Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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101 Middlesbrough (England)

Lovely town here in Middlesbrough with nice people.

What a dumb!

102 Newcastle (UK)

Always has been a tough town, always will be - go into the wrong pub and you'll leave bleeding. Great people, but lots of unemployed young people with alcohol issues and nothing better to do. Take a look at the riot shields on the stores when they're closed, that tells a tale.

Got me backy stolen by someone in a tracksuit claiming to be in the hardest bastard in scotchy

Nice places but has worse parts such as: Benwell, Byker, North Shields etc...

103 Coventry (England)

It is briliant here. My home town is better than london.

Coventry isn't "deadly" just turning into a city full of druggies, Birmingham is far more worse than Cov!

Absolutely horrible city in the UK, full of mugs and thugs.

104 Birmingham (England)

Centre is pretty bad and there is a lot of violence. don't go out there at night alone. outskirts and suburbs are very nice no crime at all. I come from the safest area never been subjected to any violence or robbery at all

I have lived here my whole life and it is pretty good apart form the hooligans and homeless people in the centre.

Can be an ok city, just don't be an idiot like you usually do. Got mugged for being an idiot once.

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105 Jerusalem (Israel) Jerusalem (Israel) Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

Why is this on here It is in Asia

Israel is not in Europe so why is it on the list

Israel is in Asia, not Europe

Israel is NOT in Europe! IT IS IN Asia! FAKE!

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106 Castlebar (Ireland)

Few teenagers let run riot in the town at night going unchecked by the law ( not the Garda who take them into custody only to have Irish law put them back on the streets the next day)
Few gun attacks lately, drugs on the rise as in every town,
Stay out of the town centre at night (say midnight on) very dangerous if alone

Castlebar is on this list.

This is the funniest thing I've read today.
Castlebar is not dangerous in comparison to every other place on this list. Holy crap it's tiny

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107 Valencia (Spain)

You do not feel safe during the day, especially if You are a girl. Very obscene people start chasing You, not to mention that one of them did certain things right on the street (I don't want to mention what, but it was really disgusitng).

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108 Karlstad (Sweden)

Beautiful city, however, just as every city in Sweden, its being taken over by immigrants. I have a friend who had ISIS-soldiers visit his shop. They showed him execution- videos and said they are here to fight in the coming war. They live at the refugee center, wich is located in the middle of the city.

Totally agree with OP! The situation is outta' control.

During the last 10years, Karlstad has faced a lot of changes. If you're visiting Karlstad you should especially stay away from the suburbs of Skåre, Ulvsby and Tormestad. The most notorious gang "Ulvsby Thugz" is currently operating in these parts of the town and the murder rate is really high.

Also keep in mind to stay away from the pub "Downtown". This is where most of the criminal gangs hang out and shootouts may happen.

109 Swansea (Wales)

Europe's New Drug Capital (Especially Heroin and Crack)

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110 Rissne (Sweden)
111 Sodertalje V 1 Comment
112 Uppsala (Sweden)

And what about middle Europe? If not these guys from middle Europe over country will day wihout working power.. I'm swedish and I just can say if not they over country will not have power fforcefora lot things.

Stay away from the suburbs Gottsunda and Stenhagen. Lots of imigrants from Middle East. Taken over those parts of the city.

113 Nuuk (Greenland)

Don't go this city! It's so cold that the streets are made of ice! You will either die by hypothermia or by slipping on the ice and hit your head!

Greenland, think it's in North America

I live in Nuuk but it is preetty dangerous no cut throats guns drugs like but it is pretty cold and no longer polices in this city

It's so cold that it's dangerous.

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114 Kinsale (Ireland)

Not that bad of a place high drug rate

This is not right Kinsale is not the most dangerous town in Europe,it is the most safest town in Europe and if you think this is more dangerous than ballymun, Finglas and Tallaght you got to be having a Laugh

115 Drammen (Norway)

Our major is a crack dealer. ANd if the police find you sober, you will get a fine with 500$ and three months of comunity service. In christmas no one is allowed to eat chicken or turkey. Kebab is the only food allowed here

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116 Helsinki (Finland)

Since moving here from the next biggest city in Finland, I have been mugged at least once a day, for the exception when I have been beaten to hospital. There they at least steal your belongings only at the check in. And a 250 lbs prostitute? What on earth are you complaining. That's a luxury piece of well used flesh at that size, regardless of smell. So just stay outta here, you will get mugged, contract AIDS and get prosecuted for hurting the muggers' knuckles.

Since why did I see Helsinki was 9th most peaceful city in Europe!
Are you out of your mind...?

Legal Prostitution competes with a liberal welfare system. Bums pull in 2700 Euros per month and do nothing but booze all day and night. A prostitute approached me wearing a pink clown suit and a tiny litle hat She/he? Was over 250 lbe and smelled of fish...
Prices in Helsinki: Save time and bring a sandwich from hone and trail mix. Arrive in Helsinki and just pass out Euros. Oh, remember the welfare at 2700 per month and make that 10 Euro notes.

I live in hHelsinki and I'm just laughing at these comments XDDD

117 Pilsen (Czech Republic) V 1 Comment
118 Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Without the doubt, it is the most safest towns, unless when it comes to suburb parts of it. The nightlife is carefree, the people there are nice and the food is great. My grandmother lives there entirely and I visit there sometimes, though that doesn't make me forget how beautiful and peaceful it is.

Not even 200! I've been there the people are awesome so do the women. Really go only for the women! It might have some rough past during the war but now is safer than most of big european and balkan capitals and cities. Nightlife like in montenegro and serbia. Enough said!

Beuatiful place, not so big as other Europen cities. Many beautiful women are there, not so expensive, great food, many monuments around town, beautiful river Vrbas an montin Kozara.

119 Craigavon (Northern Ireland)
120 Hackney (London)

How is this not higher up the list? Everyone in England knows that this is the most dangerous area of London to live in. It's Full of Youth Gangs and drug dealers.

Although Hackney is a very dangerous place
But its not a city, it's a borough

Hackney ok day time but strange people come out at night avoid mare st in early hours they'll rob the adidas off your feet... Lots of gangs and wannabe pistoliros r lurking in dark corners...

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