Horseback riding is really dangerous

If people don't think horseback riding is hard and dangerous their crazy.I think horseback riding should be #1 on every list.Because not that long ago I got bucked of a horse and fell in the bushes and one of my friend was having a jumping lesson like I was, and her horse came to a dead stop at the jump and she flipped over the horses head and her back fell on the jump...But then she got right back on and then she flipped over the horses head again and bounced off her head.


I agree, horseback riding is much more dangerous than cheerleading. I've fallen off countless amounts of times and I've actually been pretty lucky, but I fell off right before Christmas and my leg got stepped on, it broke. The only one you can depend on is your horse and you have to have a 110% connection to make it work. - visitor

horse back riding ... harder than cheerleading ... ur kidding right ... omg that is sooo hilarious , have u ever thought of being a comedian. ohh no ur leg broke poor baby (NOT)i was out of CHEER for 3 months cause i had 2 have surgery and pins put in my bone then i found out that i was allergic to the matirial they put in my hand and now it has been almost eight months since it happened ... uh yeah still not better and now i have athritice cause the brake waz so bad i also damaged my tenden, my nees pop whenever i walk or bend them and yet i still go on with cheer nomatter what even with the thought in my head that i could die from this sport at any moment but something that keeps me going is the saying " practice makes perfect is NOT saying it's a way of life!" - cheerluvr

well you get on a horse that likes to buck and see if you stay on! yes I do believe cheerleading is number 1 but don't bag out number 2 because horses have a mind of there own and in cheerleading it;s you and your skill so its your fault if you get hurt! - visitor

wwoow! just because your allergic to a material shows NOTHING about cheering? it just shos you got nothing else to say. hahahah! very funny. if you fall, its cause someone was stupied enough not to catch you. if a horseback rider falls, it wasnt cause of another person. and seriously, for all of you who play soccer or baseball its not as hard as horseback riding! your baseball bat DOES NOT have a mind of its own. REALIZE IT! - visitor

OOMG.. We were already over this. horseback riding WINS and OWNS this fight. so back off little priss. stop being mean to horseback riders because dey are sorta better than cheerleaders.. like for real. shussh up and go do what you call a sport.

BYEHUN. - visitor

Oh I'm so sorry NOT did you ever even get on a horse like seriously I've known girls that are fourteen years old that have DIED from horses and they didn't even compete at a high level. Their horse moved sideways and spooked then trampled her. She was airlifted to the hospital and died on the way there. So don't even try to say that horseback riding isn't just as dangerous as cheerleading! - visitor

Easy for you to say, have you ever seen your friend die in front of you riding a horse, doing flat work. I don't think so I saw my best friend fall off her horse and literally get her head smashed to pulp by its feet she died before they were even loading her into the helicopter to try to save her life. You have never been on a high strung young athletic horse, and no having horsey people lead you around on a dead broke horse does not count so until you see your friends guts get smashed out her body don't even say horse back riding is not a sport! - visitor

Ok, I horse back ride AND cheerlead so you can shut your trap about cheerleading being harder. Horse back riding is way more difficult and you can take this from someone who does BOTH! Cheerleading, yeah its fun but horse back riding is awesome. Its the knowledge that you could die any second that makes it so great. Cheerleading is no where near as dangerous as horse back riding, I'm sorry but its the truth. If you are too stuck up to see that, I understand. Just letting you know that I have been riding since I was 3 and I have been doing cheerleading since about the same time. So again, take it from someone who knows a lot about BOTH and don't you go acting like a know it all. - visitor

ok. sorry 2 say. but i dont think horsebackriding is rly a sport. or as dangerous as cheerleading. and dont say i say this bcuz im a cheerleader. i also go horsebakriding. and i took lessons. i realize that the horse can do anything at any time, and ive fallen multiply times and been stepped on, but nothing serious. as long as u no wat ur doing u should b able to stay on. seriously. cheerleading is more dangerous, for 1, we're throwing girls into the air, sometimes on hard floors or tracks. tumbling also is dangerous. you could land wrong, break ur leg or ankles, or if you dont make it all the way around u may even end up breaking your neck. yes i do think horseback riding is dangerous, do i think cheerleading is MORE dangerous? yes. it is, and its a fact. not my opinion - nikkiX3cheer

