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81 South East London (UK)

Plenty of gangs estates knives and guns. You know its bad when the football hooligans are considered the respectable ones. Only upside, if you out after dark you will most likely get a free ride home courtesy of the NHS

82 Newport (Wales)

Newport is fantastic. The locals are always ready to oblige anyone who'd like a fight. If you struggle with the local dialect you can easily signal your desire for a punch-up by looking at people or walking up and down the high street. The centre of town has been cleared of shops to leave more space available for mass brawls. Saturday night you can indulge your passion for improvised weapons, using glasses, bottles and cudgels of all materials.

Whilst I've never actually witnessed any violence, there always seems to be that menece of violence in the air even during daylight, anyone that's been to deprived parts of London etc will know what I mean and there always seems to be loads of police on the street. The city centre has a deprived look with a lot of the shops boarded up although to be fair the council are pumping a lot of money into the city and a new shopping centre is planned so hopefully we should see a vast improvement in the near future

Great place to buy smack and get murdered.

Born and raised here. I'm ashamed of that. Please save me.

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83 Tbilisi (Georgia)

Very simple. Check the "safest countries in the world to live" where Georgia ranks #8 in the top. Makes no sense and logic to place the capital city of such country among the dangerous places in the world!

Not just un-locked doors, but also un-locked cars... By the way...

This city is a dangerous city

What makes Georgia dangerous in general?

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84 Vienna (Austria)

Didn't feel dangerous, however the centre is full of rich Arabs.

Vienna is the least dangerous major city in Europe, I live here, I am 14 and I could just walk around where I live at 5 in the morning and nothing would halpen because it is just so quiet and calm, there are Areas with wannabe chavs but they are all harmless, trust me there is no danger whatsoever in vienna. Especially in the 13,18,19 districts. 1st district may be a bit more dangerous even though it is beautiful but there may be pickpocketers etc but not as bad as in Paris or so, just COME TO VIENNA IT SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS LIST. SAFEST CITY IN Europe

Rather calm with fatal parts, if you mind where you go you should be safe, avoid the South and North East.

I was robbed outside Vienna haupbahnof metro station, too much cases of theft there

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85 Oxford (UK)

Most of the city is your average sort of place but some areas are particularly poor. Blackbird Leys is one of the biggest council estates in Europe and suffers from a lot of crime such as robbery, murder and Joyriding originated there. Also Rose Hill, Cowley, Fairford Leys and Barton are all areas you should stay away from.

86 Czestochowa (Poland)
87 Westhill (Scotland)

The original sin city. Watch what you say and who you look at. Swallow your pride or swallow your teeth!

Quite dangerous rabbits in the surrounding countryside but the local people are mainly harmless.

The most evil place on earth. FULL OF SCUM AND VILLANY

Went into Marks and Spencers and got robbed.
A Polish man held a razor blade to my neck in the barber shop.

88 Brighton (UK)

I'm from Brighton and, obviously there are a few rough gangs just like every other English city and a high drug use but still there isn't much bad stuff to say about it.

Brighton is one of the safest cities to live in uk

It's a great funky city

I lived there, a bit bizarre place, really different that other Brit towns...
Just zombie like junkies asking for change, avoid conversation with them!
But ok in general, used to walk during evenings from Bright to Whitehawk, no problems. If you like being close to seaside and many tourists ( foreigners made uk easier place to live, even the Brits cannot stand only the other Brits haha ) visit it. Some pop rock celebs are there in summer, in the Lanes for example.
HARE Krishna are dancing on the streets, and in summer time they have a very nice festival on the sea front. Hove also ok, but a bit boring...

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89 Coventry (England)

It still wouldn't be nice here even if you did take away the daily and unchallenged violent crime.

It is briliant here. My home town is better than london.

Coventry isn't "deadly" just turning into a city full of druggies, Birmingham is far more worse than Cov!

Absolutely horrible city in the UK, full of mugs and thugs.

