Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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201 Ballymun (Ireland)
202 Finglas (Ireland)
203 Viljandi (Estonia)

Very active Russian mafia. My daughter almost kidnapped over there. Youth gangs everywhere. Almost every night I saw a fight. Heard usually 2 gun shots every day. Crazy place. don't GO TO Estonia. Estonians are friendly but there are 60 procent of population are Russians

204 Venice (Italy)

Prone to floods.
Sometimes there can be 160 FLOODS A YEAR.
Is Venice out of its mind?

205 Kraków (Poland)

Stupid racist city and unhappy people.

It certainly shouldn't be on top of the list but it should be near the 100 maybe. Polish cities are generally safe, but watch out for "dresiarze" - typical football hooligans (Wisła vs. Cracovia) wearing sweatpants. Stay away from Nowa Huta district (northeast) and the southern areas. You are most safe in the northwestern suburbs and the beautiful Old Town (but watch out for Gypsy/Eastern European scammers. There are more and more of them. - PolishGuy

206 Yerevan (Armenia)

A very safe place, even if you go out of the capital, of course there are some danger if you go out at the midnight, but there is usually nobody or some few people drinking but few probabilities to get in trouble, I felt very save in that city, but the corruption in that place and ignorance is another issue

207 Nicosia (Cyprus) V 1 Comment
208 Kirkcudbright (Scotland)

Vicious gang scene terrorising the population. Prostitutes on almost every corner. Even pre-teen children selling crack cocaine outside nightclubs.

I am always on edge in Kirkcudbright because of the horrendous levels of gang violence and drive-by shootings. I was offered heroin by one of the many armed vigilantes.

209 Ayia Napa (Cyprus)
210 Grozny (Chechnya)

This should be #1 because of the civil war and the aftermath never want to go there

Pretty rough place from what I hear

211 Tottenham (England)

A Place ruined and scarred by the 2011 Riots with loads of gangs, poverty and unemployment, known as Shottenham for the large amount of gun kills in the area. Same goes for nearby Hackney, Walthamstow and Edmonton

212 Birr (Ireland)
213 Paisley (Scotland)

Trust me it's worse than glasgow

214 Bairro da Torre (Portugal)
215 Bilbao (Spain)
216 Klöverstigen (Sweden)

Drugtrafficking weaponds fights robbers thieves murders gangs in a very small area

217 Stavanger (Norway)

I've lived in stavanger for 7 years and it is very safe

Horrible Norwegian village where the inhabitants regulary torture friends until death at the so called "siddis fest". For tourists the most imediate threat is to be thrown in to the water at the docks, or into the "Breiavatnet". Deaths have occurred and do not expect any help from the police. The village is run by mafia family since 1870, and may explain some of the villagers despair. Many of the inhabitants are so called "baat fant" which translate to a sea gypsie, these often work on oil producing platforms and are drunk or on drugs most of the time. They will attack foreigners.
Oil and dirt everywhere and if you manage to avoid being killed by heavy machinery in the villages only road, Krkegaten, you will be hurt in some other way before never returning to this hellhole.

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218 Graz (Austria)

This city is safe and nice. But it is dangerous city for skiing.

Skiing in graz? BOLLOCKS you can't ski there Lol

219 Longyearbyen (Norway)
220 Jan Mayen (Norway)

This is an uninhabited island, not a city - Kast

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