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41 Vilnius (Lithuania)

Love this city. Really beautiful old town, lovely panoramas and tiny squares and parks. But I was sad about the people - why they're so unhappy? Lithuanian have to try smile more - that would be the way better.

Beautiful city... Lots to explore. Loved it

Not too bad, but not good though

A pretty gem of a city with an old town that takes your breath away. Not dangerous. Only that people tend to be a little harsh and not too welcoming. But I don't care, u have to respect that people are different everywhere! - ChatonNoir

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42 Stockholm (Sweden)

Especially Eastern suburbs are dangerous, because the streets are so polished and new that they are constantly slippery. And please don't eat the fish caught in the area! They're full of diamonds that are being flushed down the toilet. The diamonds will destroy your entrails.

Don't look at any car when you visit the area. The Volvos and BMWs are extremely polished and certainly will destroy your Eyes.

Some of the suburbs can be dangerous. Stick to the city.

Sweden is the most urbanizing country in Europe and Sthlm is really growing. As a side effect there are not enough flats or houses, which makes the prices for living increase to that extent that you must have a lot of money to own your place.

West stockholm a lot of shootings a lot of robberies, In Rinkeby Tensta I think I never seen a white (caucasian) guy... I heard one white guy said he lived near there he had got robbed 7-9 times

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43 Dundalk (Ireland)

Not that bad, was one of the dodgiest places going a while back, but the town is back on its feet now and is rapidly improving.

Dirty Dundalk. Dangerous Dundalk. Depressing Dundalk. Despairing Dundalk.

What a dump of a place people get stabbed there every week

Can’t be that bad

44 Mullingar (Ireland)

I'm from Dublin and can admit it can sometimes be a little dodgy... But Mullingar? Really? It's a meaningless small town in the middle of Ireland... It's hardly in the same league as Glasgow or Moscow, I thought Galway was funny but Mullingar is just hilarious... Retards compiling this list

Mullingar is a small town in the middle of Ireland, its about as dangerous as warm milk

Is nowhere near dangerous, has the same level of crime of any other town of 20, 000 people in Ireland. The so-called "riot" was focused on a tiny part of a housing estate.

Live near mullingar and nothing bad ever happened yo me

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45 Galway (Ireland)

"Limerick, Dublin and Cork" being so high up on the list is ridiculous but Galway being anywhere on this list is a JOKE! I have lived in galway all my life and have never witnessed violent crimes! Its a great city in general and in particular for tourists. How cana ny of Irelands cities be ranked above cities such as London, Manchester, Paris, barcelona etc! Galway is without a doubt one of the SAFEST cities in europe

How is galway more dangerous than Manchester?

What is the hell is Galway doing on this list? I've grown up in Galway and never got into any trouble there in my whole life... I'm shocked Galway is on this list

Galway isn't actually too bad but there are certain areas in the city that I wouldn't advise people to go like ballybane westside doughiska and ballinafoyle there's a lot if scumbags and homeless in the city. Countryside is ok I know people from Connemara can be extremely racist and fight among towns between each other but just stay out of the way and you should be ok

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46 Trappes (France)

Just like a mass of Marseille, but without any interest.

I'm from Trappes. You should come and see. You will change your mind

Awful place. My girlfriend was insulted twice because she was wearing a skirt... which is a crime in the Islamist city of Trappes. The French do not have the guts to kick those Islamists morons out of their country. Too bad for them, their country is slowly becoming an Islamist republic.

47 Blackburn (England)

Dangerous place, lots of violence very untidy place

Very dangerous place, The Pakistanis have taken over

Ruined by the The Labour Party and the Local Labour Council running Blackburn. They turned a close-knit working class community into another 3rd World Segregated Islamic town with too many Stone-aged Jihadis. Also thank long-serving previous Local Labour MP Jack Straw (1979-2015).

