Top Ten Most Dangerous People

The Top Ten

1 Americans

Guy killed 26 people at an elementary school. Most were kids.

Actually, there's more to that than the guy who killed the children. We have bikers, mafias, street gangs, robberies, burglars, pedopiles, kidnappers and thugs that are far dangerous you could possibly face. This ain't no American dream anymore, it's a nightmare.

I love the usa

10. John Wayne Gacy
9. Adam Peter Lanza
8. Seung-Hui Cho
7. Eric Robert Rudolph
6. Lee Harvey Oswald
5. Jeffrey Dahmer
4. Ted Bundy
3. Ted Kaczynski, A.K.A. The Unabomber
2. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
1. Timothy McVeigh

2 Russians

What is scary about them is that you never know when they could attack usa.

Russians are scary Dan Sorder says it all. - The_Outlaw_Son

O trino Russians cause the most Numbers of muriera

3 Albanians
4 Germans

Like the English very good at warfare

The had started two world war.

Adolf Hitler espicially is dangerous


5 French
6 Greeks
7 Pakistani

Should be nummber 1 this countrty is so dangerous how is Usa a top?

8 Italians
9 Turks
10 Chinese

The Contenders

11 Serbians
12 Mexicans

Senore willis is not amused

The y aré bad peopl

Fat,smelly, taco loving,drug addicts,pedophile,criminals weirdos I hope trump kills them all BUILD A WALL

13 Bosnians
14 Koreans

Pierre alderman is not amused

15 Swiss
16 Tunisians
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