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Yes, USA is somewhat dangerous compared to very-well developed countries like Canada and Australia. But compared to North Korea, Columbia, the Middle East, Sudan and many other under-developed countries, the USA is much safer than them. So lets see I see North Korea below this, Columbia far below this, Sudan VERY far below this, and Afghanistan pretty far down to. I am a resident of the USA and I can name off the top of my head something like 100 countries that should go above the USA. I am a resident of the USA, and I plan of leaving no time soon.

You obviously know nothing about different places in the USA I have lived in charleston sc for a very long time, and no I am not a redneck, I have lived in Dubai, London for 6 years, Tokyo and Charleston, SC and this is by far the safest most wholesome place I have ever lived and I am a british citizen. So to go over it again once you know what you are talking about and can tell me where you have been then I will listen. And lets not forget you always see the usa on the news because we are one of the most global and technology advanced countries in the world so it is easy for all of the info to get out. Although there are many stupid protests about shooting African American people and many are poorly educated you are completely overlooking the direct conflict and violence that goes on in places like Yemen, corruption in pakastan, and mass unrest and poverty in Chad, these places are much worse SO YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS STRATE you seem very uneducated saying the usa is the second ...more

I live here. There is so much crime it's eye-popping. One time, all I heard when I was going to bed was shooting. This country is so dangerous their trying to put a solution to it but the solutions made it worse. For example, they say it's easier getting kidnapped by yourself than getting kidnapped in a group. That is true; but then you hear about multiple people being kidnapped at once. I always want to go outside but then 10 minutes later I hear gunshots. I have to go back inside. Every day when I wake up, I hear about people missing and people getting kidnapped and murdered. It's ridiculous. The security is pretty bad too. Most securities for your house warn that you've been robbed after it happens. That's pointless. Some other securities prevent it from happening beforehand, yet they are usually very expensive. The United States of America is definitely one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Why is the US #7? So many people in the US are afraid that someone will kidnap their kids and that school shootings happen at half the schools. Occurrences like these are very very rare and the news just emphasizes them because that's what they are paid to do. I am 15 years old and I have walked around in Harlem many times by myself without even a suspicious glance. This list is awful and our country is "more dangerous" than countries with starvation due to civil wars (South Sudan). We are also #1 in the Americas which means that the US is more dangerous than countries with severe drug trafficking issues like El Salvador and Colombia.

WHAT!?!?!? This really disturbs me. The real reason as to why there is so much crime is because people don't seem to want to understand this simple statement: "FOLLOW THE LAWS! " People think they can get away with all of this crazy nonsense going on in our nation, but #8? Seriously? Why can't people just follow the laws? Why are Americans so delicate? I live here in the USA, and I better tell you, I have NEVER witnessed a crime in my 17 years of living here! I was also born here, and I am extremely proud to be an American! Whoever thinks the USA is the most dangerous country in the world is a complete idiot! I understand there is a lot of crime, and I have seen it on T.V., but it is just because people won't follow THE LAWS! Just follow the laws, Americans! Trust me, it's not that hard!

You know how many countries hate us and the fact we still own China that 1 trillion and the crime is no joke 56000 people die in New York City every year and that's just 1 city there's much more Obama almost went to war with Syria and they have nukes imagine nuclear war it would be terrible that will be so don't think all the time oh America the home of the free it's the home of crime and that crime is influenced to people every day crime is growing and every day I watch the news after work and I hear another another bank robbery another person killed another something that's illegal so USA plus I have to make sure my boy is safe to the walk home intact I even have to pick him up from school now because of sexual assault now a days and don't even about the cancer situation 1 person die from it every day here and drug dealers are crazy in Houston there's thousands of gangsters in the New York the Bronx and lots of asylums in California deserts it's crazy here USA should be the 1# most ...more

The USA always opts for military action instead of exhausting all diplomatic options first. They are still the only ones who used nuclear weapon on people (Japan) intentionally not once, but twice, despite the horrific consequences in the first time. They have destroyed the Middle East for the sake of its national interests. They keep killing innocent people with drones in Yemen and Pakistan. They caused emergence of various terrorist groups today. They have openly created several regime changes in other countries just because old leaders were tough to deal with because they tried to say their word. They have never been punished for their actions, because all international organizations are located in Europe, and Europe completely knelt before the USA ans are too afraid to blame them for murdering millions of people.

I am from Canada and the US should not even be in the top 20 of this list what. You guys that voted for the US don't even know what is going on in the world. In Africa and in the Middle East there is a lot of country that makes the US look like a paradise. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Pakistan, Kenya, South Africa, I know that a couple of them are already in the top but ALL of these country should be way above the US. - FamousOG

The usa is one step above Syria? Really? This site losses all credibility. I've been all over the usa and lived in several states. It's not dangerous at all. All non us citizens need to get the hell off of the comments. You're being brainwashed. You can't just watch the news. I can walk around alone in the downtown area of most big cities at night and be fine. Outside the cities crime is almost non existent and almost everyone owns several guns as well. Minorities cause most of the problems anyway. Sad to say but true. - Johnnykraken

Well every country has their problems. We have too many crazy people empowered by Trump. Mass shooting, although not common, shootings are. Now with the USA not watching far right groups, stuff has gotten worse. You could easily go in the wrong side of a city and it's more dangerous then third world countries. I'm also guessing on average, the USA has more "violent" crimes then other nations. Yes I know stats say differently, but that's because violent crimes in the USA is so hard to do.

