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101 Northolt

Northolt is a horrible place. All of sudden my friends cousin got stabbed out of nowhere and there are too many police around Northolt lately. I can't even let my child go out to the park and same with the other school parents sometimes things are so dangerous I have to com from the backyard. I can't wait to leave to this thank God I'm alive and I pray for those in these scary ass places and all of this stuff needs to end now

Northolt is terrible it stinks of crime and is infested with drug dealers I've been there several times and even when I went there as a child I've seen men dealing drugs with teenagers that are the same age as me - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Rubbish area, rubbish homes, crap mediocre turd word shops, dodgy council homes packed with scizophrenic violent thugs whose feckless parents leech off the welfare state. I would like thank Ealing's Labour Council along with the local MP Stephen Pound.

Bad environment, full of crime if in northolt stay away from Wayfarer estate as it is the worst area

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102 Broadmead

I grew up on Broadmead (now the Orchard Estate) and even then, 40 years ago it was plagued with prostitutes, drugs and violence, I knew about all of this and I was an innocent adolescent.

Majority of gang members at my school are in the broad mead gangs

Broadmead estate in east London is scary at night. A lot of gang activity goes on stabbings shoootings and drug deals

b block

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103 Newbury Park
104 Rickmansworth V 3 Comments
105 Harlow

Harlow is a lovely place to live in!

Full of crackheads and people who think there hard

People think they are when they are not

106 Rotherham
107 Stepney V 1 Comment
108 Isleworth

Isleworth is improving now is nice just to many estates

I live there very dangerous place beware knife crime

Lots of dangerous estates such as west mid, worton and ivybridge full of gangsters

109 Morden

District in South London which is becoming heavily deprived. Litter everywhere. Gangs are always out. If you are on your own you are likely to get robbed so be careful.

It's alright...

110 Sunbury-on-Thames

Gangs all around sunbury see em

Loads of fights and drugs

It's a horrible and rough town


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111 Penge

There is always stabbings and people being mugged in and around Penge.

My friend's teacher got stabbed and killed

Penge is also know as down town Crystal Palace. Lots of chavs!

Not a very nice area! Lots of chavs

112 Whetstone

Nice are all wanna be road men live here but they wouldn't steal a packet of haricots from a corner shop

Used to be a great are now the 4 biggest building are becoming council estates so so long whetstone

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113 Press Road

Lived here the last 15 years (all my life) rough area for a really small estate seen crack, guns, police raids, been stabbed, beaten up, arrested

114 Teddington

Stay away from teddington all I'm saying

Teddington is fine compared with some of the third world dumps you get in London (e.g. Hounslow), also low crime

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115 Southgate V 1 Comment
116 Abbey Wood

Abbey wood is not dangerous at all are you joking - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

VERY VERY CALM PLace I always wanted to live there Very calm And nice houses theere

A lot of frugs gangs and many more
Not ideal to walk at night or alone
Full if roadmans

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117 Southall Golf Links Estate

There is this guy called Romeo who will back out a shank in a chip shop crazy guy so far he dipped bare man

Crime ridden ain't the word. should be knocked down. notorious area for crime.

Crime ridden beware of robber theives

Why don't you live here for a time? Then you would see this estate is one of the best!

Anti-social behaviour,e. G neighbous

118 St. Dunstans Close Hayes

St dunstans close is scary due large groups of gangs who hang around the estate. very scary area. high level of crime. Do not move here unless you don't mind serious trouble like been burgled robbed stabbed car broken into. SERIOUSLY NOTORIOUS AREA.

Terrible area. Few murders. Last 1 was in 2014. High crime due to drug dealing and users who steal to fund there habits. Area and outside streets are a burglary hotpot. Don't move here if you can help. Mainly council homes. So like I say if if your council tenant say No. Anywhere better than here. Scarey especially at night.

Notorious St dunstans mass

Not a great area.

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119 Millwall

Millwall start fights over everything when there are football matches

Swear Millwall should be bare higher

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120 Camberwell

The only area where high crime levels necessitated putting a criminal Court in the middle of social housing.

Camberwell where the mental out patients roam the streets happily shouting and screaming out passers by!
Lots of drug dealing car theft and drunks hanging out side the betting shops and dodgy cafes nice!

I live in this place you see drunk people STAY AWAY

Never feel safe here

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