Muslims :P

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48 Oslo (Norway)

I have always wanted to visit Norway but I was soon disapointed when I visited there in Oslo. It look literally like a dump. The whole town smelled like piss, scary Muslim and African immigrants everywhere. I felt like I had taken a trip to Somalia it was really so bad. I experienced even a crime whit three Muslim youths punching down two Norwegians just middle of the street in sunlight. The police did absolutely nothing for them, They were so extremly cowards. I will absolutely never go back to that disgusting city ever again. This is a warning! Oslo is the most most disgusting city in europe

I live in Oslo, and what you say here is absolute bull! What the hell have you've been smoking?

Was just there and all I have to say is,! The whole city was disgusting and down sprayed with graffiti and there was a lot of scary people, I was robbed on the subway, I advises you not to come here its one of the worst cities in Europe.

I lived there for 20 years. Year after year conditions get worse. People give up common standards and police is not really intervening about petty crime and "moderate" violence. A quarter of Oslo is now immigrant and social problems make Oslo the odd place of Norway. Many people with children move out of town because of their children or in my case because I don't want to live in foreign culture.

Muslims and other immigrants tend to be well integrated in Norway and Oslo is a calm city with not a lot of criminality. Norway is a wealthy country and u don't see poverty at all... Personally I find Oslo a bit boring but hats just me - ChatonNoir

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49 Zagreb (Croatia)

Zagreb is very safe town. As a girl or young woman, I can walk alone. There is not any gang. Police is nice to tourists and very efficient. People are very kind.

I lived in Zagreb my whole life and I had problems with hooligans/thieves only once. They are cowards most of the time and a simple threat can scare them away. Its always important to show no fear whatsoever. But some can be dangerous so it's better to stay safe just in case (even if they are rare).

I am legit 14 years old. Walked all through Zagreb in day and night. It was very pleasurable. No one have bad looks no contact, no anything. They even let me in a bar where the bad blue boys were staying. They were nice. Joked with me and had fun. No idea why this city is on here.

Zagreb is the most dangerous city I have ever visited.I was attacked in broad daylight by a wild polar bear and a couple of his mountain lion friends.Also,dangerous pigeons have been known to mutilate unsuspecting foreigners in the vicinity of the main square.Tourists beware

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50 Tallinn (Estonia)

Before going there, I read a lot about high rates of pickpocketting. When I was there, I never saw any crime in the who, e city. Felt completely safe, even at night alone as a foreign person.

Very beautiful old town. Crime rate is 0. People are friendly, and almost everyone can speak english very well.

It's not dangerous at all. Friendly people, beautiful old town. Pickpockets yes - ChatonNoir

Homicide rate: 5.5 (? )

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51 Katowice (Poland)

I was born there. It's certainly not the safest place and when it's dark you shouldn't use public transport or stroll around on the streets. But the city centre is getting safer and things are improving. Football hooligans are a plague.

I was born Poland and I have been in Katowice before. It is not really dangerous at all, apart from a few gangs which I think are in prison right now so that's dealt with.

The city is pretty safe but not the best looking cities in Europe

90% of football games turn violent. Avoid any big football game.

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52 Barcelona (Spain)

I too am surprised that Barcelona is not higher in this list of dangerous cities in Europe, but maybe this is because most of the street crime which is rife there is pickpocketing and bag snatching, which is based on stealth, as opposed to mugging accompanied by threats and violence. However travel insurers here in the UK do report that the two holiday destinations that are the subject of the most theft claims from their customers are Amsterdam and Barcelona, and there is of course that infamous "I was robbed in Barcelona" website where visitors to that city have made many posts. Actually I think we are seeing now that the streets of Barcelona, in common with some other European cities, are becoming almost as crime ridden as the streets of cities in South Africa, South America and many cities in the U.S.A. I also think that there are two main reasons for this, which I shall deal with in a future post here. (In conclusion I should just say that the only time I was in Barcelona was on a ...more

This city should be SO much higher on the list. Maybe not for harmful killings or bodily dangerous situations but for stealing. Beautiful nonetheless, it's not nicknamed the pick pocket capitol of Europe for nothing. It's thought of to be a profession to the locals there and odds are if they want it, they'll take it. Many laws also have loopholes so that stealing is extremely possible. Hold on to your wallets and bags and never bring out your credit card if possible!

