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Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period.


The Velociraptor is very deadly and hunt in packs. Although, they are actually pretty small. I agree, they are probably the smartest and most intelligent dinosaurs to ever walk the Earth.

This dinosaur is not what it was in Jurassic park. There were no velociraptors in Jurassic park actually, but deinonychus. Anyways, it actually was three feet tall, about as long as a man, and was light. It did not have a reptilian appearance. It looked more like a bird. Try was covered in feathers. It was ferocious, but I kind of adore it.

Jurassic park velociraptor aren't realistic or accurate, current discovers, have suggest some dinosaurs have feathers, including velociraptor or any other kind of raptors. The current size of jurassic park velociraptor is actaully replaced by another bigger and more dangerous raptor, known as the deinonychus, means terrible claw because of the size and deadlyness of its toe claw. The accurate size of a velociraptor is the size of a chicken, but still its intelligence is the same thing in the movie

Jurassic Park got them all wrong first of all they are feathered and they are only 3 feet NOT 6 and for the biggest mistake they don't KNOW HOW TO OPEN DOORS

These things can break a hut with their teeth there are like 28 teeth and they are stronger than steak knifes

Captors are probably the smartest of all dinosaurs and even though small can take down some pretty large dinosaurs in packs of 5 they may be small but they are one of the most ferocious dinosaurs of all time. Tyranosauraus is pretty awesome too though. (Very hard decision)

I think that the Velociraptor was deadliest because they hunted in packs and they had sharp claws.

Velociraptor: One of the best and famous dino in world some million years ago. Don't understand this as weak. It will kill you.

Well, though Velociraptor may have been dangerous. I would consider replacing this with the true predator...

These in groups are like a death circle they move 10.8 m per second. They will rip T. Rexes to the BONE!

Finally! A Dinosaur That's Not Screaming. - AlphaQ

Insanely smart despite its size and is able to set traps. This raptor has very good teamwork skills to take down larger prey than itself.

THEY...CANNOT...OPEN...DOORS. Can nobody understand this? Really!

This guy is smartest and dangerous killer machine

My favorite dino. They hunt in packs, so they should be first. But alone, where they are is fine. (they also have sweet toes)

Best killing machine that ever loved on the face of the earth

Why are you so inaccurate in the Jurassic park and world movie your small not 6 foot

Size of a chicken slower than a human running unable to kill large prey alone

It killed at least one hundred people in Jurassic Park, it jumps like a kangaroo and it can open doors. How awesome is that.

I think it is because I do research online

Yes even though I think he should be third

This should be more like 35. They were ONLY STRONG IN GROUPS.

One of the fastest creatures to ever exist on earth

Raptors are some of the most successful predators.

It's the best dinosaur ever! Vote for velociraptor