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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.


I've seen sketches of CAMP 22 torture made from guards that escaped North Korea and after seeing those images I could not believe what kind of horrors go on in that country of Isolation, everyday as a Marine I think about a World War 3, 2nd Korean war or Nuclear war, I think the Time has come to Nuke North Korea and end the People's Suffering and put them out of there misery, and I wish to punch that Fat Kim Jong Un in the Face in front of his people to show them that he's not a God.

And for people that hate North Korean's it's not there fault that they hate us they don't know what the real world is like outside of North Korea, even if they want to escape their family will be killed or put in Camp 22 for life.

Americans today can travel to North Korea, I think $1,000 for 3 or 4 Nights, was planning to but if I'm MCJROTC I could be killed so I'm not taking the Risk.

Kim Jong Un you can kiss my Marine A##.

No freedom of speech, no Internet, strict laws, no US consulate, and executes Christians. North Korea is a place where the Cold War hasn't ended yet.

No matter what you do here, it's illegal. Taking photos equals month in prison, Watching South Korean television equals year in prison, and leaving North Korea equals death. I bet you are hated just for being a human being. You think this is unfair? Good! Thank the dictator who runs this country, Kim Jong Un. While his population is starving to death by the second, he just shrugs it off and stuffs his mouth with egg rolls and bamboo ( yeah, I said that).

I do not want to say that the people are bad. Nor will I say that I want to destroy that country and its leader. That will make us as bad as them. We must send representatives and armed forces into the country, sway them, and revolute this mad country and make it a democracy. Kim Jong-Un must be punished severely! But I don't SEE ANY OF THAT HAPPENING!

How is America in the top 5, people who vote America have never even been to America and are just jealous because in their countries they don't have the security of being able to never be robbed or shot at. In America you can live past America but in countries like Pakistan your lucky if you live to 50 without being killed.

There is actually tourism there, no joke. There is a guard that has to be with the tourist at all times, and they show you only what they want you to see. North Korean tourism has been getting attention from the media lately, and they are probably going to trap a bunch of tourists there some time soon.

OFC north korea! first, you never can get in there! second, you never can live in there! third, you never can come out there! - beyondwind

You are always controlled and the government could walk into you house and brutally murder you and your family and they would get away with it. It is like a prison with murder and death camps for people who disagree with the governments views.

It is so sad the way these poor people live and are treated by their corrupt and heartless government. It is essentially a large concentration camp with very ittle food and zero opportunity. This is the case while their leader lives better than most people in the world with six mansions and a personal yacht harbor. The people are brainwashed and malnutritioned. The government even uses insurance fraud and all money collected goes to their merciless and cruel leader. - mshepard

North Korea is so dangerous. I heard that they built a machine that can blow up a city! People living in that terrible place isn't bad. The government and Kim Jong Un is bad. People living in North Korea are controlled.

North Korea is just jealous of America. America is more better than anything else. If people think America's stupid, so what? I don't care. America still rocks.

There is no freedom of speech, strict laws, no Internet, and no US consulate. North Korea is a place where the Cold War hasn't ended yet.

This country really needs to be #1 on this list. It is dangerous because Kim Jong Un starves 90% of his people, is obsessed with nuking the world, and he owns 99% of it's GDP. The concentration camps in this country are really much worse than Auschwitz because thousands die in the camps each day and there is no adequate needs for the prisoners. I wish this country gets annexed by South Korea soon because the North Koreans would be happier with more freedom and no more nuclear threats to the world.

North Korea is a Nuclear power now, they own 20 Nuclear Warheads and are threatening us with them, If they attacked us right now then we will hit them once and they're gone.

I am from South Korea and I think North Korea should be 1st because they torture you and kill you they say they might attack United States. Like Red Dawn. (good movie)

If you have another opinion about the government, or you insult their corrupt dictator, you get killed. You can't escape, and the government always watches you. - ethanmeinster

This country has been ruled by a fat and chubby psychopath who has been killing people for no reason and making stupid propaganda and other stupid things!

You can get sentenced to death for petty things like having a certain hairstyle. Reports have emerged of parents eating their own children to get relief from starvation. Their execution methods are even more brutal. Kim jong un sentenced his uncle to a room full of hounds for political reasons.
Clearly North Korea is HELL

In the Rio Olympics 2016, after North Korean athletes failed to get 5 gold medals, everyone had fears for them because of their dictator and how harsh he is... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I wouldn't live in a country that is run by the son of Satan and kills people for simply owning a Bible ( seriously, look it up).

North Korea is horrible. Kim Jong-un has no idea of who he is, he's the dumbest guy I've heard of. He is paranoid. He will not let people call, talk, drive or play music.

Actually North Korea is a really safe country as long you follow the law, also because you basically aren't allowed to do anything in North Korea, it's safer. - 50

No one person should ever have such absolute power. People being tortured, killed and nationwide starvation. Is a complete danger to the free world. - SOX3005

Kim Jong Un is the only fat person in his country, he starves everyone else. This guy needs to be taken down and starved to death. - Metalmaniakkk

North Korea is like being trapped in a spooky haunted castle with no escape, because you can't leave once your there, and if you are gonna escape (or if you are gonna try) they will haunt you and take you back to NK and be tortured or executed. This is a True haunted place