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21 Canning Town

Canning Town was dubbed as one of the poorest places in the uk by the media, but it is definitely progressing, because loads of investments are being made

So much much investment is being put into Canning Town. Things are definitely on the up. Superb connections to central London. A good place to get on the property ladder.

Canning isn't as bad anymore

Not as bad as Custom House but still can get pretty bad. Gangs are active in this area too. - Zilo

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22 Southall

People are quick to jump the police about the problems. The police service are under staffed and over worked, mostly dealing with domestics which takes away their commitments dealing with what matter most. It's our silly government who have put us in this state, how about choosing a government that are pro police as apposed to it. Therefore the problems lies with us not choosing what now matters to us. Also let's point the finger out to the way these offenders are raised, after all it all starts with discipline in your own home, the police or other civil services ain't responsible for that. I'm. Not defending anyone, I just don't believe the rubbish people come out with and pointing the finger. Southall is a unique place and I really don't think it is as bad as what people think. Well old southall is quite pleasant anyway. I think people should work with civil agencies closer or how about join them for a day and see what goes on behind the scene. As I said, it's our silly government ...more

Southall always been bad. Been burgled 4 times. Robbed 3 times on the streets of southall. It's full of street drinkers, drug users and dealers, prostitution, kerb crawlers, robbers. Majority of crime goes under reported. People have no faith in the police. Better to just get on with life and deal with it.

Southall just hard core crime ridden area. Just ask the police.

Southall shooting: victim Khalid Farah gunned down (in the groin) as he sat in car in 'execution' (Evening Standard, 13.11.2017): 'Khalid Farah, 26, was sitting in the Ford Focus outside an off-licence in Southall when a gunman walked up to the window and opened fire at 1.23am on Saturday.'

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23 Thornton Heath

I live in the middle of croydon and thornton heath it is alright if you lived their for long you will know the shortcuts and the placed gangs will be so you won't have to go there I lived here for 14 yrs it's been alright nothing bad has happened to me but too many stabbings and guns and drug dealers. Everywhere you see you will always see gangs or groups of people who will come and threaten you but to be honest if you stay around with a lot of people your safe if you alone at late night roaming the streets your definitely going to get robbed or stabbed or beaten up hundred percent. It's been alright for me because I've lived her for a long time and I know my stuff. It definitely the worst places in South London in fact London along with brixton

Ahh Thornton Heath. I know T. Heath back of my hand, it can be very dodgy if you haven't got your wits about you. There is a lot of crime going on, also gangs etc. It is getting worst, lots of flats popping up all over T. Heath. Moving out soon to Ashford Kent, new start etc. T.Heath just like the whole of Croydon is called chicken sitting they have the most chicken shops. 330? and growing chicken bones scattered all over the place. fly tipping everywhere, sad to say T.heath has become a dump!

Home of the One a Woman, Chicken Shop Riot. (OW-r) Hot wings are not a patch on the ones in Stratford opposite the park and a great source of disappointment. Welcome to my world.

7 up

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24 Leytonstone

Nah, Leytonstone ain't that bad, I was born there and have been living here for 21 years, yeah you get your petty little drug deals, but only since the train station incident with the Islamic extremist, there's hardly ever a stabbing, shooting, muggings. Just guys on coke slinging dope.

Leytonstone sounds really dangerous! I planned to go there once and I am so glad I had second thoughts because my dad said there was a bunch of stabbings there! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Leytonstone is fine. I live within a mile of Leytonstone and I go there a lot. Never feel unsafe. The high streets a bit crap but it feels completely safe. Nearby forest gate and Maryland are a lot worse.

Its bad I was born there I use to sell drugs and I did shoot some1 there and I was jumped and stabbed I watched a get beaten to death there as well

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25 Wood Green

Such is it's global fame that, it's the only part of London where one can spot Japanese tourists on safari hoping to spot some crime taking place. The seating at the bus stop opposite the Tube had to be removed as it encouraged criminal activity. Mostly drugs, street violence, organized crime from Asia minor, murder and money laundering activities. Lot's of beggars too. For a change of scenery, one can pop down to Turnpike Lane to see the crackheads.

Such a dangerous area. A no go at night, because of the criminal activity. My friend who lives there has to run home after reaching the station from uni, because he is scared he might get robbed. Been there many times I felt very uncomfortable. Also the cinema was closed down a while ago due to a rat problem. I would only advise to to go there for cosmo, a nice restaurant, but apart from that it is best to stay away. My friend told me so.

Living in wood green. Have not experienced crime on my own skin but I do tend to look over my shoulder.. Wouldn't go out just for a walk. Just go where you need to and don't screw around. Got offered drugs plenty of times.. The usual question,do you smoke comes to mind. I would to see more patrolling officers but that doesn't happen.

