Most Dangerous Gangs of All Time


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41 ABZ 1226 Asian Boyz
42 The Huns

Really safe they don't do anything

43 Trilla Squad

Dangerous sells drugs chopps people heads off reminder of latin kings except there against latin kings and kill dem they roll for the 6 latin kings roll for the 5

44 Grove Street V 2 Comments
45 Brown Pride
46 NSM Denver
47 Westside Rollerz

They school east coast rappers, eastside deckers, vice kings, los carnales, and 3rd street saints because the protoganinist is past away

V 1 Comment
48 Camorra
49 Sinaloa Cartel
50 Jalisco New Generation Cartel
51 Trinitarios

Fastest growing gang in NYC. They use machetes to kill people and are quickly growing the east coast. May not be the scariest gang but they have their crime.

52 Santa Monica 13

Dude, 1 member that's 7 could tear a 35 year old up in 30 seconds, you don't wanna mess with them

53 18 Siao Yi Ho

Singapore most dangerous gang.

Since when has Singapore had Gang. You can't even chew a gum in that small country.

54 La Raza Nation
55 East Coast Gang
56 Gente Nueva
57 D-Company

Started by the Indian Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim. Most Wanted Criminal Gang of India...

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