Malmö (Sweden)


Murder rates are some periods higher than any other European nation. Plus it has the highest rape rate in Sweden, and therefore the WORLD.

A lot of immigrants aka "youth" in this city in Skåne, it's a real shame. Malmö used to be a great city but ever since the social-democrats and moderates decided to enrich it it's been crap. Here in Sweden you always hear it mentioned when talking about crime, immigration and violence. I recommend everyone to keep away from this hell hole of a city.
And to my fellow Swedes I recommend voting for a party that actually cares about the Swedes and not just about the "Newswedes" next election, or you'll have yourself to blame when it spreads to your town.

Immigrants everywhere... Unless you are from any type of country that is in the Middle Eastern, Muslim or being arab, the chances are that you will be surprised how many people that WILL try to kill you.

Immigrants, immigrants everywhere, this town is ruined.

Been there several times and the bad rap is exaggerated. There are parts of the city where you don't want to go night time but that's the same with a lot of cities even smaller ones. It's not beautiful but cosy and there are a lot of creative designers, musicians, good shopping, great food from all over the world. In the central parts there is a " bohemian" neighborhood which is multicultural, young, cool and I would say rather safe to go even at night. - ChatonNoir

It's a city where gangs take over whole streets and police can't do anything about it I live in this city and I've seen everything from shootings to murder with my own eyes here

Little bit of Baghdad in the heart of Sweden.

I spent a lot of time there over the years up until 10 years ago now I piss on it, you can only thank your government. it is by far the worst in Europe. I'm from usa, good luck to all you locals that have no were else to go - get guns and fight them! You can win back your country

Visiting Malmo, you would think you were in like Lebanon. If you are Jewish then stay away. Anti-semitism is rife and the police don't car.

Murder rates. Who would imagine that people get killed in Malmö just for looking at somebody else in the eye. Scary place.

Failed socialist experiment. Avoid at all costs.

Lived here for 2 months, got robbed, stabbed and threatened. Great city, loved it.

As a swede I will never set my foot in that town. They should really just bomb it.. Or better yet find oil in it so USA does it maybe we can give the hole to Denmark? DO NOT GO THERE

A country when police says "Is better that women don't go out at night" does not need any other reason to be avoided. Sweden will be Africa in 2025. Thanks feminists.

One of the biggest smuggler cities in Europe with ridiculously increasing gang-related murder rate. But if you don't look for trouble, you'll be aight.

Malmö has become one of the most dangerous cities in all of Europe (or the world. Shootouts between rival gangs happen daily. The few law abiding citizen who are left, have to plan their days very carefully to avoid being killed. No one (except criminals) dares stay out after dark in most parts of the city, and some areas must under no circumstances be entered. So if you have the least regard for your life, do not even come close to Malmö!

Do not wonder here alone. Stay away from the suburbs at nighttime, especially if you are a woman.

I live in Sweden and this town and somewhat of a city sucks it is ruled by immigrants and drunks.

Its going this way in all bigger citys in Sweden thanks to traitors in our Gov.

Soon there will be no swedes left in this city.

Mass immigration has really taken its toll.

Don't know where you get this opinion of malmo my son lives there so I visit often it's lovely nice restaurants and really lovely parks. Yes there is an area of immigrants but where isn't there now you silly people

Grenade attacks happen constantly. Last month, a teenager was shot dead at a bus stop.

Immigrants who live here are forced to live in poverty and lack acceptance from the Swedish population. That is how dangerous people are systematically created. Segregation and poverty. In some regions they separate the Muslim immagrant sand Swedish students. Swedish people act very entitled and call immigrants terrorists and rapists.

Sweden used to be a safe place.
Now, due to large scale immigration most large cities are dangerous