I live their and yeah I agree it's dangerous but I am used to it now and it feels like home.

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26 Mile End

Near desi taste, many filthy drug abusing children! Always smelling like cannabis...abhorrent!

Don't go through the park at night, elsewhere it's almost okay

Stabbings and shootings are a common thing in mile end

It's amazing in mile end lol bang bang slice

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27 Feltham

A lot of gangs, drugs, crime and dangerous and risky areas

Are you mad? Feltham is safe. It has a cinema and bowling right next to each other.

Number 1 most chaviest place

Felthams nuts man drugs guns knives places like highfields estate where people die and nobody knows about. don't go if you're not from there it could be your last day

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28 Lambeth

Another crap London Borough ruined by the Local Labour Party Council and its MPs. It's another crime infested hole with dodgy council homes, gang cultures, broken feckless families on welfare, crap schools, crap police, high unemployment and a local Race Hustler & Closet Racist Named Lee Jasper.

I've lived & worked all over London. Actually reflecting & writing about it. London including Lambeth tends to be a mix of rich, poor, council housing etc. Obviously not Chelsea etc but does have beautiful areas. There are risks of all sorts everywhere it seems. However after a night in Stoke Newington/Hackney & felt very unsafe. Happy just up stay at home & look forward to new picture house promised for a year or so. Brilliant.

The royal rich area which surprisingly brings lots of gangs together to kill or mug or drug deal but you can visit Lambeth but just don't live their

Got mugged in kennington, lambeth in broad daylight.

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29 Stonebridge Park

Stonebridge Park looks like an third world African Refugee Camp inhabited by thugs, drug dealers, uncivilized people, closet racist, gangster wannabes, who are all recipient of and dependent on state welfare, free health care and housing. It is a crap place with shoddy council housing/blocks and dodgy people/shops.

If terrorists want to bomb a place in London, please let it be Stonebridge Park. It would save a lot of taxpayers money eliminating those degenerate parasites with their equally degenerate feral thug kids.

Predominately Afro-Caribbean it is The most notorious estate in London until demolished a few years ago. Still one of the poorest districts in London as a whole. Media dubbed it the murder mile of the west a decade ago

With the Stonebridge Estate it just looked like a ghost city in Eastern Europe, full of roadmen. Now it just looks like a barren wasteland without the estate


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30 Islington

Islington is now actually a pretty expensive area, near the Emirates Stadium, in the Area of Holloway Road. No particular danger

Edmonton is much worse than Tottenham. Search on the net on how many people died in Edmonton since the last 3-4 years, its unbelievable.

I love islington I lived here for 15 years in upper holloway however there were quite a few stabbings, shootings, drugs and gangs.(especially at night).

South Islington is actually fine.The rest of islington makes Islington bad

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31 Camden Town

I LOVE Camden. I go to the market most weekends. Never seen any trouble - only scary-looking punks, goths and skhnheads. Camden's got such a cool way about it. - Britgirl

I've lived in the heart of camden my whole life. Gorgeous and diverse of the day. Troublesome by night. Let's just say I've had a woman abducted on my road last week. Two men stabbed last month. I've witnessed my ex boyfriend get battered in my old estate south of camden because he wasn't from the ends and to top it off I knew the guy, I swung for him to get him off my ex and I got restrained by three of his boys. Avoid the estates and quiet roads.

Interesting area sub sections of it like the market are very nice (some skinheads) but otherwise quite nice. I was born in camden and moved to Canada a while back and every story I have heard is always about crime. Some people tried to take over our house, my dad was abducted and nearly killed then dropped into the middle of an intersection, everybody's been mugged a few times, on my second birthday a drug dealer was killed by his kids outside my old house. This is all ferrier street but overall camden is a very nice area.

Camden is by far one of the scariest places in London the gangs there are reckless and mental in agar grove. They have nothing to lose and enjoy causing pain on to other and would do anything to money more even if it means murder

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32 Mitcham

Pollards Hill in Mitcham was tough in the 80's, people used to visit the riots in Brixton for a bit of peace. The only reason it didn't get any coverage is because the police or the cameras did not want to go there.