I think horseback riding should be number one, overall there are at least 10,000 horseback riding related deaths a year in the U.S alone, and that's strictly human deaths, their are many horse deaths as well. When a cheerleader falls yes she can break bones get a concussion and get seriously injured. But their is not chance of a 1500lbs animal landing on top of her. Also, i was reading some of the cheerleading one of the girls arguments was that in cheerleading you have a first aid kit and stretcher waiting for injuries and blah blah blah, i would like to point out that every sport does, even football which came in last, and horseback riding, honey both those sports get the whole damn ambulence paramedics and all, not just the stretcher and first aid kit. Also no matter how good you are at riding accidents happy and you can easily break your neck, break you back, shatter bones, crack you skull, snap bones, damage tendons, rip ligaments, become paralyzed, be knocked into a comma, or die, within a split second, one little mistake, one misjudged distance, one lost stirrup, one bad step, one unsteady landing and your life can be over.
And honestly after horseback this list is crap anyway, i mean no offence but bullriding is waaaaaay more dangerous than cheerleading, no contest. So really just suck it up cheerleaders, if your so tuff, that should be easy enough for you to do. - visitor

ok. i do cheerleading and horse back riding. but horse back riding is way more dagerous ok you got that and if you dont beliveve that look up on google how many people died in horse related accidents ok. theres alot. not so much on cheerleading. and think of it this way, its like giving a vilan a bazooka, they could pull the trigger and blow you head off at any second no warning. and cheerleaders say. "oh if you fall you could get a concusion, maybe break an arm or maybe a nail!" if you fall off a horse and then get steped on thats like a car running over you, and yea it sux! and if you get kicked in the head or chest. DiNk! just like that ur dead, or atleast paralized. after this even if you dont belive me, look up bad horse accidents on youtube. - LoVe you - - Horsesrulecheersux

OMFG u RETARDED CHEERLEADERS!!!! nikkix3cheer u are such and uneducated retard!!! horseback is a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me one reason it isnt!!!!!! o and how do u call cheer a sport anyways! ur there BECAUSE of a real sport u know the also boring ones. so what u have a stupid first aid kit waiting for sissy girls to come over crying about her scraped elbow. in horseback even at the little tiny shows they have and ambulance waiting on showgrounds. oh and i read ALOT and i was reading a sports book and u know what i saw the funniest thing in table of contents horseback was on there in the most dangerous and then there was what i didnt see cheerleading was NO WHERE in that book. and if cheer is SUCH a hard and dangerous sports then why isnt it in the olympics like HORSEBACK is? & i KNOW for a FACT that it is wide spread through the world so dont try and pull that crap on me. maybe they know cheer is just a lame excuse for a hobby u stupid prissy cheerleaders make gymnastics look TERRIBLE with ur gay little flips with someone ALWAYS ready to back u up while gymnastics have themself to back up. horseback the horse could throw u in a heartbeat it u made one tiny little mistake. cheer the worst thing that happens is u dont look "pretty" while ur doing ur gay little flips and twists. HORSEBACK IS WHERE THE REAL ACTION IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u dont do sports if u only cheer!!!!!! GO HORSES!!!!!!!!!

cheer sucks. ur no athlete if ur a prissy cheerleader. u need guts to ACTUALLY ride a horse. and when i say actually ride a horse it means jumping 5 ft NOT having mommy leading the horse at walk. GO HORSES!!! - visitor

yall princesses dont get how horseback works do u??? it doesnt matter how experienced u are when riding a horse. YOU WILL FALL!!!! Thats how we equestrians make it to the top we fall and learn, cheerleaders weeellll u fall cry & quit. Heres my point i dont know how to explain sooo: The more "variety" u have falling off a horse for example bucked off, loss of balance, jumping refusal, horse trips, horse fall etc. more i guess "miles" of falling off u have. So say ur horse refuses a jump & u come off, eventually u will learn how to stay on of handle it. Not saying that u will never fall off because ur horse stopped because it will happen FOR SURE!!!!! Trust me my horses have stopped at jumps with me thousands of times I've stayed on with most but my last 2 falls werent as bad compared to some of my others & i still fell & u know what i fell because i made a little tiny mistake that changed my whole ride. My pony, who is the greatest, over 15 years of show mileage at 20 years, known across my state & very Very VERY succesful, and I were jumping a course at a show. She was lazy. We go to jump this one oxer (a jump that is wide may i say to all retarded cheerleaders) which was 3" higher than it shouldve been (which is big difference for a horse let alone a pony) I jumped before she had taken off (which seems like a tiny mistake but when riding a lazy pony that u are close to have outgrown trying to jump something that is over their limit well disaster will strike) she couldnt make it stopped and just let me fall on the jump.

