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Spinosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in what now is North Africa, during the lower Albian to lower Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous period, about 112 to 97 million years ago.


Spinosaurus is the strongest dinosaur in the whole universe. It could easily kill that stupid tiny weak trex. Spinosaurus was 18 metres (60 ft) long and 7 (23 ft) metres tall. Trex was only 3 (10 ft) metres tall and 10 (30 ft)metres long. Spinosaurus was so powerful it could kill every single other dinosaur that ever lived- including stupid trex! Trex was so weak it couldn't even run let alone walk fast.

Spinosaurus is the best
I can't believe that they put T-Rex, they have short arms and they can't grab anything or kill anything withs it's claws, it can only kill withs it's jaws.
Spinosaurus has long arms with deadly claws on them and they have a snout filled with tons of sharp teeth.

Spinosaurus can kill withs it's arm and snout or mouth, while T-Rex can only kill withs it jaws.
Even in jarrasic park the spinosaurus killed the T-Rex.

This clearly prove that spinosaurus is better than T-Rex.

Because the spinosaurus is probably the biggest carnivore to ever walk the earth, it must be the most deadliest dinosaur too. Not to mention its eating/hunting statistics and that it cannot only attack on land but also, mostly, attacks in water! And for those who disagree with me, are not as awesomely cool as I am!

You have to be afraid of those big claws for killing. So he is the biggest baddest dinosaur that ever lived.

Spinosaurus is the classic dinosaur of all time, not that stupid T-rex who has that tiny arms. The reason is Spinosaurus had long arms, powerful jaws, speed and razor sharp teeth. In my choice Spinosaurus is the best dinosaur ever.

The Spinosaurus is about the largest carnivorous dinosaur. If you think the T-Rex is the best well your wrong. One Spinosaurus can take down a pack of any other dino.

Spinosaurus was huge, with claws and teeth. T-rex would be doomed if they EVER had met and fought

Spinosaurus was an impressive predator, but unfortunately, it was built to be a land-based predator. It was largely piscivorous, meaning its preferred diet was fish or other aquatic lifeforms. It has killed other dinosaurs that lived in its environment, but my guess is that those kills are considered if Spinosaurus doesn't find anything underwater.

Plus, it lived in the same time and place as Charcharadontosaurus, another predator that was bigger than the T. rex, but they were able to coexist mainly due to the fact both had their own dietary preferences. If the two were to really fight, I'm gonna say Charcharadontosaurus wins simply because its weaponry (razor-sharp teeth and powerful clawed forearms) is designed to kill large dinosaurs. Spinosaurus may have had large, powerful arms of its own, but its skull and teeth were specialized for aquatic prey, which would largely prove ineffective against a predator more suited for terrestrial prey.

That's not to say it is weak. ...more - CrimsonShark

The biggest carnivore dinosaur so far, not to mention one of the most adapted. So many people incorrect on T-Rex, saying it's the smartest and most adapted. T-Rex braincases were actually fairly small, and adapted? Not as much as Spinosaurus, which had a sail that 'could' have been used to control its body temperature, and recent studies suggest it could be semi-aquatic, putting it up against prehistoric marine predators. Also, the scene in Jurassic Park III was very accurate, the T-Rex died not because of the bite wound on the neck, but because the Spinosaurus twisted and snapped the neck, paralyzing or killing it. T-Rex fan boys need to learn their places.

I think Spinosaurus is the best because it had dang big claws that will rip their prey apart. T-rex doesn't have big claws. They have small claws which is not very usefull for a fight. Spinosaurus is bigger than a T-rex. Maybe T-rex wins in bite force and fame, But for average score, I think Spinosaurus wins.

Largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time. That alone should make this the most dangerous. If that isn't enough to convince you it essentially looks like a T-Rex with the jaws of a crocodile and has a giant sail on its back.

Spinosaurus was 30ft longer than t-Rex and it weighed 7 tons more. If you don't believe that watch dinosaur George on YouTube. Spinosaurus is the BOSS.

True! It can kill even with its eyes! IT ROCKS! (Well, not with its eyes.. )

man that guy big as a lorry scary big guy and cool dinosaur id always vote for spinosaurus and don't forget very big guy

I think the Spinosaurus was stronger than the T-Rex. It was bigger, heavier, faster, more flexible, and scarier. It is king

Haha um...Spinosaurus was (maybe) the largest in length and height, however, mass wise it was severely out-sized by many other large carnivorous dinosaurs. Also its mouth was elongated with smaller teeth then other large carnivorous dinosaurs and its jaw was laden with pressure sensors similar to those of many aquatic predators. This indicated its diet consisted of aquatic organisms and or much smaller land animals not big prey like which the tyrannosaurus hunted and scavenged off.

So sorry fanboys but its kinda not like the one from Jurassic park 3.

Spinosaurus is the best much bigger more agile and is first to warm up in the mornings which gives it the edge over other dinosaurs

Spinosaurus was the biggest carnivore dino and its arms were like three times the size of T. Rexes arms and T. Rex wasn't even the second biggest carnivore

I think Spinosaurus is definitely a massive predator. I am not convinced it could take down a T-Rex (tyrannosaurus). It has large arms most likely but really that wouldn't do too much while fighting another large predator. Also some studies show spinosaurus walking on four legs. If that was the case most large predators would have the upper hand and would most likely win. T-Rex had more fighting experience on its size. T-Rex would have fought more larger prey and also armored prey (sometimes). Spinosaurus would have caught fish and in rare occasions other dinosaurs. Spinosaurus most likely fought crocodiles and possibly carchadontosaurus, but not very often if they even did. That is why I state and stand by my statement that t-rex would have beaten spinosaurus more than spinosauruswould beat t-rex. (taking out the area they fought and any possible venom or other advantages)

The spinosauras ate t rex and is 3 times the size of t rex it can take down a sauropod - nando

Spinosaurus has a sail at its back which allows it to swim

I would love to vote for the T-Rex and say he should win this thing and be recognized as the most dangerous carnivorous Dinosaur Predator ever being from North America instead of Africa like the Spinosaurus BUT the Spinosaurus according to the top experts and paleontologists was actually even bigger than the T-Rex if not a lot bigger, longer, heavier, had a longer mouth, could probably run faster, could use its arms and swipe and scratch with them if not even maybe walk on all 4's with them, hold down their pray with them probably, it could swim etc. it's bite wasn't as strong or it's jaw compared to the T-Rex but overall I think the Spinosaurus would definitely have an advantage, who knows what would really happen and probably any species could win on any given day just like when people fight but I just think honestly that the Spinosaurus would probably be the Champion of Dinosaurs if we had a legit fighting tournament, just my view!

Spinosaurus was approx. 3.2 metres high and 18 metres long. It was too specialized for its time. If the t-rex lived in the era of a Spinosaurus it would be over-ruled and sent it packing! Long live on SPINO! You will always rule!

The is a fact that the Spinosaurus was the most feared Dino ever it even ate the Tyrannosaurus and was bigger than Tyrannosaurus to.

It's the most deadliest because it doesn't just have a row of teeth it also has claws which would tear threw anything. It could also fish and swim.

Spinosaurus killed that weak Tyrannosaurus-rex