I've been in the biggest EU cities, I've been involved in lots of disliking situation but luckily nothings bad happened... I never get robbed and never get stabbed... the time to arrive in Barcelona and and police stopped me and my friends 4 times in 5 days, the funniest thing is that we had been stopped already after an Indian (or Paki) had stolen my bag in the central beach and we had been checked like criminals. Luckily in the bag there was only suncream and shampoo, mobile and wallet were in my pockets. However those days I remembered I felt to be in Baghdad, in the beach I watched local police running after black pushers, walking on sunbathing tourists and in the end they arrested 2 of them, all covered of blood. Very beautiful city but very dangerous.

Mugging and robbing capital of Europe for a reason. Bah! - geertsnapp

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53 Leeds (UK)

Rubbish leeds is a vibrant fast forward thinking city its got some of the best shopping centres in the world and yorkshire dales 10 minutes away great universities and sporting facilities!

Pretty rough but not as much as some other cities

Leeds isn't dangerous, apart from some suburbs! This city is great and people are very friendly

Leeds is really rough and not many safe areas to live. One of my closest friends was sexually assaulted here and I was nearly mugged.

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54 Chisineu (Moldova)

Rather nice city. Maybe not the best place to bring the family for vacation, or travel as a single woman (unless a seasoned traveller). Beautiful in the spring. Fairly friendly. Of course, tourists are targets for scammers.

Sadly, issues with prostitution, and sex tourism (which is a problem more caused by idiots from Western Europe and North America looking for sex), and more alarmingly, human trafficking, certainly are issues.

Very dangerous city. Should be in top 5. High organized crime rate. Dangerous for British and Americans from US due to sexual activities all around the city. Take care of small children especially girls. Even a very disciplined and good looking person is dangerous. You can be sold easily in the other Eastern European Countries and could be made a prostitute.

Looks like you didn't see a lot of places in this world, are you kidding me - "Should be in top 5.", I was there and is not that dangerous.

Been here once. No offense to Moldovans, but it's like if all the parts of Russia like Magnitogorsk and Norilsk were one country. Chisineu is an eyesore.

55 Bratislava (Slovakia)

Disco clubs are full of drunk people. Alcohol makes them violent and aggressive.

Beware of thieves and pickpockets. Be careful especially of gypsies.. Avoid the Pentagon, Petrzalka and Vrakunya. Downtown and other places are safety.

Bratislava is pretty safe, although it is true that there are lots of pickpocketers and taxi drivers that do rip you off

People in this city won't like you... Wherever you are from!

Very safe and surprisingly nice city on the Danube. No muslims, and (almost) no gypsies. Only very small districts (Pentagon, Kopcany) are known with drugs and asocials, but they are far away from city centre and you shouldn't accidentally get in if you don't intend to. I also cannot agree Petrzalka should be avoided. It is a huge settlement that perhaps looks nasty (more than 100K people live there), but it's not a "true" immigrants locality as known in some major European cities. Except very small locations (Kopcany, far away almost near Austrian borders), Petrzalka is pretty safe. - bugger

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56 Podgorica (Montenegro)

Podgorica is really safe, I live in Podgorica and I never had problems with safe here, its not really beautiful city but the people are great and it has great bars and restaurants, people wont be rude to you if you aren't rude to them, sorry for my bad English

It's only the name Montenegro that's sounds cool, but its so bad

Although the center of podgorica seems quiet, a few yards away in the neighbourhood of stari aerodrom the dark side of the city surfaces. We got there by accident and I don't even know how we got out alive. We don't know how the city was some years ago, but now it is real hell. Avoid this neighborhood even in daytime.

