Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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161 Wolverton (England)

Roughest part of Milton Keynes. Too many roundabouts and too many dodgy people.

162 Cupar (Scotland)

This place is crawling with drugs dealers, terrorists and hookers. Most dangerous town in England.

Terrible place didn't let my kids out by themselves, felt scared the whole visit.

I agree! The train through fife did not stop at cupar!

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163 Tullamore (Ireland)

Absolute bull that this town is on the list. Quiet Irish town full of friendly people. Yes there are some travellers in the area but they cause very little trouble and get along well with locals. This is a thriving town with lots to offer

Drunks proliferate at weekends, teenage mob chav types burgle leafy burbs, Violent assault on the up. Perhaps the lack of cultural activity causes this. Poor policing of estate areas, and gypsy camps in town centre have caused crime rates to soar. Similar to Limerick, Ennis and Moyross, Tullamore is a Rathkeale in the making. Its a violent parochial midland town with little or nothing to do in. Agricultural midland town where young farmers fight chavs at weekends. A lot of violence attributed to drunken gaa antics. Makes Kosovo seem like a friendly place!

164 La Roche sur Yon (France)
165 Rotherham (England)

Too right I moved out a long time ago it was voted by the sun newspaper some years ago as the roughest town in britain

Nothing but rapes and murders in 2013

166 Wołomin (Poland)

In Wołomin even trains are wild and aggressive. You can't feel here safe.

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167 Magaluf (Majorca)
168 Bristol (UK)

Stapleton Road used to be the most dangerous area in the UK, don't know if that's changed now or not. Bristol on the whole isn't very dangerous.

Got attacked by a gang first time I visited here with an ex boyfriend! Horrible place and wouldn't walk about alone at night. Had nothing but bad experiences here!

The nice parts of the city are... nice, but the bad areas can be really bad at times. Years ago, I think people from all over would of heard of St. Paul's, and it was famous for the ease at getting drugs, but after finally closing the infamous black and white cafe (britains most raided building), the problem
Just moved to Easton. I used to have to drive down Stapleton road (britains most dangerous), on way to college, and several times at about 5pm I'd see police vans on the same road n someone getting bundled into back. Then you have the estates like hartcliffe and knowle west which are notorious for drugs and if some
Drunk gets a bit of a nuisance, you can guarantee he'll get robbed and a kicking. It's getting better, but when it gets bad, it has got REAL bad.

169 Subotica (Serbia)

I read in the US newspaper a few years ago, that Subotica (Serbia) is the town with the most serial killers and most suicides per capita in Europe. They had 7 serial killers in the last 25 years, and more than 120 suicides annually. For the town of about 100.000 inhabitants, that is way too much.

This city is surely the most beautiful City in Serbia (it's no surprise because it was a part of Hungary for ages), but it's very, but very dangerous especially by night. It's full of agressive drunken people high on drugs. Muggings, robberies, stealings, beatings, etc. are part of a "normal" everyday life. It's also worth mentioning that no less than 4 serial killers came from this city.

170 Carlow (Ireland)
171 Charleroi (Belgium)

Most dangerous city ever seen. A lot of drug traffic, robberies and gun trafffics. Between arabs drugs dealers and Africans gang

172 Edinburgh (Scotland)

So many dodgy people absolute joke I am 13 and scared to leave my house at night because things become dangerous

I am writing this whilst hiding under the staircase inside my house. I am scared to go outside in case somneone kills me.

I have lived in Edinburgh all my life, and most of the city is pretty safe. The city center is generally safe at night, but avoid the obvious "gadgies" ( noticeable with their jogging bottoms and crap trainers) who will mug you at will, if drunk enough. if they get too near, and try to strike up conversation (a prelude to a mugging), smile and explain you are in a rush, and tell them that you hope they have a good night, before briskly moving away, and they should leave you alone. or just run like hell! Also, whilst Leith / Leith Walk can be great areas for a night out, and there are plenty of nice people around, beware that there are some quite "spicy" areas that should be avoided after dark, such as the infamous "bananna flats" area (been jumped there at 6pm after a job interview! ) and Junction Street (aka Junky Street). Also in the area, sex workers abound around the seafield road and north part of leith links: several recent sexual assaults/ rapes, ...more

173 Palermo (Italy)

I'm surprised this and Corleone weren't on the list already.

174 Southampton (England)

Seems for some reason all large UK cities are listed and although there was gang activity in about 2008 this one is very safe.

175 York (England)
176 Bari (Italy)

The old Intramuros quarter is notorious for pickpockets and antisocials. Been there, got cold stares, definitely not welcoming. Witnessed a fight, ended with one guy leaning against a wall semi-concious, blood dripping from a head wound. Also, almost got run over. A few beggars in the station that get into your personal space, but nothing too bad.
There's a plaza with a few restaurants at the edge of Intramuroswhich is ok, otherwise there's not that much to see. Most people who work there commute from the much nicer places along the coast of Apulia. I can recommend those by the way.

177 Cosenza (Italy)

Most beautiful safe city in ITALY

178 Messina (Italy)
179 Catania (Italy)

Very dangerous, librino, San Cristoforo amo San Giovanni galermo are the worst places, there are theft, drug dealers and dangerous people

180 Corleone (Italy)
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