Paris (France)

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Pickpocketers everywhere. Watch out! People will often try to distract you while they (or someone they are working with) take your money/phone/purse. They also will slash purse straps, take phones out of pockets, etc. So beware where your stuff is. The further you are from the center, the more dangerous, especially at night. But the tourist areas in the center can be just as dangerous for pickpocketing as in the day. The Louvre is a big spot for pickpocketers! Watch out for children too - they often are the ones doing the pickpocketing or distracting, especially at the Louvre since they get in free. And don't give money to beggars on the street, as many are faking it or are setting you up for someone else to come by and rob you.

Only place in Europe I got into a fight (and I spent a while in London! ). Sat down in some dirty fast food place, kinda like a McDonald's near Notre Dame. Sitting there with my wife eating when this dirty Algerian Muslim walks up and takes my food. I jumped up and he starts threatening me and screaming at me that I'm a tourist. Other than that, gypsies all over the place running scams up and down every street. Can't fault the French though, they were friendly, as were some of the former eastern bloc workers in the city. Got helped out by quite a few of them. Not sure if I felt really unsafe but definitely held my stuff closer to me here than anywhere else in the world, always felt like I was going to be robbed.

Not dangerous but there are some con men trying to sell worthless stuff to you, sometimes with the intention to take your wallet while they try to humour you... Be aware of women asking if you've seen their "lost ring" as u start helping them to look for it they try to take things from you... Well Paris is a big big city and you'll have to know things like these happen even if it's a shame. Paris is also the most lovely elegant breathtaking places in the world to visit. Jaime Paris! So it's not dangerous at all, just be ware of thieves - ChatonNoir

Comments here are so xenophobic, we know from who...

We have visited Paris 8 times and spent more than 5 months in total, nothing bad happened.

Splendid city, architectures from ages to modern building, among the most numerous cathedrals and Churches, abundance of all kinds of restaurants offering top international cuisine and of course French one.

So many theaters, exhibitions, festivals etc... And that also through the country France.

Paris is first the most beautiful capital in the world.

Yes it's a melting pot city.
We stayed 4 weeks and my wife she is also black and we never had any problems.
Just take care in touristic places for pickpockets coming from east-Europe, that's all.

That city is not good.. Lots of tensions when your there..! Pickpockets, hustlers, con.. Everywhere, especially when your in the metro subways.. I don't wanna go back there again.. Never..

Paris will keep getting worse if they keep meeting refugees in. I don't plan on returning to Paris and have no interest. They need to step up there game and get their city back on track like the US

Just got back from there, a car was firebombed next to a nice hotel, which was close to the Arab section. There are many dangerous areas.

And beware of supporters of the Paris saint germain soccer club because they'll cut your head and play football with! This is war here in Paris! Stay safe my friends and avoid France, it's a war zone now!

Paris is the only city in europe where you never feel safe

"Paris syndrome" is real! Do not expect so much from this regular city! - Art

Less society infra, Gypsi, immigrants etc. First I visited Paris, I cannot believed its European city.

Paris center is ok you go out you might find trouble the Arabic community is definitely ruining Paris

Not what everybody makes it out to be. With all the Albanian, Arab, African immigrants here there is murder prostitution and drugs. Nothing but a crime infested city

Have you heard the movie Taken? Liam Neelson's character's daughter got kidnapped in Paris and use her for a sex trade. Now that's another worst way live in paris when you get abducted by goons!

Lots of Terrorists, Pickpocketers, and Beggars. One of the nicest cities to visit, but you better watch out.

Terrible city in reality. The romance etc is just a smokescreen

Remember the terrorist attacks last November? (I believe)
This is what I think is dangerous about Paris!

My daddy got shot there last year

Paris is economically one of the three strongest cities in the world, bustling with economic activities and also a Grand and beautifully made city thanks to Napol on III Haussmann.

Paris as a city also has the second largest revenue amongst it's companies at around 1.4 trillion USD per year.

This makes Paris the second strongest city in the world just behind Tokyo.

La fense is the largest business district in all of Europe and in term of number of skylines among the most famous.

The Grande Arche de la fense built at the opposite end of La fense, is a mammoth construction inlaid with marble and glass. It is styled with sleek, modernistic lines as an alternate side to the more decorous Arc de Triomphe.

Splendid city, architectures from ages to modern building, among the most numerous cathedrals and Churches, abundance of all kinds of restaurants offering top international cuisine and of course French one.

So many theaters, exhibitions, festivals ...more

I found Parisians are arrogant, racist and crazy drivers. I lived in Paris for a year and I found unsafe is their Subway (ParisMetro), filled with beggers, badly drunk people and pickpockets are normal. Some commuters tried to touch women in very disgraceful manner.

In Paris a group of black guys wanted to fight us when we walked near the mulin rouge. One of them guys start kicking one of my friends out of the blue. Also I was peppersprayed by a taxi driver. I was completely drunk, so I cannot recall why it happend.

Been there I recomend keeping your hands in your pockets at all times as if you are a tourist you are almost certain to be pickpocketed. Watch out for little kids they sneak up behind you and will try to put their hand in your pockets

Lots of itlians making mess, try to sell you fake Italian fashion clothes, pickpockets from Eastern and south Europe (Romanians, Bulgarians and Italians) but only in crowded touristic places.

For the rest, it's still the first most visited city in the world and it is normal.

You find a lots of restaurants from the world: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Moroccan, Tunisian, From Africa, Caribbean etc.. And of course French ones.
But still avoid like everywhere the touristic areas for food etc...

It is so an incredible city...

It is number 1 but not on this list.