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121 Angell Town

Worse place full of prostitutes drug dealers gang bangers

Full of guns and drugs, don't go round there

Scummy area in my honest opinion.

GAS gang. Need I say more

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122 Kingston

Kingston is very good, extremely low crime rates and clean. Only bad part is Cambridge Road Estate, but crime doesn't overspill out of the estate

Lovely Place good Parks Nice people Nothing Bad Very Clean!

Good place to live but I live near Cambridge Road Estate and it is dirty and dodgy

Very posh Next door to richmond

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123 Kingsbury

I lived here for 3 years now. It's not the safest place in London but it's acceptable. Also the gang there is safe! Haha

Motor cyclists driving on the wrong side of the road. Crime rate is very high

Lived in Kingsbury 24years, very quite, best part of Brent

Its one of the worse places to live in London.

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124 Tremlett Grove

Very much weed and gangs

125 Ponders End

Get shanked quite easy.. But in the plus side.. Major redevelopment in sight... Will benefit the property owners within the next 10 years.

Gang crime, drug crime, out of control teens who run riot. Not the place to go for a walk at night

Terrible for teens

A good area in general but do not get rude to the youth because most of them are in the Ponders End Gang (P.E. B)

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126 Seven Sisters

Very dodgy road, a few ok shops there but a lot of hustlers and shysters and criminal types and anti social behaviour is rife.

127 Park Royal

Stabbings all the time

Dis place is peak because don't want to be caught slipping round ere

128 Kensal Green

A lot of bike stealing in this area do not go here and leave your bike in the open

This area is the worst for gun crime not just NW but whole of London trust me I know real gunmen who would shoot anyone from south killi/stonebridge

129 Dulwich

Mainly a very beautiful part of London. Lots of parks and interesting side-roads, especially in Dulwich Village.

Love Dulwich. Awesome place to live..

Great area, born and raised in East Dulwich. Let's hope Peckham doesn't invade

130 Streatham

Streatham has its ups and downs, especially as one night when the bowling alley was open, a group of black guys ran in and started kicking the machines. Ran outside and started beating someone up, then got chased by the police.

Most of the time it's okay, but people just look shifty in Streatham so you think you'll be mugged.

A lot of people are just a little odd. But, it's like any place in London, you have to keep your wits about you.

Streatham High Road was voted as being the worst street in Britain in 2002. This was because of traffic accidents, and damaged shopfronts and pavements.

I have always known this part of London to have a bad reputation.
Why does Streatham have a bad reputation? - ZX29B

A crap ghetto area neglected and ruined by Labour's Lambeth Council and current Local Labour MP, and Race Hustler Chuka Umunna, who was once dubbed Britain's 'Obama'.

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131 Blackheath

This is the best place in London, no doubt about it. I love it here, and above all its safe for adults and children.

Still relitevly safe. That's because there are more wealthy white people with respect

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132 South Norwood

Dirty Ugly area poo everywhere and a lot of very small gangs made out of about 10 people

South Norwood has one of the most expensive house insurance in the UK. I suppose that says it all!


its crazy

133 Welling

A lot of crime, mostly whites, saw 7 boys around 17/18 holding bats and knives, full of 15 year old skets

134 Woodford

A 16 year old boy got stabbed in the chest at Woodford Bridge and passed away - the first fatal killing of 2016 in London

There has been 7 stabbings here already this month its really dangerous

A dog was stabbed here.

Rich area. Woodford bridge is alright. Just stat away from broadmead estate.

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135 Bermondsey

Bermondsey is scum and so is the new Labour MP, Neil Coyle, who is a self-serving opportunistic.

A terrible place to live just ask Thaheen

Millwall enough said

136 Hemel Hempstead

I don't even live in Hemel and to be honest it's not even in London, but I know people who live there and its literally just your average Hertfordshire predominantly white area. Barely any dangerous crime apart from your averAge drug dealings.

I've lived in Hemel for 18 years, it is such a brutal area, you don't want to live here, it's a hell hole. Kids aged just 12 taking drugs, getting pregnant. Places like Lewisham and Brixton are dangerous mainly at night but Hemel even during the day and is 10x worse at night. Different areas of Hemel are different. Adeyfield is like a ghetto, if you walk past the square and look at anyone in a different manor its almost certain you will get stabbed and lose your iPhone 6s. I'm waiting till I blow so I can get my mum out the hood

137 Queen's Crescent

Very very deprived area of camden/London

Born and raised different kinda hood compared to all others in London a lot of crime drugs robberys. Murder kidnapping the lot QC is not a good place to raise kids

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139 Belvedere

Not very known but it is a very bad place full of 2 bedroom terraced houses in an area riddled with poverty and full of crackheads and gang bangers

Very dangerous at night

Riverdale road, alford road and nuxley village are no go areas be careful

I've lived here for two years. There is absolutely nothing to do around here bar a few old man pubs and greasy spoon cafes.
Lower Belvedere near the station is full of council flats but is actually really quiet and feels safe. Belvedere is full of the pikiest and chavviest people and some dodgy looking in-bred looking characters but I've never had any problems touch wood.

140 Tolworth

Not so bad just run down - Amaan98

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