. I think it is because of the crazy people and guns is a terrible combo. so in the end, I think it's the weaponry and the fact the we can't have any peace with each other.

Humans can wipe out any species if they want to. I believe every animal has a purpose on this planet. It think people were given their intelligence to help others, but instead they abuse their intelligence and therefore act stupid. Much more stupid than any other animal.

Humans are responsible for everything horrible that has ever happened on the planet and even kill each other! Not to mention some humans kill animals not for food, but simply entertainment!

People are savages. Greedy, unpleasent and well deadly. Why do we murder? I'm confused. We kill our own species and to add to that we kill animals too ones we don't eat. Just for display you know. This is coming from a 12 year old girl and I'm not happy about the world.

What other species causes its kind to kill themselves, I want every single person to think about what they say to others. We are our own abomination, we'll be the death of ourselves.

This could not be any farther from the truth. Literally the majority of endangered species of organisms are because of humans. We may not cause more human deaths than mosquitos, but if we were stupid enough to the point that we wanted to, we could likely surpass the death toll of a mosquitos because of how potentially powerful. I'm pretty sure we've all heard this saying before, "With great power comes great responsibility". Unfortunately, our lust for knowledge, fame, and wealth, completely forget this saying.

We should have never existed. Our species murders, pollutes, and we have Nuclear bombs, missiles, guns and grenades. in my opinion, life on earth would be so much better without us

I have be cautions of walking and looking on my windows because humans have guns and they can shoot me if I don't be cautions. Plus, people have killed many animals to extinction. People who want to save animals donate money like me. My dad pays 8 dollars each month to save African elephants. BOO! HUMANS (except for those who care about animals)

Humans are responsible for the death of their OWN kind, I don't see animals doing that unless of course it's a predator hunting prey. Humans rage war on each other, shoot each other. Not everyone is bad, there are of course ones who will sacrifice their own lives to save another's. I hope that people will see their errors, then the world will be peaceful again.

I agree with this. Humans have a habit of destroying animals and their homes, not always for a proper reason (hunting for fun, for instance). I am not saying that we as a species are bad, there are plenty of people who go out of their way to be kind and to change things for the better, including those who help animals and their habitats, but there are those who ruin it for everyone else.

The only species on Earth so far in the history that can wipe most of large size living organisms on Earth through nukes, pollutions, etc. A single human may seem weaker than so many animals, but as species they are most dangerous and at the same time most promising to save lives of other animals from natural disasters.