Nottingham (UK)


Still on the subject of car parking in Nottingham, I read in the local press (April 2017) that almost 40% of people who challenged car parking fines in the city last year (2,814 out of 7,247 challenges) successfully appealed them. This is quite unacceptable and indicates how traffic wardens are behaving in such an irresponsibly ticket happy manner. Nottingham City Council needs to give them a refresher training course, because if penalty notices are issued like this, it will certainly put people off visiting the city by car. I am sure that many other people who have obediently paid their fines would have found, if they had taken the time and trouble to challenge the notices issued to them, that their notices were also spurious. It's just that people pay the fines because they do not always have the time or take the trouble to challenge them as they should.

Rated 4th come on get real the city is amazing. The people are great and the city centre has every thing you could want and is safe!

There are some nicer areas like any city, but come on 'Shottingham' says it all, I've spent most of my life here and worked in some of the inner city estates, I was scared to walk about these places in day light and wouldn't dream of it in the night time, the city itself has a nasty atmosphere and a tension too it, the city centre isn't too dangerous or poor on the whole but it is a very small centre, venture out of maybe a square mile and a half in any direction (pretty much) and you would be at risk. This whole area of the North Midlands (Derby and Stoke to point fingers) is bleak and unsavoury, lacks the heart of the north or the safety of the south, as an area it's stuck in an uneasy limbo. Can't at all see why people who are not from here move here unless a job pays very well, I've recently moved away.

As with everywhere it's not all bad, as I see the VERY centre of the city is more desirable, but there's a reason it's so high on the list, be it from the street level crime ...more

Recently I had to visit a school in Nottingham whose vehicle access is confusing due to it having three entrances all along the same road, and the road has a bus lane between the road and these entrances. Not knowing the school or how to access it, I turned into the first entrance, but found a locked gate there, and so because there was no room to turn round I had to reverse into the road again, where I got stuck in the bus lane because the road on the other side of the bus lane had a long queue of stationary traffic. I eventually got back into the traffic when a kind driver gave way to me. However a few days later I received in the post a penalty notice from Nottingham City Council demanding a fine (£30 if paid within 14 days) supposedly for driving in a bus lane, which naturally thought very harsh and unreasonable. The moral of this story is that just as you are at risk and in danger when you are on foot from pickpockets, bag snatchers and muggers and the like, you are similarly at ...more

Calm down, people, it's not the warzone you all make it out to be. It's dangerous, but is it seriously worse than places like Tirana? Sofia? Sarejevo? Most certainly not.

Another post from the Old Basford resident again, in complete contrast to my previous posts. My wife absent mindedly left a bag on a crowded bus in Nottingham city centre, containing all of our bank cards and over £100 in cash. We thought we had seen the last of the bag and its contents, so the next day I went to my bank's branch in Derby (where I worked at the time) to cancel the cards. The bank clerk was chuckling that as this had happened in Nottingham there was no way I would see those missing items. Although I was somewhat annoyed at her lack of sympathy and that she seemed to be enjoying having a dig at Nottingham (as people from Derby always do), I was inclined to agree with her. But actually there had been no need for me to go to the bank, because when I got home my wife told me that the bag had been handed in at the bus company's lost property office, and the cards and cash were all still in it. My wife and I then thought that maybe Nottingham is not such a bad city to live ...more

I didn't know it was really that bad over there. Sorry to hear about you getting beat and put in hospital by your own friends. The same happened to me too, except I live in US, and it seems like people cannot be trusted anywhere. Sorry to hear.

Nottingham is the third largest crime based county's in Britain it has more crimes a year than London which is a lot there is a large chunk where it is gang violence

'More crimes a year than London'... Lol! Where do people get this crap? - v0118aga

Once I was chilling outside of school when a couple of guys who where up to no good starting making trouble in my neighbourhood. I got in one little fight, but my mum got scared.

Nottingham is no where near dangerous! Then why is it here...?

Only good in the areas with less gangs.

Horrible place. England in general is filled with similar towns to nottingham

I live in the suburbs of Nottingham, Woodthorpe. It's one of the middle-class affluent areas but a family I knew round the corner of my road was ambushed by people who they had hired to decorate their house - kids were tied up and money from the safe taken with knives held to necks. My mum used to work is Hyson Green, a few ordeals about gunshots being fired and hitting car windows. St Anne's can be a real nightmare, sexual assault seems worryingly common, as well as the occasional murder. Bulwell can be a bit rough, and Arnold has gone downhill a bit, but it's okay. I remember someone being murdered their a few years ago, seemed to really shock everyone though. West Bridgford and Woodthorpe are the best suburban areas. Canning Circus and the Meadows can be very unsafe. Forest Fields is a huge ghetto but not too unsafe. The Park and Mapperley Park, as well as two private schools, are in bad areas but very affluent. The city centre isn't too bad, it's too crowded for anything too bad ...more

A cold, bleak city with unfriendly people and dated 1960s architecture.

There is hardly any crime in Nottingham! In 2013 a suburb named Bingham was named "best town in England and Wales to raise a family".

Yes it is worse then Tirana, I live here

Nottingham is OK. Been here 25 years and encountered some unsavoury characters and situations. But no worse than anywhere else in the UK. London is much worse outside the centre.

My family come from here and my brother goes to university here, we have never had any problems walking around the city centre, Arnold, Stapleford, Beeston and West Bridgford day or night. Also boasts one of the best night life's in England, great city! - Zackc2710

Depends were you go I've lived here all my life there are some really nice p-laces and the city is amazing but go places like radford, st annes, aspley you better wear a bullet proff vest...

I have lived in the Old Basford district of Nottingham for about 16 years. First we had the brick (admittedly single skin) boundary wall of house demolished by vandals, but our bricklayer neighbour kindly rebuilt it for us free of charge while we were on holiday. Next we were burgled whilst spending Christmas and New Year with the family abroad. The burglars loaded up our car with Jewellery, silverware, pottery, electronic games, etc and drove off in it. (None of the stolen items were recovered, but at least the car was found undamaged.) About two years after this my wife had her bag snatched whilst getting off at a tram stop at 3 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, though she was not hurt. Later that day at another nearby tram stop a pregnant woman was knocked to the ground and had a considerable sum of money stolen from her, about £200, I think. I keep thinking that this second mugging happened because my wife's bag contained only about £20.

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