I've been a cheerleader for approximately 8 years. Season to season. Practice to practice. Non-stop. 2 hours 5 days a week. There is no such thing as perfection. But trying to reach perfection is always the goal.

Cheerleading is indeed a sport. To those of you football players who think cheerleading is not a sport, you're wrong. Very VERY wrong. We do not step on that floor and push with all will and fight with all our strength to win, with pads on. Pads are for protection for you guys right? We use our bodies for protection. The bodies of bases and back spots are used for protection. Not for themselves, but for flyers like me. Sure we don't throw a football 20 yards, but we throw 100+ flyers probably 20 feet in the air. And catch them. Do you 9/10 times catch your ball during plays? No. We catch our flyer 9/10 times during very complicated stunt sequences. They toss them in they air. That one time they hit the floor is when te injuries come in. But the flyers do not get angry ...more

I wonder why everyone says their opinions to football players out of all the sports. - EXPLAINdis

Try 30 hours a week, each day, no breaks, just practice practice practice. I would love to see a cheerleader try what a gymnast does, and then say that cheer is the hardest sport, it's not.

I haven't been cheering long but even I know the dangers of cheer. Every time those girls hit the mat they are putting their lives in danger. It's not the same for all cheerleaders, but when we practice, we practice HARD. We run laps to our competition music- chanting our cheer when it comes on, stretch till our limbs burn and our muscles ache, we do push-ups and crunches till we can't feel our arms or abs. And that's just our warm-up. After that it's 2-3 hours of stunting, tumbling, dancing, and cheering. And if it's not close to our coaches expectations we run and condition until coach says to do it again. Our sport involves trust. In a stunt-group every person has to trust one another. The bases have to hold their own, they need to be sturdy and unmovable, they hold most of the weight in the stunt. The back-spot focuses on the flyer, they help keep her in the air, they are the flyer's lifeguard, as well as the bases and front-spot, if the flyer comes down it could mean serious ...more

I used to be a backspot. It was horrible but fun it brought me closer to my flyer because I saved her life every time she came down form being in the air. I would that the most dangerous stunt is the Pyramid. All the flyers are connected together in some way, shape or form so that means if one flyer falls everyone falls then it's on the bases and backspots to catch the flyers. Normally if it's a level five team and the pyramid doesn't hit... Everyone falls but the backspot can't let the flyer fall on the floor she either doesn't fall or falls on you so that means that the backspot has to dive on the floor to catch the flyer. It's not fun when you have a loose flyer and and you have to save her all the time. Now on to tumbling, at least once a year someone at my gym gets a concussion or breaks something because of a tumbling pass we have to flip in the air and stick the landing every single time or we could possibly break something. And when your on stage your coaches are counting in ...more

Those you who say cheerleading isn't a sport I dare you to spend one day in the life of a cheerleader. We have to condition every practice, and that doesn't just mean doing push-up or ab work outs. That means holding girls in the hair for 30 - 45 minutes, it means doing jumps until we can't feel our legs. We work out and practice for hours almost 7 days a week for 2.5 minutes of performing. We run routines with stunts, tumbling passes, and jump sequences for hours at a time, sometimes with no break. Not only do we have to get ready for competitions, but if you are a school cheerleader you have to be at every game with a smile on your face after a very intense practice. We have to stand in the cold during a football game with nothing on but a skirt, a tank top, and socks and shoes. On top of that, we are criticized constantly, because most of the time we don't fit the cheer stereotype. We're not all blondes who are always perky and only way 90 pounds. We work hard to maintain a normal ...more

I'm SO HAPPY CHEERLEADING IS AT THE TOP! Not that I enjoy getting injured lil. This gets my point across to SO many people that don' t think cheer is dangerous... You wanna know how dangerous? I knew a girl who did cheer and she got kicked in the chest and DIED! There have been more than 5 deaths in cheerleading for high schools... Imagine that, you're a happy tern going to cheer practice after school... But what you don't know is that you might not be going back to school tomorrow you just might be on life support. Every moment in cheer we risk our LIVES and you still think that all we do is prance around the sidelines in mini skirts and wave our arms around yelling "go team! " In my league we don't even wear skirts! Cheer season outlasts football and basket season cause while the boys suss out after a few games and end their season... WE KEEP GOING FOR MONTHS! IF YOU THINK CHEER IS EASY THEN DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! IF CHEERLEADING WAS EASY THEY'D CALL IT FOOTBALL! ...more

