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1 K2


Annapurna or K2 the one most dangerous of the world. If we want to find out which mountain is more dangerous for climber. We should to climb these mountain at the winter time, at the same time, the same amount of climber. Let see the bottom line which mountain is more dangerous. So there will be no one argue each other again.

No lying, k2 mountain is absolutely the number one most dangerous mountain in the world. Some one said annapurna is 41percents is more dangerous than k2 that was wrong. We can not depend on ratio number because ratio number every body can add up any time. K2 is statistically deadliest, and dangerous mountain to all climbers all over the world. The truth K2 is more dangerous than annapurna 3 times, than everest 4 times. K2 is by far than any other mountain surrounded.

K2 Mountain Is Best K2 Mountain In Pakistan

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2 Annapurna

Everything points to Annapurna being the most deadly. The stats. The true mountaineers who lost there lives, not amateurs like some that perished on K2. The best mountaineers who lost their lives on Annapurna. And after hearing Ueli Steck discuss he has pretty much completed the hardest climb he will ever make, south face of Annapurna, and may not attempt anything as difficult as this again has convinced me that the "myth" of K2 being the hardest doesn't stand up to the reality of Annapurna and the history the mountaineers left us with.

I've climbed Annapurna. And Everest. Everest despite it being higher did not feel as cold as Annapurna which I don't know why. But maybe it's because I climbed Annapurna in march and Everest in July.

guys, I suggest you do a bit of a research before voting. annapurna really IS the most dangerous mountain to climb.

Only need good luck to conquer Mount Annapurna

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3 Mt. Everest

This dangerous heard of people dying on Mt. Everest, one guy came to my school in grade 9 and did an assembly about climbing Mt. Everest and he got a frost bite and lost a few fingers

What the heck?! this should be 1!

This is what I think the hardest is mount Maxwell located in Venus you'd
Melt and get squished under 93 pressure bar before you'd even get started - Captain-Unknown

You will put Mt. Everest in first after you see the movie.

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4 The Eiger
5 Kangchenjunga

To echo one of the commenter's suggesting Annapurna... "guys, I suggest you do a bit of a research before voting".

Annapurna I (as any mountain that high) is dangerous, but Kanchenjunga is more dangerous.
The statistics being used to vote for Annapurna are for 1950-present, which includes attempts with significantly less sophisticated equipment than is now available - the stats for Kanchenjunga post-1990 show that it's the only one of the 8000M+ peaks that hasn't become easier to climb (with death rate over 22% vs under 20% for AnnapurnaI).

I agree...cold crazy weather...Avalanches, climbing without ropes at times...there is no safe or easy route up that mountain, there is rough terrain everywhere. Its also the third highest peak which makes it even more dangerous...I would have to put this mountain in the top 2 in terms of danger...This is not to diminish Annapurna or K2, as they are still scary climbs to tackle and K2 is quite technical. So is Kanchenjunga though...

6 The Matterhorn

The shape of the mountain is really amazing, although it's very dangerous.

7 Mt. Vinson
8 Nanga Parbat

Her name is
Killer mountain


9 Denali
10 Mt. McKinley

WOW! only 10? MT.McKinley is in Alaska,which is COLD! Now amagin that 20.000 feet up. COLD right. The snow on McKinley is the unpacked kind and with it's raging winds that can cause a visibility range of -1. Ok so snow blinding you and it so dark! around 5-7 hours of light a day. Like I said BLIND! and if the snow is unpacked and there is wind one wrong move and you'll cause an avalanche. Also the snow is so deep you could take 1 step and get impaled by ice! Don't you just hate hail? Well on McKinley hail is the tips of ice shards fly in at 65 mph. It may be smaller than Everest but just as, if not more dangerous

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11 Mount Washington

Just last year a person died because she wasn't prepared. A storm came in and she got hypothermia. My group woke up one morning in the Lakes in the Clouds hut, and it was 27 degrees out. In July. It snowed twice, and the rocks were so wet one of us almost fell to our death. There were 8 veteran hikers in our group. We all admit Mt. Washington has some dangerous trails. Oh, yeah. The wind speeds got up to 80 mph. I didn't know windburn was a thing, but it was.

Certainly not highest (although very prominent), the mountain's unpredictable weather and wind should not be taken lightly.

Ever changing weather add to challenge

No way! Damavand is DEADLIER

12 Baintha Brakk
13 Meru
14 Damavand
15 Gasherbrum IV
16 Mount Kilimanjaro
17 Mount Olympus
18 Namcha Barwa
19 Latok II
20 Gaurishankar

No body clime,this mountain

21 Mount Whitney
22 Cerro Torre
23 Makalu
24 Pikes Peak
25 Snowdon

I climbed it once

26 Razors Edge
27 Mount Hagen

I was in these mountains and I was attacked by The Odriscolls! And my horse froze to death. :(

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