Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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181 Alicante (Spain)
182 Bologna (Italy)

It's a beautiful city but it can be dangerous at night - Kast

Dangerous after, a lot of illeigal immigrants who are asking for money,selling everything all the time,chasing girls,the city is very dirty full of weird people (punkabestie),drugdealers, people who are steeling everything they can get, a lot of tiefs entering houses during the night, ugly city

183 Rimini (Italy)

I have been here. It is a very safe city.

184 Dunkirk (France) V 1 Comment
185 Liepaja (Latvia) V 1 Comment
186 Ballydesmond (Ireland)

Satanic Rituals, Drug abuse, Alcoholism, Gang fights and shooting, Knackers robbing houses and dogs, Knackers fighting and shooting, Illegal dog fight, Necrophiliacs, High levels of Rape, Murder, Daily Arson, Dodgey Council Kids. Watch out in Ballydesmond it’s a hole. - ronanlin

187 Margate (England)

Margate was once Dreamland for Londons East End and Bermondsy, Old Kent Rd, but since the 1980s it has fallen apart. The hotels and gest houses have become bedsit slums, the Cliftonville district is home to many eastern european gangs, drugs prostiution the usual fare. Police not interested, bad sad place.

My Father lived here and he said it was safe

188 Herons Wood (Ireland)

Don't walk down the road by yourself in the night time very good money there if your a drug dealer, prostitute or gangster they call the place red nation because of all the murders there are still buildings in ruins from the bombing of herons wood during world war 2 because the government have no money your more likely to go to prison that to actually get a job.6 out of 10 people will die of getting murdered than of natural causes

Crime bad there but its usually youth crime I was walking down a street one day and saw five teenagers beating up an old man drug dealing on all high

189 Pernik (Bulgaria)

If you like your car, wallet or your face, avoid the city!

190 Karlskoga (Sweden) V 1 Comment
191 Tameside (UK)

Lived here for 7 years, never felt unsafe personally. Friendly locals. Fairly usual rate of burglary and related crimes.

192 Gränna (Sweden)

In the suburbs of Gränna there are only one way to survive - arm yourself and wear a bullet proof west!

193 Shannon (Ireland)

Most backwards town I've ever laid eyes upon. Full of antisocial IRA maniacs causing havoc.

194 Cobh (Ireland) V 1 Comment
195 Bray (Ireland)

Safe nearly all the time but can get rough on sunny days when everyone from Dublin decides "Let's all get drunk in Bray and annoy the locals". Avoid a few places and you will be fine. But you MUST speak English. Ireland has a crap rate of foreign language speakers.

196 Larissa (Greece)

Not so dangerous like Volos but there are a lot of bums aroung the central railway station.

V 1 Comment
197 Beziers (France)

Beziers is home to many arabian drug dealers on streets pinching random babies. Rowdies all along canal du midi

198 Tallaght (Ireland)

On Irish news about twice a month someone's been murdered there the same some drugs have been seized in some guy's house by Irish police. Irish people go there to go to a good hospital there.

More dangerous than any of the other Irish towns on this list? Ridiculous list overall, Derry more dangerous than Belfast also

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199 Baku, Azerbaijan

Mafia and not welcoming to tourists. Has a strong controlling government. No freedom and safety.

200 Talybont (Wales)

Incredibly dangerous and there are loads of them

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