Horseback is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY harder than cheerleading

For all those cheerleaders who think cheerleading is harder than HORSEBACK:

BITE ME!!! - visitor

If cheerleading were more dangerous than horseback riding, cheerleaders would be wearing a lot more safety gear. End of story. - Lunar

horseback riding is dangourous cheerleaders don't get it! I would like to see them try and ride a horse and jump at my level. Or do rollbacks and bending lines! Or try and change there canter leads! I LUV HORSEBACKRIDING! - visitor

okay to that stupid cheerluv girl shudup that stupid allergic reaction is not cheers falt and it is a sport you have to control a 1000 pound animal in your hands and all you do in cheer is do a couple moves and jump it is your falt how you fall in horse backriding you break back necks and at least 5 people die a year so suck it up you wimps who say it is not a sport i bet you have never been on a horse and if you have never trotted and also the people that say it is not is only people who do cheer - visitor

HORSEBACKING RDING NOT A SPORT!! thats funny! really,try controlling an aniamial thats 1000-2000 pounds,with a mind of its own!Ya know horses are unperdecable.i almost broke my neck while horse back riding,i could have got an concushion,adn i was centimeters from getting steped on in the FACE.And my friends horse bucked her off and was under his feet. - visitor

to tell you what i never ride on my horse spartan with anything only a halter so i kinder have to disagree because if you know your horse and trust him or her you will never go wrong i know this because i cure "problem" horses but it is dangerous for people who don't know what there doing - visitor

Cheerleading isn't even a sport. They "preform" at sport games, but is cheerleading in the Olympics?! No, I didn't think so. Also, horseback riding is wicked dangerous and is more of a sport than all the others on that list. Everyone tells me football or lacrosse is way more of a sport, but during football are you riding on the back of another living creature who could kill you in a second if they wanted? And are you jumping 5 Ft jumps with them? In football your just throwing your self on top of the person who has the ball...that sounds more like a game they would play in the 1600s. And cheerleading, again, isn't a sport.
Go Horseback riders! We need to prove Horse riding is a sport ( of course it is but for all thos other people who think it isn't!)
Ride hard and Win! - visitor

People, cheerleading isn't even a SPORT!!!!! It's a form of dance just so you know. Look it up
- visitor

my friend not to long ago got hurt cuz of HBR she was jumping and she was jumping a xc jump with an oxer right beside it and fell of into the other jump

she had to get 5 stiches, a neck brace, sprang arm, brused lungs, and a concusion how does tht make u feel about horse riding i think it should be the most dangerous sport - sundancersdream01

To all of you cheerleaders:
I'm not gonna say that cheerleading isn't a sport, or a dangerous sport for that matter. Cuz it is both of those things. I'll agree, cuz I've seen lots of people get hurt cheerleading.
However, to all of you cheerleaders who keep saying "riding isn't a sport", why not? It annoys you guys so much when ppl say cheerleading isn't a sport, that I'd think you'd shut up about other sports not really being sports, too.
Also, as a cheerleader and a horseback rider, riding is WAY more dangerous. We both get thrown high in the air, but riders aren't expecting it. And while we might fall on the ground, the other cheerleaders won't come and run over you and stomp you into the ground like the horse might. I've seen one person's horse take off and she fell, and then she was trampled by EVERY HORSE in the ring (there were 7) because they all got scared and started stampeding. She was in intensive care for six weeks, and hospitalized for five more. Have you ever had the football players come over and stomp you into the ground? No? I didn't think so. - visitor

You are controlling a 1,000 pound animal that could buck you, step on you, throw you- and you're saying that it's not that dangerous? GIVE ME A BREAK you preppy little stuck up teenaged cheerleaders. HB Riding is 10 times more dangerous. - visitor


You must be an idiot if you think riding is not a sport, or is less dangerous than cheering. Sitting on a dead broke, experienced horse when somebody is leading you around on a trail is NOT riding. Riding takes skill, balance, muscles, and gut.

I'd like to see one of you overly cocky cheerleaders drop your pom-poms and try and make a green horse even walk. You'd be clueless. When I first started riding, my leg muscles hurt like HELL. Why? Because I worked hard. I've known a girl who got trampled by a horse and barely survived. It's a dangerous sport.

Don't you EVER tell me horseback riding isn't hard work.

- Samantha, been riding and loving it for 2 years - visitor

HAHA, Hun, but you're not gonna win this fight. 'Most people who say equestrianism isn't a sport have only taken little trail rides/lessons on dead-headed, bomb proof 20 year old horses.' In OUR sport, we have ambulances following us around. We have our medical cards strapped to our arms. We get off our horses and thank them for letting us live. You guys don't have a teammate TEN TIMES YOUR SIZE, or work with a pure muscle 1, 400 lbs animal that speaks another language. Over 1, 000 people die PER YEAR in horseback riding. That's the most sport related deaths in the world. We work twice as hard as you guys, in MUD and horse poo. We don't JUST SIT THERE, we risk our lives daily, getting on an animal we have a bond with, that is most of the time, stronger than love itself.

- visitor

I'd like cheerleaders to try and catch a horse laugh out loud - visitor

Http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/List_of_horse_accidents

Stupid cheer... - visitor