Base Jumping


BASE jumping should be first on the list because you have a much better chance to die then any other sport on here. This guy died testing out a parachute. I personally think it's more dangerous than skydiving because you can run into the edge of a cliff easier.

This is the most dangerous sport in the world. How dare you even put cheerleading and wrestling as an extreme sport only extreme sports are considered dangerous and I think base jumping and skydiving have this list topped

How is cheerleading more dangerous than base jumping? There are a lot of bad injuries in cheerleading, but barely any fatalities. There a millions of fatalities in base humping. Forgot your parachute? Have fun dying!

My friend jeff died from base jumping so I think it's a bit more dangerous than hockey, football etc.

Sure they have a parachute but they don't always work like when they get caught in the object you are jumping from, plus if you live it usually isn't legal so have fun in jail

How is cheerleading higher? Like the guy said jumping a few feet from your friend's shoulders is much much less then several hundred feet with the threat of wind changes

I don't even think you have to explain why base jumping is dangerous. You're jumping off a base that's 490 feet in the air.

Yea pretty sure BASE jumping is more dangerous than cheerleading and horseback riding...

If you see anything you turn, if you don't, kaput

Every 2, 300 jumps results in a fatality. And 1 in every 20 jumpers dies.

It's scary even if you're watching it on T.V.


More deaths than any other sport

It only takes one slight miscalculation. RIP Shane McConkey. Enough said. I'm not a base jumper and even I know this, very common sense, this deserves to be number one.

this is much more dangerous that horse back ridding

Never tried this. LOOKS AWESOME! Especially dangerous. Like ok lemme just jump off this building real quick with this little parachute I found

How many people ride a horse and how many jump off a cliff, bridge, building and a Antana all just to get a base certificate your list is off

Famed base jumpers like Steve Sutton died only one year ago from a miscalculation in his wingsuit, striking an alpine ridge at 150mph approx; his body was so severely damaged DNA tests needed to be executed to determine it was his body.
More people than you think have met their demise through a base jump, it's an incredibly dangerous sport and profession. Anyone is susceptible.