Horseback riding is more dangerous than you think!

Where do I start? Ah, how about if it's an actual sport. Yes, it is. There are many ignorant people out there that don't ride, never been near a horse in their life, that say it's not a sport. They don't know how much time, money, energy, strength, sweat, and tears it takes to win just 1 first place ribbon. Just walking a horse to its stall is dangerous.


You'll spend about 10-15 minutes getting the horse, grooming, tacking up, etc. But, the rest of the time is spent riding. Practicing, learning from mistakes. You can't just hop on a horse or pony for the first time and just become a pro at it. It takes years of dedication to become an amazing rider, even more to become na Olympic rider.

Energy and Strength:

It takes energy and strength to control an animal, that has a mind, body, and soul of its own. That weighs 1400+ pounds. If a horse is angry, upset, etc. it will show it, but kicking, biting, refusing to do what it has to. Yes, the horse are athletes too in this sport, but so are the riders. You have to have a good core, which includes abs, arm strength, that includes all the muscles in your arms, legs, includes all the muscles in your legs.


You can't be afraid, nervous, etc. when riding. Your horse will feel that and become scared or nervous. You have to be brave to go onto the back of a huge animal.

Here's a good quote:

"Equestrians need to have the concentration and ability to judge distance like a golfer, strength and stamina of a hockey player, artistic flow and ability to make a hard thing look easy and beautiful like a gymnast, and and also know where everyone around them is at all times ALL WHILE controlling a 1000lb or more animal with your hands, back, neck, shoulders, thighs, calves, legs, heels, stomach, or basically every bone/muscle in your body with the help of a 5 inch piece of metal. "Riders use their entire bodies to tell their horse what they want them to do; the way they sit, move their hands, the pressure of their legs...dozens of signals pass between horse and rider, at every moment"-Horse Power: The Road To Maclay."

This explains that you need qualties from every sport in horseback riding. So think before you say it's not a sport. I don't have time to do a whole thing, flex is almost over.


In my opinion, I think every sport is dangerous in there own way. Horseback riding is Very More Dangerous, think about it, your riding a 1,000 pound horse, with a mind of it's own. You never know if this horse is gonna rear, buck, bite or kick at you at any moment. Sometimes the horse even trips, and you throw your weight off balance. The horse can spook at something and can be out of control. No matter how good of a rider you are the horse is able to throw you, drag you, or trample over you in case of fear. No matter if you work out, or have muscle this horse can take control over you in any minute, without you knowing. Riders have to balance themselves on a horse, read every moment, while riding at any speed, think about galloping on horse or jumping 6 feet and losing a stirrup or reins while approaching a jump, you got to steady the horses speed, your position and succeed over the jump without making a mistake or falling off. You could possibly lose any stirrup or reins at any time, fall forward on a horse or any second the horse could trip. Every sport can discuss there plan before show, talk it over, but no this type of sport you have to use body language and learn to speak the sound of silence with your horse.

From all this decision making I think other sports may be challenging and dangerous but who cares if who every won the bet, got number one, or on a stupid internet site. Equestrians know that riding an animal twice there size with a mind of it's own, while balancing themselves on it, can be dangerous. From everyone else and there opinions think about riding an animal this size and a powerful mind, or better yet go out and try it. ! Think to your self, Do YOU think you could do it? - visitor

Would you say it is more dangerous than bull riding? If so, why? - Therater2

Amen. - visitor

Haha really, ok wrangling and other stuff is dangerous, but just riding a horse in the woods? Not really. I mean, I've ridden a horse, and I almost fell off of it, too. - MoldySock

Laugh out loud... Tell me your riding experience... Lemme guess... TRAIL RIDING. I've seen SO MANY PEOPLE say,"Oh, I've ridden a horse and it's easy." But then I find out that they were trail riding. Trail riding is NOT a sport! The only people who trail ride are people who have never ridden a horse and want to try it. Moldysock (laugh out loud, what a name), the only horse you've ever ridden is a bombproof, old horse where you just "follow the leader." You probably didn't even ride in the correct position. And if you almost fell off on a slow, bombproof horse, then you must have terrible balance. 'Cause on trail riding, you only do the walk, and even beginner rides don't even come closing to falling off on the walk XDXD. Try riding a horse while jumping, reining, dancing (dressage), or barrel racing. Try riding a galloping horse, or even a walking horse, in CORRECT POSITION. - visitor

I agree with the other visitor. Obviously just trail riding isn't difficult. Try jumping. Try barrel racing. Try cross country. If you fell off a tiny, chubby trail pony then you must have horrible seat and know nothing about riding. Get on my horse and then ride, 'MoldySock'. - visitor

Aaagh! I hate it when people say it's 'easy'! It's so hard! IT'S THE HARDEST DAMN SPORT THERE IS. We just make it look easy. - visitor