To all you Cheerleaders.

To all of you cheerleaders out there, Cheerleading is not the most dangerous sport. The real dangerous sport is GYMNASTICS!

Gymnastics is the most dangerous sport because we do everything you hair flipping snotty cheerleaders do except throwing people up in the air but we do get thrown in the air when sometimes we tumble and get too much air and fly off the floor onto the hard floor and break our ankles. We fly in the air when we come off the vault. On Vault if your hand placement is off on the vault and your too much on the side of the vault when your flipping in the air we could miss the matt and fall on the hard ground. On beam you can get seriuosly hurt because a month ago we had a JV meet and this girl waas doing her dissmount and she slipped of beam and fell on the hard floor and BROKE her ankle with her bone sticking right out of her foot. Amd last but not least the Bars. I went to the state meet a couple weeks ago and this Varsity girl was doing her Bar routine and she was doing her flyaway with 2 backflips and she let go and when she was flipping she hit her head on the bar and feel. You might think that cheerleading is the most dangerous sport but i got to tell you all of you people posting on this cheerleading one think that it is the most dangerous are all cheerleaders and that is why you are posting on the cheerleading being the most dangerous sport. I am a gymnast but i guess some sports are more dangerous that gymnastics horsebacking riding is . So really when you guys say " Ya we get thrown in the air and have to do twist and our spot might not cetch us " well you have like 4 spots and i bet one out of the 4 touchs you or catches one part of your body before you fall and hit the ground, well in gymnastics there is nobody to help break the fall.


i agree, that one should renamed gymnastics - ronluna

Sorry, gymnastics isn't the most dangerous. But, it should be ike #3. I do agree cheerleading is like yuck. It's like a take off of gymnastics with not as dangerous stuff. Gymnastics is WAY more DANGEROUS THE CHEERLEADING! - Horsegirl

Oh also, all you said is true.Only one spot... YEAH! 4 - Horsegirl

oh yeah ur sooo right , just 1 thing ... i'm 1 or those many so called hair flipping stuck up snotty cheerleaders. - cheerluvr

yeah your right gymnastics is HARD but cheer is well . . . it's hard to tell we do the same things but at the same time . . .we don't . . . cheerleaders lift up other people do flpips on the balance beem and on the uneven bars - cheerluvr

lets see you braty gymnasts do this (although you could probably do the iflp parts) - cheerluvr

- cheerluvr

- cheerluvr

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