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141 Kalmar (Sweden)

Cows, sheep and hens running around the streets, making the city dirty and unpleasant. Also people are dangerous: they can't decide about anything, not even where a public toilet should be located. The only advantage about the city is that it is a suburb of Växjö, a much nicer Place.

Kalmar, a small "city" and a suburb of Växjö, is dangerous because of slippery cow dirt.

142 Strumica (Macedonia)

Yes very dangerous drunk people every where

Everyon that live here is stupid they only talk and gossips about other peple in strumica worst city in europe getto

143 Kohtla-Järve (Estonia)
144 Porto (Portugal)

This city is just fine. There is nothing wrong with it besides the usual little stealing that goes on in every single country. No big deal. Portugal is a fantastic place to go around and have fun. Like I said, in every country, you may need to hold on to your belongings, even if it is the safest country ever. If you are a tourist, slowly make your way around.

145 East Kilbride (Scotland)

Roundabouts at junctions. Dangerous.

146 Clonmel (Ireland)
147 Berlin (Berlin)

A lot of people from all over the world live here and I must say we get along just fine. - ChatonNoir

Neukölln is horrible! Countless foreigners, mainly Muslim and Turks. Too many Muslims from the old Easter Block countries. They are aggressive and rude. They are anti-Gay and do not respect anyone; they are simply BAD people. It's horrible!

Berlin is in Germany, NOT Berlin

Berlin is in Germany!

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148 Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

The city itself is nice but sadly it's full of gypsy beggars, annoying hungarians and junkies. Don't come here.

149 Kiev (Ukraine)

Cool, cheap and nice girls.

How is Kiev at spot 173 and Copenhagen at 43?

150 Sixmilecross (Northern Ireland)

Lynch Mobs, Public Hangings, All Out Guerrilla Warfare

151 Lucerne (Switzerland)

Lucerne? haha come on, you must be joking

Very safe place, spent an entire week there... Don't go to the western suburbs.

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152 Säkylä (Finland)

A small town in Southern Finland is dangerous cause of the countless angry badly educated people living there.

Multiple drunks and gibsys that roam the streets and cause havoc.

Mopedcars are popular amongst teenagers and for a town with 5000 inhabitants there are a lot of mopedcars, and cause of young drivers accidents are common.

153 Tyresö V 2 Comments
154 Santander (Spain)

As it becomes a popular surfing destination, so it attracts gangs lurking for goods to snatch and sell in a rampant five fingers discount market. Don't be surprised to wake up one morning and find bricks instead the four wheels your van usually had. Even worst across the bay in the town of Somo as there is less vigilance due the town hall can't afford to pay all the police needed to stop the rising crime wave accounted mainly for the massive flock of tourist in recent years.

155 Taghmon (Ireland)
156 Portmarnock (Ireland)

Yobs rioting all the time on sunny days. (Dublin seaside suburbs can get dangerous on sunny days)

157 Koln (Germany)

To much beer. But Great people

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158 Dabas (Hungary)

I live here for 14 years. It's kind of a safe town. KIND OF. There is crime also. Mostly robberies.

There are gypsies here. Lots of them misunderstand looks (sights), so they are about to bully you.

If you get another guy's girlfriend, you can get kicked anywhere (mostly head or nut)

If you go from a party and a strange car with strange faces in it asking you to go with them, don't go with them. Unfortunately Dabas hasn't got good and many parties. House parties are better. But you can come here and visit the town :D It has a lot of mansions.

159 Genoa (Italy)

This place could be the most insecure and dangerous large city in italy, streets are dark and dirty. As a port of the country a lot of immigrants who cover up even more than %50 of people in the central area who could stare at you can make you scared. Perfect sea foof and great heritage on the other hand. Even if nothing happened to us when we visited, we never even thought to go out to night life activities and tried to stay very careful.

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160 Mannheim (Germany)

The turkish quarter within the old city ring can be dangerous

As a tourist, Mannheim should not really be a dangerous place for you. In the underground though there is a fight for holding the power in the drug and prostitution scene among biker groupings (like the Hells Angels, Gremium etc. ) and arabic and kurdish families.

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