One of the worst and ugliest citys to wisit

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57 Novi Sad (Serbia)

Once upon a time Novi Sad was a quiet and safe city. Nowadays could be a dangerous place. But still has soul and hospitality.

I live in Novi Sad almost 2 years. My bike has been stolen, but this is the only negative experience which I had. We are talking about a city, what has ca. 250.000 inhabitant, and the law of large numbers says, that the more people, the more idiots... You shold be careful - like elsewhere. But if you connect on the vibrations of the city - you will enjoy your stay!

Novi Sad is supersafe and easy. There are cycling tracks all over the city. Public transport is well organized. People are easygoing and gentle. It's a great place to relax and be careless.

Well... They set cars/ trash cans on fire, car crashing is something normal, stealing is daily... Don't worry, it's safe

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58 Angered (Sweden)

I'm voting for this place just because of the name.

In angered sweden there is many dangerous people and gangs, but on the other side there is nice places to, I'm living on the nice side, it's not calm there either you could get robbed of the people coming from the bad side and they going into your gardens to take your clothes or motorcykles

Agreed, Angered is not a very nice place

59 Skopje (Macedonia)

Horrible city. Looks more like a European village of the 50s. Nothing to see there except conflicts between the locals..

Very dangerous in Europe

Half my family is Macedonian. And when I visit, the Albanians (Shqiptar) will bully any Macedonian they see, young or old. If you don't have a reputation, and a group of friends a group of Shqiptar may ransack you.


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60 Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest was the city where we felt most uncomfortable in all of Europe (above Napoli/Naples and Barcelona, which also did not feel super safe, but we were also very careful in those locations, always on lookout for pickpockets, etc... We walked to a pizza place at midnight in the heart of Naples and didn't feel endangered for a moment. )

In Budapest, the problem is that it feels very corrupt, that everyone is in on a scam -- even the hired officials and "professionals." We were charged about $50 to go 1 mile (or less) in a taxi, all because we forgot to ask up-front first how much it would cost (the other taxis did not do this when we asked before getting in. But if you don't -- they charge whatever they want. )

When we took the subway, we had a ticket but forgot to get it stamped; we were accosted by the "subway police" (in official uniform) who then said he was going to have to fine us, but he was going to give us a "special discount" and would only make one of us pay ...more

I note the comments here about the taxi drivers, when I was in Budapest (admittedly a few years ago now) I found that there was no need to use taxis because the public transport system was so good, as was often the case in places that had been under communist rule in the recent past. The ticket inspectors (also the subject of some comment here) are vigilant but only doing their job. When one approached me on the metro, I had previously correctly validated my ticket and so there was no problem. However I did find you had to be careful with the waiters in some restaurants because when you had ordered the meal (or believed you had ordered the meal in full) and the waiter had taken the menu away, he would return a minute or two later and start asking questions like "do want bread? do you want salad" etc, etc and if you just said "yes, please" you could find that you final bill was about three times as much as what you had expected. After I had been caught twice like ...more

It is not true at all. I am from Budapest. I grew up there. You just have to watch out with pickpockets, like in any other big city.Obviously, if you walk alone in bad parts at night with your brand new mobile phone when you're not experienced in the city of course can be that you get into a situation but in this case do not ever travel to nowhere! You can not know where you can get into trouble it depends on the situation and on the person as well.. A lot of cops are walking around the city! It is a lovely place, must to see and the Hungarian culinary is world-wide famous!

Having commented about the Budapest taxi drivers, metro ticket inspectors and waiters, I should add that I found Budapest to be a very sedate, civilised and cultured city, and the streets and public places there felt very safe indeed, as though you could walk around alone all night and never come to any harm. (I found the same to be true of Vienna.) I was particularly impressed by the displays of Roman relics in glass cases in the Budapest metro stations, and was amazed that these were never vandalised or stolen.

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