Cheer & Gymnastics

Fight nice kids!!!!!! BOTH are extreamely dangerous! My daughter has done gymnastics for 10 years and I've seen her break toes on the beam & floor, seen her bruise her ribs on the beam,seen her crouch the beam, seen her land flat on her back on high bar, seen her mess up her timing on vault and run smack into it, seen her mess up her hand placement on vault an face plant, seen her face plant many times on floor, seen her twist her arm on floor, twist her neck on the floor.....I think you get the point!

She currently is still doing gymnastics & has started her freshman year as a Varsity cheerleader (Stunt). In two months I've saw my daughters life pass in front of my eyes. She was partner stunting over a basketball court NO mats. For gymnast that don't know what partner stunting is, the male base has to hold my 90 pound daughter straight above his head without any assistance. Can any of you "bench press" a 90 pound person? Anyway, he is 6 foot tall, arms extended add another few feet, add my daughter height 5 feet, now picture yourself 15 feet above a basketball court again NO mats and your foot slips and you are falling onto a basketball court.

For thoes of you who say boys arent doing a "sport". These boys have to work out to be able to support the weight of a cheerleader. Have any of you ever lifted a 110 pounds over your head and have to hold it for a minute. Their arms start to shake, their legs start to shake but they have to focus on not dropping the cheerleader. Now I will go onto the spoter. They have a SPLIT second reaction time to catch that cheerleader in mid air. I thank god everyday for our spotter cause he had that quick reaction time & got my daughter in mid air, had he not, she probably would have a broken back , head injury or worse!

I also read a comment that gymnast don't have spots like cheerleaders. I call bull s***! Whenever my daughter is working on a new gymnastics skill she has a coach spotting her & the coach continues to spot her until she has the skill mastered. Also, once she has the skill mastered if she is nervous doing the skill (ex: back tuck on beam) the coach will spot her anytime she does it. Yes even when she competes it because there is NO deduction for a coach standing there as long as she doesn't touch the child when she is performing the skill. So gymnastics & cheer both have spots!

I also read a comment that cheerleaders are blonde & stupid & stuck up. Is it REALLY necessary to give personal insults????? My daughter is FAR from being stuck up nor is her cheer squad stuck up. On the other hand the gymnasts she has competed with for 10 are stuck up, they are mean & although they "cheer" for each other, they are really hoping for their teammate to fall so they can place higher. Gymnastics is a very individual sport. Chearleaders are a "team" so they cheer for each other. Also, to say they are blonde & stupid shows just how stupid you are. My daughter is NOT blonde & she is on the honor roll!

Cheerleading and gymnastics are BOTH very dangerous sports!


BRAVO - visitor

Gymnastics is dangerous and awesome, I do it - visitor

Not cheer I don't like the ones at my school... But maybe at some other place, or gymnastics - visitor

Okay, so you are technically saying cheer is harder? Are you not? I THINK THEY ARE EQUAL (leaning more towards gym because I am quite bias) - visitor

I think this blog is more bias to cheerleaders, just saying. But I agree, the fight over this is stupid and necessary. - gymnast82

Yep! Right - visitor

THANK YOU! I also do both sports and I get so annoyed when gymnasts pass cheerleading off as easy. It tends not to be the other way around though - probably because cheerleading incorporates gymnastics and we are not stuck up like people seem to think. - CheerleaderGymnast