I live in the USA and I do not care how much crime there is, it is just ignorant to put this above any third world country. We are super privileged and if you think you have it tough go to Syria which is apparently safer than the US. Have fun getting beheaded by ISIS.

Okay for everyone who voted us do to crime let me say some things one crime Rate is only numbers of them not percents that it doesn't count for population differences where they are taking place and if it's all in a few places also it doesn't account for non reported crimes not those that were hidden (citizen x) and the country with the lowest crime rate is North Korea does that make it th best country to live in. No it is in fact the worst

2nd amendment. Update it... It was written in 1791 that's why it's called a bloody amendment. Not much of a chance of red coats turning up in New York with bayonets fixed now is there? A real hunter will tell you he does not need a AK47 with extended magazines to hunt deer. Only the Loony tunes want all that crap and hey it's the same loony tunes that go and shoot up all the schools or cinemas. When was the last time you heard of a massacre where the assailant used a bolt action rifle. let's see if the MOD's allow this one!

Who the hell said USA was getting more dangerous, what crime is at its lowest here since 1972, murder is at its lowest since 1964, need proof? Just look it up, crime is still bad here but no where as bad as third and second word countries and just because you see opus in the media a lot with our crime doesn't mean we are the worse.

*claps* the country of presidents which ordered the bombing of several countries is not even in top ten but the countries it badly impacted are. Makes sense. A country responsible for the death of millions from Nagasaki up to Syria. USA as a country responsible for this is terrorism and is THE most DANGEROUS COUNTRY in the WORLD. Peace.

The USA is not only dangerous I hate USA people say that it is the best country all over the world I live in Pakistan I know that there is load shedding in Pakistan but behind this reason is USA. USA does not allow Pakistan to produce current USA does allow us to build dams. In Pakistan the summer is too too too much hot on other hand there is load shedding every where but the people are so much tolerant they bear the extreme heat of summer but if the availabilities of electricity gas and water the Americans would die my country is so much charming country and it is the atomic power country Americans drop bombs on us without any reason through their drones USA attacks on whole Muslim countries if we say that Iran Iraq Turkey Pakistan Afghanistan Sudan and Algeria are dangerous countries then it would be wrong the actual dangerous and bad countries are of Europe North America South America including Brazil USA UK Spain Russia and AMERICA and from Asia the bad countries are India and ...more

The USA isn't horrible. There are countries worst than it. Then again, there is a rising crime rate, and there have been a few times when the American government did experiments on people against their will. I would agree that the crime rate is going up in many locations. But, other countries also have a crime rate.

I live in USA. This country is full of murderers and floods. There are also serial killers and gangs killing,attacking, and hurting innocent people. But I'm surprised that USA was picked as one of the most dangerous countries. I like living in America. However,there were some police officers who caused a scene.

The crime here is only considered high do to specific cities like Philadelphia I live in this country and the town I live in had no murders last year and except certain areas it's regulatory safe and it has a huge population of course it's gonna have crime but one question how is this higher than Venezuela

The issue is many Americans are homeless and need food while people are terrorized by terrorists and drug dealers. Little kids are being abused by parents and other people are being killed by other people for dumb reasons. Sometimes there is not even a reason why. Its sad that I hear about people being killed by other crazy people. Thank God I live in safe city with many nice people.

I find it very sad the way they deal with war. They mourn over Pearl Harbor(quite sad) where about 2,000 died, but they do not mourn over Hiroshima and Nagasaki where over 200,000 people died. Places such as Iraq and Afghanistan were much more peaceful before the Americans came. The people felt threatened, and wanted to fight back. Over 200000 are killed in America each year, and while they don't want to admit it, they are one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

In reality USA is number one terrorist state in the world, they have weapons of mass destruction. They actually used nuclear, biological weapons. Did terrorist acts of large scale, killing innocent civilians in Vietnam, Japan, Afghanistan etc. They make terrorists, support them and then on their name killing more innocent peoples, starts wars, sell their weapons. Without America the world would be better place. It is historic and real facts.

I Do Not Agree One Bit! The United States is a great place to live. Even with Obama, the worst USA president it is a great country. "The Land of Opportunity." And do not use death from cancer as an example, cancer is very common in many places around the world.

Usa has huge differences of crime rate such as detroit but cities with low ones such as el paso but I do think it is dangerous 4 presidents have been murdered compared to 1 british prime minister but the british government has been going on 1721 compared to the use in 1789 but I think some places bad some not

A huh sure the country who ended world War 2, and has decreasing crime rates is dangerous, I will agree this country may not be the most peaceful, but needs to be much farther down, these crimes are normal crimes, if Australia had as much people as the 3rd most populated country in the world, they'd have the same crime rate as us, it is just a matter of population, also most crimes occur in big cities very peaceful