Most Dangerous Organized Crime Groups

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1 Albanian Mafia

I think the Albanian mafia is the most dangerous because I heard from a video on YouTube about a police chef who says police can go after the Russian mafia Italian mafia Chinese mafia Japanese mafia but never they could go near the Albanian mafia because they are very dangerous and unpredictable and also in Albania in a village called lazarat it's the most large producing marijuana place which is controlled by mafia

They r cool mafia best mafia ever

They live over a rule that existed in the 1200s. Unpredictable and almost impossible to infiltrate

Who is the leader

2 Russian Mafia

Very well known for their military skills

Now very strong and good at business

Collected over $8.5 billion and owns biggest businesses in the world

Russians are awesome so it is automatically the most dangerous

3 Serbian Mafia
4 La Cosa Nostra (Italian Mafia)

The most powerful and first crime syndicate in the world. A lot of gangs use the term mafia in their name an the word mafia means swagger in Italian. They are the most dangerous out of all. They are very smart on how they do their illegal business. They make a lot of money and are very cold blooded killers. Not well known anymore.

Worked for the rep they have, unlike the Russians. Granted they have military skill and that gave them connects in high places from the get go. They are known as the strongest mafia in existance today but there's so many factors other than strength that play into a family, a syndicate. Strength is great... But strength alone is useless. Strength is something everyone focused on Italian, Russian, Albanian... The first and most successful family incorporated brains, morals, codes, respect, and loyalty and w these things came power. The Italians. The Camorra, Cosa Nostra... If there's a voting for the best mafia out there it's The Camorra all around, brute strength The Russians, business The Chinese, Brutal, Mexican Mafia or the Ngdarhfjd whatever secret society but of course these are things by themselves. Do a little history, real history from the mobsters. Not petty thieves and thugs that pass as them now days. Molto rispetto.

The most dangerous, cold blooded animals in the world. Great with money and know what crime is. The word mafia is very common used in gangs which means swagger in Italian. The first organized crime syndicate and still #1 even though not well known anymore.

Not well known any more. Because they've learned to keep low profile since the government made them exception in the constitution, witch gives the authorities advantage when it comes to the mob but the Italian American mafia still exists and more powerful than people thinks and that's the goal since John Gotti

5 Mexican Mafia

Over 75000 deaths in the world are caused by the mexican syndicates in only four years, the by far most dangerous organization in the world. They are known for beheading their victims and make over 48 billion dollars in drug money annually. They export 90% of the world's cocaine. They are also known for dumping bodies all around mexico. They have corrupt politicians and police officers working for them.

They make a lot of money by selling a lot of drugs all over the world

Mexican Mafia is different than Mexican Cartels... But the Sinaloa cartel is the most powerful organization in the world. Now imagine if all the Mexican cartels were one. No mafia or mob in the world could touch them.

6 Yakuza

Fallow the code of silence. When do Asians snitch? Italians talk and that's been proven in a court of justice many times! Russians are solid and keep to the code but other than Russians and Asians and when I says Asian I'm implying JAPANESE but Asians in General keep there mouth shut! LOTALTY IS HARD TO FIND!

7 Five Families NYC

Strongest organized crime since 1931 in the whole United States. Just the five families in NYC dominated organized crime. (American Mafia)

Also known as Cosa Nostra. The most powerful crime syndicate in the U.S. just the five families in NY were the most dangerous in the U.S. new York City was the powerhouse of the mafia and it was there city. NYC was mafias headquarters because it was the most profitable city but not well known anymore.

I wonder if they ever killed women or was it's not allowed?

The head of the genovese family is still unknown and every family is still raking in millions

8 Chinese Triads

Karate and also known for crazy torture

Known for their torture

Make them no: (1) in the world...!

As A ex MI6 S.O man...!

Trust me...!

9 Punjabi Mafia
10 Aryan Brotherhood

Most members in prison but loads out on the streets in the US, to get in you need to murder someone and there's no getting out once you're in.

I think the Aryan Brotherhood is the most dangerous organization in the world due to fact they really can do anything in the world but hey, I really look up to them in way. because um, I'm white and I'm always loyol and respectfull and honorable to my kind of people, and I'd know that the aryan brotherhood always show the same to their people. just don't get on their bad side. yep yep...

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11 MS-13

They have so much control over the border of Laredo Texas that they have scared Federal agents away from Laredo.

Now very well known

12 Tango Blast
13 'Ndrangheta

Just Google them, if you don't know the Calabrian mafia. They generate something like 40+ billion euros a year, 10,000 members, in dozens of different countries globally. But go to Calabria and ask about the N'drangheta? Nope, they don't exist.

This is the most dangerous their income annually is 3pct of italys gdp or over 90 billion euros a year profit they are far reachining and exist in all western countries

14 Boko Haram
15 Ku Klux Klan The Ku Klux Klan (also known as the KKK) is a secret hate group formed in 1866 and is located in the United States of America. The group is notorious for their political ideologies, which include white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-immigration, anti-communism, Christian terrorism, Anti-Catholicism, more.

They committed murders and arsons at their peak

The name is honestly pretty retarded.


16 Montenegrin Mafia
17 Pink Panthers

An organization of jewel thieves and more. They are very successful and if one gets caught and put in prison, they get out most of the time.

18 Sureños

They work under the Mexican mafia

Work with Mexican mob

Sureños work for the Mexican Mafia and they control all of Southern California.

19 Al-Nusra Front
20 Jesse James Gang
21 Mungiki

The mungiki is the best

22 Gangster Disciples

One of the most dangerous Organizations in the US.

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