I saw some get stabbed on the bus for a phone, in broad daylight. I would definitely not live here

People like Steamer are flooding that estate with guns and drugs full of crime run down estate worse place to live in London by far

Phipps bridge. that is all I have to say

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33 Finsbury Park

Can be dangerous at night. Just outside of my flat there was I guy who got shot in the chest while sitting in his BMW. Also a bunch of youths breaking into the library and nicking computers. Also a lot of stabbings recently. If you want to stay safe don't travel by yourself at night

Lived here for 18 years, all of my life and literally have never had a problem around here apart from when I was mugged like 2 mins from the station but that was just unfortunate, it wasn't gang related or anything like that, just two random guys who saw a 14 year old kid and decided they'd take his stuff. It isn't the nicest place to look at to be honest and at night there are some weird people about but not really dangerous, whenever I've stopped to get food after a night out around FPK I've never had any trouble. Highbury is literally right next to it which is a very affluent area but also very multicultural, seven sisters road leading up to holloway is a bit dodgy and manor house is okay but not the safest at night. Other side of FPK is green lanes which is a pretty safe place albeit a couple of weirdos here and there. FPK has a bad name but it really isn't that bad at all and there are virtually no gangs around there

It is ok at daytime but at night be careful. There are a lot of stabbings around here at night and the victims are almost all the time teenagers. Sometimes to get to my house I would have to walk past about 10-15 thugs on bikes to get home which was quite terrifying. My advice is if your a teenager do not walk around Finsbury past 7pm or your at risk of being mugged or stabbed like one of my mates who made that mistake when he was with his cousin.

Lots of knife crime

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34 Acton Town

A third-world haven for illegal migrants, who are reliable to re-elect dodgy Labour Councillors in Acton and a useless Labour Council in Ealing. It's an overpopulated dump that is paradise for single mothers, welfare dependency, gang culture, crime and Socialism. Thank You Labour Party.

Massive estates around where all the junkies come from. I have worked in the local pub for 2 years and had to deal with all the violence you can imagine, kind of understandable on Sat night when people are pissed but not on a weekday... Never seen so many psychos in one area.

I have lived in Acton all my life and even was a pupil in Acton high its really only dangerous for outsiders

All a bit mad

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35 Elephant and Castle

I am moving today because despite the fact I have a beautiful flat with a huge flat, I got tired not to feel safe going out. Being mugged right in front of my flat on the very 1st week should have been an indication that this place has not progressed yet. There's lots of new constructions but there's gangs around, I've seen guys chasing girls, chicken bones everywhere, really not a pleasant area. Someone has mentioned "Latin thugs" Absolutely not true, there is a latin community here but they seem to be hard workers, the ones not working who spend most of their time in their flats, are in fact indeed the ones that gang up and walk around the streets of Elephant & Castle.

This place should be higher up the list. Gangs, rapists, stabbings, guns, drugs, drunks, you name it its here. My friend was chased there late at night by 5 men, lets just say she had to go to hospital. Don't go there its and absolute dump and not only is there crime lurking on the streets there's rats to. STAY WELL AWAY!

Not that bad, one of the nicer parts in South London in my opinion. It's basically just a huge Junction so it's not horribly dangerou

Someone sexually assaulted me when I was living near the uni. Lived in a stupid hostel in the area and people threatened to kill me over a small thing. - Anon2

Latin thugs all over there

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36 Belmont
37 Isle of Dogs

Got mugged by a group of 6 with a knife to my throught right outside asda there!

Bare dogs

Got chased by the mandem and their dogs. don't go there

T650 Run Tings

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38 Ilford

A relatively small town with a large population results in an area packed with dealers, gangs and dodgy characters. Stay close to the station if you wish to avoid any trouble.

Live very near ilford. It is getting better but I still very run down. The exchange mall is fine and so is the high street but stay away from seven kings and manor park.

Best Indian I've ever had, if ya know what I mean

Some areas are dodgy and some are good. - Zilo

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39 Hayes

Hayes, particularly around the station, is a s#%@hole. I've lived there on and off for two years. Can't say it's really dangerous though, Rundown yes, dangerous looking guys at night on the high street also but I think most of the youths hanging around there are simple chavs or bums who try to look tough but they're not.

Hayes is another ghetto run place by the labour council.

Hayes is a packed ghetto places full of dopes. No cinema. No bowling places. Just crap parks and curry takeaway shops.

I've lived in Hayes for 27 years. Grew up here, spent my childhood on the Redbrick estate then moved to Yeading as a teen. Fond memories of playing in the Redbrick park as a child dodging the broken glass and syringes. I'd say I'm fortunate to be in Yeading as Hayes Town is one of the most depressing places I've been in London. This a rough area and I would not recommend wandering in after dark around the town centre. Gangs are rampant and stabbings / gun crime are on the rise. Yeading used to be the nice part but recently a man had his insides torn out with a Machete near the betting shop at the local parade. The whole area is a haven for drug addicts/criminals and people from cultures that can't co exist with life in the UK. I've nearly been stabbed twice, make sure you are quick on your feet if you are out when the sun goes down.

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40 Newham

North Newham represent - Zilo

Come on fam...

Gay yutes

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