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21 Almighty Vice Lord Nation
22 Texas Syndicate

made up generally of Mexican immigrant prisoners
- anthonybecerra831

23 Al - Qaeda

The MOST dangerous by far. The idiots wanna die. How can u compete with that

24 The Tridas
25 New York Mafia

Most organized gang in the history of crime infilltrated many legitimate establishments and even the us goverment. These street gangs listed above la coda nostra are just a bunch of kids shooting each other up, they have no leadership and therefore lack the strength of the Italian mafia, not to mention these gangs pay street tax to the mob. Why do you think that is?

26 Sur 13

Surenos gang is upstate gangster from usa, Mexico

Sur trece been live

Sureños are the best

27 Neta

Against abuse of fellow prisoners way bigger than ms 13

28 Juarez Cartel
29 The Mungiki

not found in the U. S
mostly in Kenya, against Christianity - anthonybecerra831

30 Los Zetas

How is this number one ; most of these guys come from the Mexican army, to join you have to fight to the death against 9 other people last one standing wins, they control central america they are also within th he goverment and they recruit ms13 to carry out their violent crimes in which they dismember bodies, pull of skin from head, drug them and make them eat their ownselves, these guys are strong enough to beat the police navy marines and military in central america they control most gangs including ms13 and Mexican mafia

This is the real number one gang and they do not work with the suruneos, but like the mexcan mafia they have a large supply of ruthless soliders and RPG'S

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31 Albanian Mafia

They crazy. They will kill at will just cause you looked and said something. If you make fun of their flag you dead.

None of above mentioned mafia can compare to Albanian mafia... We fear no one in the earth...

Most Ruthless and most brutal gang known internationally they fear nothing.

32 The Numbers Gang

26 27 and 28s run the South African Prisons, originated from Cape Town

33 Primeiro Comando da Capital

In 5 years will be worlds gang! São Paulo Brazil! Are great at ex aping anything and will kill any one who's against them. Rivals with any gang in Brazil but there's never any competition young gangsters such as BMD will soon run the group and his Uncle is the best leader in the world. Also sell major drugs

34 Southwest Cholos

They deep and they Waite to hit the right person

Its in gulfton, houston, tx a ms 13 rival. Just sothwest for them

35 Tango Blast

Biggest prison gang in Texas prison and US federal prison. Took over the drug trade in Texas prison and Texas streets.

Hell yeah Houstone free all my real people in that cell who blasting

Bullshyt tbs some kids to the game finna b bad shyt they disrespect the lone star kids get hangled

36 Westies

Led by Jimmy Coonan and his right hand man Mickey Featherstone, they were not a gang to mess with. They were ruthless and would kill anyone that got in their way. Coonan was pure evil and Featherstone was a psycho, and everyone who knew their names knew that. Many people were killed by these guys; however, Mickey Featherstone is now in the Witness Protection Program, which he thanks due to his removal from Hell's Kitchen.

They cut up their victims, and caused at leats 100 murders in hells kitchen, they were only about a 20 man gang but ruled hells kitchen like they had a whole army

37 Bandidos
38 La Primera

A houston gang in the southwest side of town one of the most dangerous gangs in houston Texas that white flag family,

The most deadliest gang, brutal that their territory is beechnut

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39 Red Alert

They will kill

40 Norteños

Even though they lack the manpower of their rival Sur 13 (Sureños) and MS-13, they make up for in it cold-blooded viciousness.
Their acts of violence strike fear into their enemies

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