Top 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs

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81 Amphicoelias

Amphicoelias is the largest creature to ever live on earth. It was nearly 60m in length, about 196 feet, making the Blue Whale look like a midget. It defended it's self by sheer size, and the fact that they were in herds.
Amphicoalias is a herbivore and not a carnivore.

It was 200 ft and weighed 90 - 120 tons it could kill a trex, an allosaurus and a giganotosaurus combined. And it had a whip like tail that could decapitate a tarbosaurus. It could squish a ceratosaurus or a ausrtaloventor as if it were a bug.

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82 Pterodactylus

We are adding one that isn't deadly

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83 Elasmosaurus
84 Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus

That's ridiculous for putting brachiosaurus in last place

That ridiculous putting Brachiosaurus in last place

Could kill more than half of the dinosaurs on this list with one stomp!

How could you put this enourmeous thing in last, it could kill pretty much any dinosaur with a stomp that huge! - Christie2007

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85 Plesiosaurus

It's not even a dinosaur...

86 Sinornithosaurus

A venomous dinosaur? This is my new worst nightmare.

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87 Daemonosaurus

Daemonosaurus was a pack hunter only a bit small but ultimately deadly. They followed an alpha like an leader. Daemonosaurus fighted for territory. Where ever the alpha went they went.
I think this dino should have been on number nine.

88 Neovenator

Neovenator is related to the Allosaurus of North America, but it was more lightly-built.

89 Excalibosaurus
90 Irritator

Why isn't this in the number 1 box Internet

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91 Yamaceratops
92 Piatnitzkysaurus
93 Micropachycephalosaurus

It's a dinosaur that looked like a female dog

94 Falcarius

This dinosaurs was like a Therizinosaurus. This dinosaurs is the probably the most powerful one.

95 Suchomimus Suchomimus

It was 2nd biggest of the fish eating dinosaurs it should be in 3rd

Its basically a larger version of baryonyx... That means it's better but baryonyx is still rated higher. This list is BS

96 Omeisaurus

Because it has a club on the back of it's tail

It had a bony club on it's tail

97 Coelophysis Coelophysis V 2 Comments
98 Hatzegopteryx Hatzegopteryx

Although not a dinosaur, it was more dangerous than any other pterosaur. Including quetzalcoatlus. This animal ate sauropod dinosaurs! I bet it could kill a quetzalcoatlus with ease.

I bet It can take down a T.Rex

99 Lycaenops

Wolf-like dinosaur. Name means "Wolf-face".

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100 Microraptor

Microraptor is a gliding dino it can catch a bug or lizard from the sky

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