Top 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs

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101 Tsintaosaurus

Also known as the unicorn dinosaur. I hope you all know it could stab you with it's "horn" obviously the best and most dangerous dinosaur to ever roam the Earth.

102 Siats

Behold Siats meekerorum, one of the largest terrestrial apex predators ever discovered. Paleontologists think it may have been bigger than even the almighty T. Rex, holding it back on the evolutionary food chain for millions of years.

The Cretaceous-era dinosaur, whose moniker stands for "Man-Eating Monster," may be the biggest carnivore to have ever terrorized North America (it was named according to Ute legends, a native tribe of Utah). This carcharodontosaur, known for their jagged, sharp teeth, lived approximately 98 million years ago. It's the earliest allosauroid theropod yet discovered in North America.

103 Pteradactyl

Not even real! This is a made up dinosaur! As soon as the Pyerdon was discovered, everyone started saying a Pteradactyl was a thing. Take this of the list.

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104 Achillobator
105 Abelisaurus
106 Barosaurus

A Simple Dinosaur with very long neck

known for his height, weight and length

weight = 22 metric tons(22 short tons), height 26 meters (85 ft) 15 cervical neck

107 Chasmosaurus Chasmosaurus

Angry dinosaur small in size but big in weight rhino like dinosaur

Height = 5-4 meters (16-26 ft) and weight = 3.5 tons (3220 kgs) thigh bone 75 cm long

108 Masiakasaurus
109 Spinoraptor
110 Yinlong
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