Louisville Cheerleader

Here's my 2 cents as a former cheerleader. Cheerleading is as difficult and complex as a lot of other sports. It is considered the most dangerous, because it has the highest injury rate. The reason cheer has the highest injury rate is because of unqualified coaches and athletes. Coaches and athletes try to perform skills that they are physically unprepared for and coaches try to teach skills that they have no business teaching.

Schools also dont recognize cheer as a sport. Therefore these often unqualified athletes and coaches are trying to perform dangerous skills on hardwood, tile, or even concrete surfaces with very little padding. Spring Floor is the safest surface for cheer to perform on. All-star cheerleading is the safest form of cheer that one can take part is. Like gymnastics there are levels of athletic ability to ensure that athletes have mastered proper progressions before moving on to more difficult situations.


The reason it's most injuries is because it has idiotic whores jumping all over to arouse men enough to run around and tackle other men. - MoldySock