Belgrade (Serbia)


People say that about Serbia because of that whole Kosovo thing but actually nobody will attack you

I have lived in Belgrade all my life and I think the city is generally safe. Sure, there are a lot of people that are hard cored nationalists, prone to pick-pocketing and yes there are gangs. But not all people are in Belgrade are bad and not all part of the city are dangerous. It's a shame that a lot of people don't visit Belgrade because of what happend in the past and what only a few people do. Most of the people leaving here in Belgrade are kind and friendly. Don't judge us because of actions of some idiots.

Belgrade most dangerous city? It surprised me!
I am not from Serbia, but I live in Belgrade for over 18 years and I have never been in any danger. I also know many foreigners coming to Belgrade with families and buying houses with the intent to permanently stay in Belgrade.

I am a foreigner. Belgrade is much safer than any US city.

Are you people crazy? Belgrade is very calm and safe city, just like every other city in Serbia. Every year thousands of tourists come to Serbia to visit Exit festival, sport events (like Davis cup two years ago)... and no one die or get hurt in terrorist attacks or something like like that. Only case when foreign tourist is killed is when couple of drunken mens attack one Toulouse supporter but that happens everywhere in Europe.

Wait what?! Car bombing, shooting on street and robbing?! Holly god, I don't know where you have been, but you my friend are lost! Belgrade is a super chill city, where there is a lot to see, and off course there are people who will try to harm u, just like in any other mayor cities... you should just ask locals where is a bad idea to walk around at nighttime, and you just avoid those parts! I was in Paris, and I got attacked, I was in Athens, also got attacked...

What a joke to see this on the list! Easily one of the safest cities and countries you could visit. In fact, this is one of the friendliest places I've been to. The service is exceptional and people lovely. Not without its problems of course, but as a tourist you will be absolutely fine. Same as in every bigger city, there is crime, gangs and unpleasant situations occur though these are almost exclusively way out of sight and you'd have to be extremely unlucky to find yourself a victim of crime (again, same as any busy place in the world). Unless you're in a gang, looking for trouble, confrontational, basically unless you're an idiot, you're going to have a great time.

Belgrade is one if the most unique cities in Europe, if not the world. It's safe there and people are warm, friendly and welcoming. Belgrade has changed a lot since the '90s, with one foot in the long-forgotten past, and one foot firmly in the future. Belgrade is like a raw gem, it looks bland, but there really is a particular charm to the city. You might not realize it, but the city really grows on you.

I've been to Belgrade few times. Nice girls, friendly locals, much macho's but they will not bother you at all as they have no reason for it. In general, Serbs are very friendly people nevermind if it is in Belgrade, Bosnia or elsewhere in Europe.

Always been able to walk anywhere freely and safely ever since I was a kid. You never feel unsafe, unwelcomed or intimidated. There are NO bad parts of town. I live on and been all around North American Continent for last 20 years and I visit Belgrade every year and you guys don't know what are you talking about. The life starts after 8 pm. At 2am you go for some food and you can hang around anywhere without being bothered. I cannot wait for the day I give up all the western goodies and go back there to live "dangerously". You put it on the list in front of Tirana, Napoli and Marsej.?!?!? SHOULD NOT BE ON THE LIST

The people that make these questions are kind doing racism

You people are crazy. I have lived in several places in Europe, and travelled almost everywhere in Europe.I have never felt more safer than while being in Belgrade. It is really amazing, it is a city that never sleeps, but I have never witnessed something that would worry me. People are extremely friendly and they ADORE foreigners and everything connected with nationalism they turn more or less into jokes... not to forget: best nighlife ever.

Lol, this is absolute bull... The only time that Belgrade may be unsafe is when the two rivaling football clubs play (Red star v. Partizan) and you are in the direct area of the two stadiums.

Welcome in Belgrade, see and feel

Whoever put this on the list, must be prejudice
Belgrade is actually a safe city, people are seeing Serbians as if they are criminals. But they are normal people and Belgrade isn't as dangerous as you think

Belgrade have Zemun, Vozdovac, and others quar, need you more reason for dangerously Beograd, and there are so many nationalism, but I still love this city

I was robbed in belgrade in my hotel
I never want to come back the pepole there are racist als the police are corrupt als hell

Too much drugged people visiting parties.

A year ago I went to visit Belgrade and someone stole my wallet

It's Only Dangerous If Your Muslim. I Think...

Anyway It's Still A Very Beautiful City. - 12cc

Belgrade is so dangerous my mom got robbed the second she lamded

Racism, nationalism, hooliganism, trash

Criminal, nationalism and turbo folk...

People will tell you it's safe, but the matter of fact is that it's really not THAT safe. People get beat up by the police and the authorities all the time and God forbid any homosexuals openly show their affections. They might get killed on the spot by someone. They would certainly get beat up at some point. Murder is not common compared to other post communist countries, but it still does happen. Robbery on the other hand is more common, but the thing that is most troubling is larceny and Belgrade does suffer from it very much. - Yokai

You have zemunski clan and other mobsters the most crime comes from republiek of Serbia they traffic guns and drugs in Bosnia, Montenegro. And they traffic women to Amsterdam and other country's joca Amsterdam that enough plus they hate they fellow country's they hate gays and can't play soccer without beatings and provocation!