Every watched a soccer game? No? Watch one and say it has no contact.

Don't really get how you could say soccer is not a contact sport!! I'm in 8th grade and have had to stay out of soccer for the rest of the season because of an injury that I got in soccer when I was in 5th grade and I was a defender!! It made it impossible to go through a game with it feeling like my muscles were being stretched and than stabbed! One of my old club teams, this girl name Erin was an amzaing goalie! She dove for the ball once, SMACKED her head ON A STEEL POLE, still got the ball kicked it on the other half of a field (which is a long way since we were playing on a 7th grade field)... and then was called out of the game because she had a possible concusion. That was when we were all in 6th grade. I've had a ball smack me in the gut from someone who was like a freaking giant when I was in 2nd... not even 2nd grade i think! The people who said that soccer is less dangerous and that football is more because people tackle you... well you know what? that happened at a soccer field. Yep and it was ME!! I had the ball and we were kicking butt! this one girl ran straight towards me and knocked me to the ground! The girl that I ran into toppled than on top of the girl that was on me. Did I whine about it? Nope. I got up, let this girl Grace kick the ball and continued on playing even though I could barely breath. And you football players have freaken plastic and padding to cushion the blow! Do we? No, we have a crappy piece of plastic that doesn't even help covering our shins!! Well maybe a little but really not much. If I could I would kick all yalls butts in my own backyard! Come to a soccer game and actually play. If your a guy go against the girls and I gaurantee!!! that you'll be sweating your butt of and screaming to stop before the girls... and trust me you'll be subbed out.

Now... listen to the list and accept your fate as not number 1. Oh yea and I totally agree with the list. Cheerleading is a tuff sport! You think it's just a bunch of girls throwing each other up in the air. Well take a closer look and see all of the trust they have in each other. Oh and Rugby should be added.


"id I whine about it? Nope. " Actually, you are whining now.

Oh, and that girl, Erin? The one who dove into a metal pole? There are metal poles in many sports, and just because one girl flung herself into one doesn't make your sport any more dangerous.

Finally, grammar and spelling. Learn ya some.

- visitor

I've played soccer for 14+ seasons. I'm in 8th grade. I started young. I've played against girls and I kicked their butts. With an ankle that had all the tendons pull from it the previous season. An they didn't suck. They were a select soccer team. Cut the BS soccer is tough but there's a few sports that are tougher then it. Like Rugby Lacrosse Motocross Hockey and bull riding are all worse then soccer.

"If your a guy go against the girls and I gaurantee! That you'll be sweating your butt of and screaming to stop before the girls... And trust me you'll be subbed out. " - visitor

Sure, soccer is a contact sport and tough. Many other sports are tough, but Cheerleading...now I've done that for years. I was thrown into the air and dropped. It wasn't as bad as being thrown from my horse into four METAL poles and then kicked. I broke five ribs, got a concussion and sprained my ankle and badly bruised my back. I also played soccer and got kicked in the face, kicked in the stomach, slammed onto the ground, etc. That was only in 4th grade by the bully of the school...we hated each other.

But there are sports wayy worst than soccer, horseback riding, bull riding, Lacrosse. My god, Lacrosse is rough! I never played it but it looks super violent. Lacrosse and Horseback riding are my two most dangerous sports. I wouldn't want to go and fight with a Lacrosse player... - visitor

In polo, there is a term called "riding off" a person from the opposing team. This is when you push someone on horseback using your shoulder and your mount. Oh! And did I mention this is at 45 mph? Okay, you got an injury and couldn't play. That happens to a lot of people in a lot of various sports. Did it ever occur to you that some people actually die while playing polo. Not only can they not play anymore, but they can't really do anything since they're... well... dead. - visitor

You got pushed over? Poor you. I got crushed by two guys, both or 6 feet and over 200 pounds. two guys on my team got concussions and one broke his foot. in the first practice! And you soccer players crying for your mommy cause you got PUSHED OVER! Jesus Christ - visitor