if football and soccer are on this list rugby definitely should be

I know for a fact (I research this stuff) that rugby (union) has a higher injury risk than football (it isn't by a lot at low levels but the higher you go the bigger the difference) despite the fact that rugby players frequently won't report their injuries because of the substitution rules and just because we're crazy. I've played maybe 10 games total and messed up my knee twice. That's barely one season for my team (and in some places not even a full season). And just so you know this wasn't a little sprain or tear, my first injury occurred while being tackled in my first rugby season, my planted foot got caught and held my lower leg in place while my body and upper leg twisted 90 degrees to the side. When my foot came loose the leg luckily snapped back into place, however, my kneecap was still on the side of my knee. Dislocated kneecap (anybody who has dislocated something knows dslocations hurt like hell). I rehabbed from this (missing the last few games of the season) but wasn't in shape (knee and otherwise) to play until the next fall season (we have both a spring and fall season). The second injury occured in practice. I took a bad step and my knee gave out. Completely severed my acl. Didn't realize the injury was bad and continued to practice on it for a week and a half. During this time my knee would regularly slide out of place (I was hoping some extra tape and time would make it go away). Finally, I played in a tournament for about 3/4 of a game and my knee gave way again. My team finally pulled me from the game and told me I wouldnt play until my knee was cleared by a doctor. And this is just me in the time of four seasons one of which I made it most of the way through and another two in which I played one game or less. The fourth I was unable to play at all. I'm still rehabbing to play next fall season and this is women's rugby in the US. Higher leagues are even crazier.


Sounds to me like you just need more practice if you got so many injuries in less than a season! - visitor