90 Wroclaw (Poland)

I'm a foreigner and I've been living in Wroclaw for the past 1 year and a half, and nothing bad ever happened to me here. Even in the areas outside downtown I've always felt quite comfortable walking alone at night. You'll get the odd drunkard or homeless person asking you for change or for just a cigarette, but that's it.

The bus station is quite shady, though, and there's plenty of sketchy individuals walking around it at all times, so be careful of your surroundings when there. I've heard from more than one source that they have plans to modernise/rebuilt it in time for 2016 (as Wroclaw will be one of the European Capitals of Culture that year), just as they did with the main train station a few years ago.

All in all, I highly reccomend this city for a trip or for a foreigner that is considering moving abroad - there are plenty of foreign people studying and/or working here, and almost all young people speak English, which gives Wroclaw quite an international feel. ...more

Nice city :) A lot of fun and very safe. I walk alone in night (4:00AM) and nothing hapanned for me.

Just got back from Euro. Local louts have chip on their shoulders, except for Irish... Tbg. Fit birds everywhere makes up for the local men of leisue

91 Nowy Sącz (Poland)

Lots of drug dealer prostitutes, the worst part is that most of them are really ugly.

A lot of drug dealers prostitutes gangs a lot of theft youth gangs and F... All

92 Portsmouth (UK)

Went there to visit, got threatened the first night there by some gypsy looking junkie, I'm not going back that's for sure.

I've been to this city twice, the first time I came back with a black eye and the second time I came away with a broken arm and nose! Its a very rough navy city and Paulsgrove is particually bad for senseless violence! My city (Plymouth, another navy city) is bad for druggies chavs and scrotes but Portsmouth is far worse!

South west of the city is great with gunwarf and southsea but the living conditions are crap and is the uks 2nd most crowded city and is really rough place be carful not to be stabed

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93 Salford (England)

I'm form Salford and has a bad reputation, but is a great place, like all areas has its bad parts, but we have a great university, growing economy and now home to Media City, we are very community spirited and very clean modernized compared to other areas of North Manchester =)

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94 Bergen (Norway)

Why is this even on the list? Unless you're afraid of fish, this is the safest city in the world!

I agree with the previous post

Haha this is a very very safe city and it rains all the time - ChatonNoir

Nygaardsparken is commonly known by locals to be where drug addicts gather. It is a relatively small park though. Other than that, Bergen is probably the safest city you'll ever visit.

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95 Milan (Italy)

I have been to this city many times and I've never encountered any crime. Military and police is everywhere though. - Kast

I agree, military and police is everywhere. But that just makes the city safer. ^^

96 Benalmádena (Spain)

Lovely Marina. Had several holidays here, never experienced any problems

97 Carlisle (England)

Nice city, nice people, not many murders. But it is full of drugs and theft.

This definitely deserves a higher rankings on the list. I've been there twice and like you said it is full of addicts and thieves. Nice attractions though

2015-2016 South Scotland and North England floods

98 Carrigaline (Ireland)

Lived in the town for years a suburb of cork the place has around 20000 people in the past year there have been 3 shootings but 10 years ago the only crime you would hear of would be someone stealing cattle but even if there was a couple shootings it still shouldn't be on the list it's not even a city

From Ireland. Never even heard of it?

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99 Athlone (Ireland)

Iv lived In athlone all my life, and have never been in any bad situations, iv travelled to plenty of different countries and lived in a two major cities london, vancouver. Athlone is a small town with very little problems a great gardai force and a very safe place to see and visit. It has a beautifull river passing through and extremely friendly locals.

I lived here all my life and there is nothing bad no crime no robbers no pic pockets I really love it

Many undesirables in the town, major drug problems here, including heroin for the most part. Dirty streets, scary looking people, pretty dangerous. Wouldn't reccommend a visit

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100 Tiraspol (Moldova)

In Tiraspol I saw a woman shouting at a cat.

It is, because of Russian military there.

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