First off cheerleading isn't something just "popular people" do. We are all types and kinds of people. All-star cheerleading and football cheerleading are two completely different things. Football cheerleading is what you see in the movies. Yelling out cheers, basic tumbling, and supporting the team. All-star cheerleading doing a roundoff double backflip while ten other people are doing it right next to you, with about 2 feet of a gaps between each person, then regroup and throw a girl into the air and catch her perfectly. We throw our flyers into the air over 30 feet, risking their lives and ours. One little error, such as which direction your foot is could indefinitely immobilize all five girls throwing the flyer in the air. All-star cheering requires pure dedication and effort. And to those who say we get "6 months to learn a routine that's 2 minutes", you're wrong. In those complete cheer season most of us learn several routines for over 20 competitions. For ...more

ok.. so lacross guy that said the only reason we have more injuries is because theres more people you need to shut your mouth because it doesn't matter how many people play the sport it matters how dangerous it is... ok so imagine throwing people in the air for 3 hours every day. by the end of practice everyone is tired nd dropping eachother. at a game my stunt group dropped my flyer on her face on the track because no one in my group gets along with the main base and she wont listen to us. then you have to make walls and pyramids where if one person moves just a little bit every onter one of the at least 20 girls all fall on eachother. then imagine doin all this running and stunting and jumping in 90 degree weather with no breaks. I bet cheerleaders are 10 times stronger then almost every other sport people say are dangerous. when we get hurt we either have to keep playing or get kicked off the freakin team. we don't get to sit out. and when were stunting I bet you don't get dropped ...more

Cheerleading IS a sport because we practice just as much as any other sport. People say it's easy but if you ever put yourself out there at a competition or a game you know it's not as easy as we make it look. You may think that cheerleaders are popular kids with beautiful hair, amazing make-up, and the perfect boyfriend but you're wrong. More then half of my squad is single and at practice you can forget about the beautiful hair and amazing make-up because it's not there we don't just sit and talk and gossip about what's happened within the last week we sweat more then believable and we work so hard for a couple minutes on a mat or at a game. People say "Cheerleading is to easy to be a sport" but really it's not we make it look that way because were practicing after school and all during the summer because we need to make our routine perfect. Most of my squad this year is made up of people who never cheered before and it's unbelievable how fast they drop out because and I ...more

I wont deny that it isn't a sport but I will deny the fact that this is ranked the third most dangerous sport. I play most sports you can think of, soccer lacrosse rugby diving swim I've done gymnastics and baseball too. Almost every comment on this page has complained about hours of practice every week and this is NORMAL! I practice everyday too, I practice outside in the cold in the rain in the snow in the heat. Its expected but to add on to all that practice we also spend countless hours in the gym working out or using a mask to lower our oxygen so we can run longer with less air. Also people say that when you drop a flier they hit the floor and often get a bloody nose or break something, when I dive I am doing 3 flips off a board only 3 feet off the water and when I can't make that flip fast enough I normally hit my face on the water. A lot of times when that happens my face hits the water so hard I get a bloody nose and they have to shut the pool down because of my blood, but ...more - dddddddd

I cheer for my school and this is my fourth year. To everybody who says cheerleading isn't hard. BACK OFF! Unless you have cheered before you have absolutely no idea what its like. All-star cheerleading is most likely one of the hardest sports in the world and I am very glad cheerleading is first on this list because most people don't even think cheerleading qualifies as a sport. I did my round-off back-handspring for the first time without a spotter today and now my back is in major pain, my neck is mostly likely sprained and I just heard from my coach I might not be able to do any tumbling for three weeks... sounds like fun doesn't it? *sarcasm intended* I have seen so many girls get kicked in the face during stunts and just smiling it off. Think about this try doing a round off double back-handspring layout back-handspring back tuck back-handspring full and landing flat on your face on a hard gym floor during halftime of a game. Sounds fun doesn't it? *Sarcasm* Yeah, I get it ...more

I get it, I get it. All of you cheerleaders keep ranting about 'how it is a sport, ' and 'how it is incredibly dangerous." I understand you perspective so don't eat me alive for my opinion. Personally, I don't believe that cheer is necessarily a sport unless it is competitive. Not the school cheerleading, where (in my school) orients around a bunch of girls walking around in miniskirts to claw to the top of the social caste system. This does not go to say that all cheerleaders are obnoxious and stuck-up; I have several of my best friends in cheer and they are some of the best people I have ever met.

However, I was shocked to see cheer ranked as the second most dangerous sport. I'm not saying that cheerleaders never get hurt, it's the price you pay with every sport. I am inclined to believe that cheer is ranked so high because cheer is a more common sport. There are simply more cheerleaders than there are base-jumpers or bull-riders.

