Horse back riding is a matter of life or death decisions

Ok, think about it for just a second... Horse back riding involves you climbing on the back of a horse that will put its own wants over your safety, it's not the horses fault, it doesn't know any better. I have been riding since i was three... i am thirteen now so i have been riding for ten years. When i was eight i was put on a mare named Bella who was NOT in a good mood that day. She took off on a run and bucked me off, I fractured my pelvis and wasn't allowed to ride for three months. Which really sucked because, I love riding! Then, when i got back to riding, I was put on a Palimino named Buddy. He was a smaller horse, maybe four and a half feet tall at the whithers? But he wasn't ready to jump. However, my instructor tried to make me jump a five foot jump with him. That was taller than he was! And this was my first day back after the whole three months i wasn't there riding! So I went over and I was fine until he tripped over the jump and i flipped over his head, onto the jump and got a concussion, even though i was wearing a helmet! Horse back riding is a matter of life and death. If you don't make the right decisions truth is, you WILL die! Even if you make the right decisions, you could STILL die! So don't go off saying about how it's easy to keep yourself on a horse because you are sitting. When I was five, my horse Sunny took off with me on his back and I fell off onto the wall on the other side of us and i had a headache for days after. Now don't get me wrong, I do cheerleading too and yes, it's extremely dangerous. One wrong move and the girl you are throwing 15 feet over your head will fall to the ground and break her neck. It's happened many times before but come on! More people die from horse injuries a year than people do from cheerleading. It's the truth, i'm not just saying that. Many people have been crushed by a horse that tripped going over a jump and they die instantly. So now, you can tell me, what is the most dangerous sport out there? And if you say anything else then you have to answer this question: Would YOU ever get on a 1,000+ pound horse knowing that if a fly lands on it's butt, it could possibly take off at break neck speed and kill you either instantly or painfully?


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What an idiot you are. Horseback riding is obviously the most dangerous sport. YOU'RE ON A 1200-1700 LB ANIMAL, AN UNPREDICTABLE CREATURE THAT CAN KILL YOU WITH ONE KICK FROM A HOOF. There are no half-ton animals in any of the other sports, is there? - visitor

Yeah. Angry footballers running you over Horses RULE! - visitor