Most Dangerous Gangs of All Time

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1 Crips

300,000 gang members both inside and outside of jail rival of the Bloods

Unorganized or not still vicious most definitely in south central

Crips r #1 they rule and they r the biggest gang ever, 300, 000 inside and outside of the continent.

Crips are ruthless so all gangs should watch out and why is the Ariel nation not on this list

2 MS-13

As far as danger goes I was expecting them to number one on the list.

Well well Ms-13... Of course they are the strongest and the best killer for life man...

Ms-13 has the most members and just spotter rivals with machetes of course they're #1

Do not trust them whatsoever

3 Nazi Party

Before nazi Germany, hitler invented a gang called the Third Reich that would murder Jews and hitler's competition for government positions, these were small positions before he became a dictator, one of which was a position in town hall. It was a gang of 13 that ended up being hitler's head advisors and generals of Nazi Germany, they are a major reason for hitler's rise to power. A GANG of 13, not an army, I guess the nazi party isn't a gang but the Third Reich should be on here

They should've been number 1 the nazis killed Jews they would burn them and torture them they were badass but horrible people and I am glad they died out but they will always be number 1 gang ever

Nazi's are definitely #1 but come on man the bloods and crips? They're dumb as stumps! They shouldn't even be on here because they are one of the most unorganized gangs OF ALL TIME! They walk around freely without any protection and have no real combat experience in life. At least gangs like Al Capones Mafia and the Chinese Mafia have actual ex-soldiers involved with nasty assassins. These guys are just amateurs! Laugh out loud yes I disgust whoever picked them I mean come on

Although not a gang, but still I vote for Nazi party cause it proves to be the most dangerous... They killed more than 6M...

4 Mara Salvatrucha

Nazis Are From Back Then, Nd Besides They Came Out Of The Goverment! They Just Really Arnt Much Of A Gang? Ms-13 Came 4 Colombia Nd Hunduras Nd Spreaded Out, Started As Soilders In The Army But Went Off 2 The Street, Nazis Just Should Really Be On This list

Ms-13 are Fearless, who can say anything on the contrary? They started of for their own protection and then saw how strong they were and took matters into their own hands. They hand all types of stuff, and even the law enforcement are afraid

MS-13 is the most dangerous of all time they said it on the news and on a lot of channels, the Nazi Party might me demented but these guys leave em for dead.

Makes gangs like bloods, and crips look like a bunch of foolish children.

5 Bloods

There are gang members in your veins.

Bloods gonna take over the world

Crenshaw Mafia for everyone!

I kill crips for breakfast

6 Mexican Mafia

Mexicans are the majority in California. The mexican gangs are so big they are divided, nortenos or nuestra familia control Northern California and surenos or the mexican mafia control Southern California. The reason why the mexican mafia is so big because illegal immigrants come from Mexico and a lot youth join the surenos gangs which is the jr gang of the mexican mafia. Mexican mafia also control non mexican gangbangers which in the system are called paisas by other inmates. Not all illegal immigrants stay in Southern California, some will move up north and join norteno gangs as well. The mexican mafia is the largest and most deadliest out of all the prison gangs. The mexican mafia also has control over the mexican drug cartels, such as Los zetas.

They are the top dogs at this moment and time

known as eMe
biggest latin american gang in the world

Mexicans are like the most dangerous race in the US already so yea

7 Yakuza

This list is a joke... Yakuza have over 100,000 members in Japan alone. And thousands all around the world. They have been around MUCH longer than the Nazi's (Yakuza dates back to the 17th century) and have always had more members. They are the most organized gang according to many historians and officers. In fact, they are so organized and sophisticated in their work, they are like a legal enterprise. Most of the Japanese police members try their best to not interfere with the Yakuza's business, or the consequences will come. Even the Japanese military (Ranked 9th most powerful) has trouble dealing with Yakuza.

The Nazi's are dead... And never were a gang. They were a political branch, not a gang.

MS-13 may be big, however, they cannot threaten the Yakuza. MS-13 is just a street gang, with little skill compared to the Yakuza's powerful weaponry and accuracy. Yakuza is a enterprise of crime, with many members experienced in martial arts such as karate, judo, jujitsu, ...more

It make me laugh when I reed this part " most gangs on the list can't even hold a gun right? (Sideways? ), not to mention they have to use one hand ( the other hand is for holding their pants up) laugh out loud... True, because they professionals. That's it.

By far the most influential and organized on here. How the hell are Nazis a gang? That's like saying Republicans and Democrats are gangs...

The ruthless Japanese mob. Enough said.

8 Aryan Brotherhood

1% of the prison system but they cause 3% of the murders in jail they are the most dangerous prison gang of all time. They believe in racial purity of the white race and are ordered to kill blacks on site.
88 is their number.

whats the 8th letter of the alphabet H. 88=hh. HH=heil Hitler they're neonazis.

Why vote Nazis they're all dead these are todays Nazis they rule the prison systems of California and Texas they kill blacks and Jews on sight they are the most brutal gang

Hey my brothers named Aryan this is racist because some people want to be called this

They aren't a gang. Everything they did was legal in Germany(at the time.

9 Latin Kings

Are pussies and should be exterminated!

Quiet these days but still dangerous too many fbi stings against them

King Love or No Love! No need to defend La Corona*|*/! |!

The quietest, but yet most powerful "gang" in the U. S and many other countries... Canada, England, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, P. R, and much more. They control Chicagos gang underworld, had N. Y and fl. In a chokehold during the 80s and 90s

10 Russian Mafia

They are the most wanted mafia in the world. They have everything from guns to women. They wil own everyone

Too much sons of an achy for you buddy

When they drinks vodka, you better Watch your back! Because they will kill you without pitty But they're driving skills will be bad

Mexicans will kidnap U. Italians will shoot U... Russians will kill your whole family while you watch

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11 18th Street

MS-13 rivals. Brutal and powerful.

Hey how dare you call it 18th street because some people commit suicide when there 18 and go party with schoolies in Bali


12 Cosa Nostra

Had most power in American history besides the American government

Dangerous gang in Sicily

Very influential on the government and very careful about hiding their tracks. They R very dangerous but in my opinion they arnt completely bad.

13 Gangster Disciples

How dare you steal that word from the previous holy unselfish joyful never ending amazing lovely hectic bible I hope maRk is doing well in your squad

The most famous gangs are the Bloods, Crips, and Gangster Disciples.


Gd's should G in the top 3

14 La Nuestra Familia

Controls Northern California and parts of the west coast, but has members all over the the United States

mexican-american prison gang
and a rival of the Mexican Mafia

15 Italian Mafia

Around since the 1800s, including killers such as Al Capone, come there's no one who would even mess with the mafia, they were untouchable.

16 Hell's Angels MC

Its an coffe club not even close to be an gang at all.

These biker gangs are notorious throughtout America! They have rivals with Monguls and Bandillos over a decade now.

17 Public Enemy No. 1
18 Nazi Lowriders
19 Black Guerrilla Family
20 Almighty Vice Lord Nation
21 Texas Syndicate

made up generally of Mexican immigrant prisoners

22 New York Mafia

Most organized gang in the history of crime infilltrated many legitimate establishments and even the us goverment. These street gangs listed above la coda nostra are just a bunch of kids shooting each other up, they have no leadership and therefore lack the strength of the Italian mafia, not to mention these gangs pay street tax to the mob. Why do you think that is?

23 Sur 13

Surenos gang is upstate gangster from usa, Mexico

Sur trece been live

SureƱos are the best

24 Neta

Against abuse of fellow prisoners way bigger than ms 13

25 Juarez Cartel
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