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41 Kensington and Chelsea

Nice places

What why is this on the list? This is London’s richest and wealthiest borough! You would never see gang fights here as POSH PEOPLE ONLY LIVE HERE.

42 Woolwich

Drug dealers hang around on the estates and sell cocaine and heroin but they give money to the families that the government has forgotten.

Woolwich boys run things in south east London one of the biggest drug cartels in England. They don't mess about when it comes to business!

Horrendous area to live in I walked the beat for ten years and that is the truth.


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43 Brixton Hill

Brixton Hill is one place I'd definitely not want to be caught if I don't belong round there, 67 rule the entirety of Brixton Hill's estate and believe me, they aren't so keen on outsiders.

Worst ever 67 gang gang

67 beef people there mate, and it gets mad MAC10s, UZIs, double barrel shotguns ( saw some in a music video). A member of 67 was arrested because he was found in a cab with a working revolver

Free up sj

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44 Cricklewood

I live here since 2000 and love the place. Never had a problem and the place is so central.

Full of feens who will rape you in an instant.

I have been stalked multiple times when I have visited cricklewood.

This place is good for cheap food and drink. Apart from that it is full of alcoholics and gambling addicts. Beggars. Also crack addicts. prostitution. high unemployment and full of weird old single men who gawk at arses on the street.

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45 Shepherd's Bush

Shepherds Bush is one of the most dangerous areas in hammersmith and fulham especially white city where there are many infamous gangs. definitely a no-go.

Shepherds bush is a very high rated crime area with an gang that is also linked with one of the gangs in Brixton

One of the most deprived estates in the uk, white city estate... Was a lot of gun crime and robberies, the whole area was crime ridden, probably the most drug addicts in London, but a lot of regeneration and investment has been put forth here

3 things: drugs, skengs (knives) and live corn (bullets/guns)

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46 Tower Hamlets

Jailed: Gang (of Muslims) who left US student too scared to leave the house alone after savage bottle attack in east London (Evening Standard, 2/2/2015:'The attack came as he walked home in Commercial Street after a night out with a friend in Brick Lane. He became aware the pair were being followed by a group of men who became threatening and aggressive.'

'One of the men grabbed the bottle Mr Hounye was drinking from and smashed it against his face.'

Tower Hamlets is the new capital of Bangledesh, courtesy of Labour's open door mass immigration policy in exchange for more votes.

I lived in tower hamlets all my life I used to live in Bromley by bow however their was gang wars and stabbings going on literally every day. I saw kids selling drugs and riding on mopeds creating a noise almost 24/7. Even when I used to go shops I used to see boys chasing people with very big knifes. Now I live in Canning Town which is a very quite place.

Not a good area it's full of bullys kids ganging up on each other. However the older generation seem to have a lot more respect than the younger ones. The older generation would look out for you unless you did something wrong then they will deliver you hell. The kids bring hell regardless.

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47 Stratford

Oh come on... I've lived in Stratford for nearly 2 years (near West Ham Park) and never had any issues or saw any trouble. It's a decent place to live, the rent is cheaper than other parts of London in Zone 2, and the transport links are great. We have people that sell pot on or road but they aren't dangerous - who cares

Not a scary area but a scatty area filled with Somali boys, especially located at Stratford station. They also hand out leaflets for little change and harass subway workers as a motive.

You can't have a list of the most dangerous areas in London and forget Stratford. There is a section of Stratford which is the most dangerous place in London.

Stratford has Maryland which is a place not to play about in, there are some dangerous people in that area so I advise for you not to go there. It has a very big gang who hang about on the depths of the area they wear red and I've heard they have shoot outs on the main roads also Maryland has a lot of boys I didn't see many girls when I went there. Many broken home families and drugs, killings and prostitution a very bad place

Stratford has improved a bit but try and avoid the Maryland side of Stratford unless you already live in the area. Strartford Green area is also a bit rough. - Zilo

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48 East Ham

Too many temples mosques no English people too be seen tells you a lot about the area mostly loads of Indians living there high street north is peppered with bookies and takeaways the area around the station is littered with gangs of Eastern European men usually drunk and off there heads on drugs and drink keep away if you want too live.

Live here but now its a cess pit! Only plus is its good transport links. Look forward to the day when police purge the place.

East ham is a hole that's run by a gang who think they're hard even though they're not. They're just a bunch who get messed up by everyone

Little to no gang activity but crime can still happen. A lot of immigrants. - Zilo

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49 Walthamstow

Walthamstow is another area ruined by the long serving incompetent Labour Party Council and its current MP Stella Creasy. Walthamstow is just like Edmonton. Notorious for its crime, gang-culture, riots, rise of Extreme Muslims, overpopulation, shoddy buildings, mediocre shops, Broken Families on Welfare, crap schools, high unemployment rate, and neighborhoods turning into ghettos

Walthamstow isn't all that bad you just have to be careful and just because Muslim people are living doesn't make it a bad place to be honest you just have to look out for yourself just like any other part of London. Having lived here for 17 years all I can say is that because there is a college nearby so lots of youth people tend to think it's worse than it actually is

Due to the raise in prices in areas like hackney where there used to be lots of gangs a lot of the gangsters move to areas like walthamstow where it is cheaper, when all the gangs came to walthamstow the local kids had to stand up for themselves more which ended up creating more gangs and crime

Live in the outer bits of stow and go to school in upper stow. It's getting a lot better with new restaurants, it's making the area more trendy place to live. Orford road (Walthamstow village) has high house prices touching and going over £1mil. Some areas should be avoided. Wood street (upper Walthamstow) should be avoided at night, seen a few police chases round there and the estates in upper Walthamstow aren't all that nice. Also try and avoid the Tottenham side at night, Blackhorse Road, Blackhorse lane, higham hill, cogan avenue estate and markhouse road (church street) however markhouse road is more lower Leyton. Overall however Walthamstow is becoming a lot nicer and a better place to live.

