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41 Denver, Colorado

Whoever put this up here is retarded. I live in Denver and it's a very cultural and peaceful city, downtown is beautiful and there is no violence whatsoever. - Yatagarasu

There is just No Way that Denver,Colorado made this list at number 40 with Atlanta, Georgia as number 41? , Denver is No where near as Dangerous and should Not be on this list at all really, especially with Atlanta following, as if Hotlanta - Atlanta is not as dangerous... Yeah Right, Don't believe the hype... ATLANTA should be in the top 10 MOST DANGEROUS!

42 Raleigh, North Carolina

Someone getting killed almost every week

43 Atlanta, Georgia

Its nice at some parts but so many people I know, died here

44 Ancorage, Alaska
45 Hartford, Connecticut
46 Kansas City, Missouri
47 Jacksonville, Florida

Are you kidding? A large number of darkies, and no jobs. Also, a crappy football team.

48 Beloit, Wisconsin
49 Rochester, New York
50 New Haven, Connecticut
51 Waco, Texas

The Waco Siege of '93 was the whole cause of the high crime rate.

52 Lubbock, Texas
53 West Valley, Utah

Not many people seem to know about West Valley, but it isn't a good place

54 Juneau, Alaska
55 Inglewood, California
56 Buffalo, New York

At this point in the list, you can turn around. People are just naming cities at this point - Yatagarasu

57 Virginia Beach, Virginia
58 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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