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50 Basildon

Probably one of the most dangerous areas of the U.K. Home of Essex man and Essex girl! Need I say more. Daily stabbings, shootings, burglaries, muggings etc. Drugs openly and widely available. Prostitution is rife - and all those tough Essex boys? You'll find them in corridors of the town center car park and Gloucester Park having sex with one another. Male rape is a major problem in this area. And the women? They would kill you sooner than look at you. If you go to Basildon you go at your own risk - beware!

One Basildon isn't in London it's Essex and two I've lived here all my life like most places some areas are bad but overall I think it's quite safe.

Isn't Basildon in Essex...? - Britgirl

Good place to get a prositutute. - Zilo

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51 Watford

Youth violence, gangs and stabbings along with all the pissheads

Been living in Watford for 19 years now. It's the bit of wasteland in between North London and the nice areas of Hertfordshire. For the most part Watford is generally a decent area to live in but there are a few no go places which I would not advise any visitors to go. Watford Highstreet was ranked the worst highstreet in Britain and has one of the highest crime rates below Peckham, Brixton and Hackney. Full of drunk, scum bag addicts who hang about on every street corner with their 40p cans of larger. Do not venture into West Watford especially the Holywell estate. That place is like a refugee camp, you'll be lucky to leave there untouched. There's been countless robberies, break-ins and stabbings, and recently a number of murders. The Holywell estate is gang territory and if you don't know the place well or know people in it. I would not go there.

South Oxhey. Don't go there. Literally it's just a baron poverty stricken wasteland crammed full of racist white scumbags with ...more

52 Bromley

Full of nice shops and a modern shopping mall, people go and do their own thing but that's not to say you won't see pick pockets

Cousins live here really quiet and always have to look back in the fear of someone behind

Knife crime isn't unusual

53 Luton Luton

Luton is a crazy mad place raised with the rubbish labour council.

Luton is not part of London. It is part of Bedfordshire. It is a crap Islamic Ghetto run by the Labour Party Council and represented by two Labour MPs.

Absolute toilet of a place, use to get the bus there just to have a piss and iv survived shepards Bush and the Mozart hate the place.

54 Ladbroke Grove

Lived here my whole life and in that time my brother is in prison my other brother got stabbed and I got stabbed after I had a fight

This area should be top ten considering the amount of stabbings/shootings and there's drugdealers/thieves all over the place and some of the richest drug dealers in britain live in this area.

I went college here, dodgy area! Full of black gangs but ironically nice houses and shops. Yrs later I dated a girl who went to same college as me and she mentioned all the local gangs robbing people from the college etc

My brother was stabbed in this area on Elgin Mews. Don't go here!

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55 Hounslow

I live in Hounslow west and I'm laughing at all these comments. Yes it's a dump but come on, you all sound like little babies. I walk my dog over lampoon park at any time and it's the only people you bump into is a friendly dog walker or maybe a jogger. I've seen police riding emery do too so what a load of cobble it's a Bobbie no go area. Haha. Maybe most of you should start writing fiction books or a career in rap.

Hounslow is rubbish, third world borough ruined by overpopulating third world migrants and Hounslow's Labour Party Council, along with MPs Seema Malhotra and now Ruth Cadbury.

Live in Hounslow scary. Your looking out for the pickpockets all the time and Hounslow is the pickpocket capital of London. The streets are teaming with drugs especially the Cromwell estate and ivybridge and the close is scary. Where the drugs are and where the addicts live lampton park is also an extremely Dangerous park and no bobbies go near it

Most of hounslow is on benifits full of Asians Arabs and Africans, seeing a white person is like seeing a leprichan at the bottom of a rainbow

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56 Pimlico

Was a rough area back in the day. A few estate jam packed in a small area surrounded by the rich. No wonder robberies were so high. But now there knocking down a few estates. The whole of London is like this

What!? Pimlico is right near Mayfair which is one of the richest areas in the whole city! How can Pimlico be on this list?

I lived here for 7 years, I always felt safe, but it's not the nicest of areas, I didn't think my boys would be safe so I moved and would never go back.

Used to be ok then the council cil housed all the immigrants in the estates where they get up to no good and none of them work.i haven't seen any estates getting knocked down

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57 Dollis Valley

It funny how dollis valley sits on the outskirts of London with greenery surrounding it, but looks like it should be in hackney. Its full of drug dealers, gangs and knifes. Do not visit this place because you will not make it out. Although its lucky they are knocking it all down.

Dollis valley isn't the best place to live, but it definitely has improved over the past couple of years as there's less gang activities going on. Luckily houses are being knocked down and new ones are being built meaning people are moving out, it is now called Brook Valley. There's also a community centre on the estate that brings everyone together to make the community we live in a better and safer place. check out @dollisdollsnails on Instagram, "Art angaisnt knives".

A lot of drug dealers and gang members everywhere. The gang culture is increasing

I went there and came back without clothes ducking scum

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58 Greenwich

Greenwich is quiet... a bit too quiet

Stabbings, robberies and a lot of other dangerous crimes occur in Greenwich

Being a royal borough makes no difference... very much gang violence here

Lisa,Emma,Terry and Sam live there

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59 Limehouse

Bangladeshi's everywhere in this area scattered. A lot of drug dealing and gang crime in hotspot areas, hate to live here and is one of the most dangerous place in eastlondon

60 West Ham

Lived in West Ham for two years and to be honest it isn't bad as it's a small area

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