Furthermore, there are way too ...more

The thing is unless someone does it you won't understand. We are taught to get under those girls In the air and not to let them hit that ground. I've gotten a hurt neck I've broken my hand I've come home and unable to move because I'm covered in bruises and bumps. I have three different braces for my knees wrist and ankle I go through so much ibuprofen and ice. It's underestimated - Xox_sav

Cheerleading is most definitely a sport. Most people don't think it is because of the stereotypes. A lot of people think that cheerleading is shaking your pom poms and yelling "Go team" but in reality, that's just school cheer, which is a lot different from the dangerous sport of ALLSTAR CHEER. Now I know what your thinking... What's the difference? Well. Allstar cheer consists of jumps, stunts, tumbling, and a bunch of motions for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Many other sports get 1 hour to prove their the best.. But us cheerleaders, ha, only about 2.5 minutes of striving for perfection. I can speak from experience, I've done both Allstar and School cheer, and Allstar is the hardest thing I have ever done. I've been cheering for 8 years now, and have been and seen many injuries. If a person in any other sport gets hurt, they can leave the field/court. Cheerleaders KEEP GOING. I broke my nose in the middle of a routine and it was completely messed up. Turned in a different ...more - cheerforlifebro

Cheerleading is one of the hardest sports out there. When you say "Oh I do cheerleading" "people are like oh that's just for sideline girls who sing there cheers and just toss girls up" No it takes a hell of a lot of work to be a cheerleader the endurance you have, the flexibility, the core strength the leg strength. Cheerleading is a sport We hold girls over are heads and d basket tosses and dangerous stunts we get blood blisters on are hands! There's times when flyers get dropped and hurt Cheerleading is hard because you thrive and always want to be the best. When you go to a competition and get fourth place that place doesn't mater its first place that matters For example Look at All Star cheer Cheer athletics, top gun, Senior elite, stingrays, smoed. In Oregon for OCAA at State Championships They have two scoring sheets of tumbling and jumps combined You didn't point your toes? Deduction! The girls in the back don't get up? Deduction! Didn't hit the stunt? ...more

I do competitive cheer. It's a lot harder than most people would think. you cheer nonstop and I don't quit just because I have a broken toe I will fight through the pain. I am a base and a flyer we get pushed to the ground all the time. But does it stop us? No! When I get to practice I have a okay ponytail but when I get out of practice my ponytail is about to fall out. People can die from this sport! I risk my life for my team it may not seem like it but I do! I am only in fifth grade. I cheer for two teams in my gym so I barely get to hang out with friends and family the only time I hang out with my friends is at school when they want to text me I don't reply until 10:00 at night. It's ok with me because I sill get good grades and that is one of the most important this to me.

A few weeks ago a boy asked if cheer was a real sport. I said of of course because I sprain my ankle but I sill cheer four days a week for three hours each day I don't get home until about 10 to 10:30 at ...more

Literally, we throw girls in the air, and we rely on them and each other that they land safely and at a certain time. And we do many many many many different jumps. In this case, anyone could land wring and break an ankle, sprain a knee, anything. This is definitely a VERY dangerous sport. It shows tremendous teamwork skills. And if you don't think that cheerleading is a sport, I ain't to see you try it. Lets see how we'll you can do a toe touch. "Anyone can move their arms in certain ways" we'll anyone can throw a ball at a hoop, and make it go in, anyone can get a ball thrown at them, and hit it with a bat, anyone can run 400 meters, anyone can do anything that they want to do. I would have to say that if this isn't the case, I would like someone out there to prove it to me. Tell me this, what is a sport? Something that requires physical activity, mental concentration, competition, teamwork? Well you can't tell me that cheerleading doesn't have any of those things. It ...more

Everyone says cheerleading is not a sport but it is! It's very dangerous a lot of people have gotten injured on my team and we're not even in high school yet!

People say that all cheerleaders do is wave their pom poms around and clap their hands while chanting silly little chants... Excuse me, but have you ever been to a competition? They're more intense than most sports games. We work our butts off all year to be the best that we can be and then we go to 4-5 competitions a year and show everybody what we got. Cheerleading also has one of the longest seasons. We start in the summer and work all the way to spring. And I'm not talking a practice for an hour a week, I'm talking about 3-4 practices a week, sometimes everyday when it comes to competition time. And just like every other sport we do conditioning. Yeah, that's right. We work out. It's number 4 on the most dangerous sports list for a reason. We throw girls in the air and get thrown in the air hoping that somebody catches us. If they don't then we're pretty much f'ed. There's so much momentum in a throw that if we were to hit the ground it could have serious consequences. I've seen ...more

You know I'm honestly extremely proud to see that cheer is in the top 10 most dangerous sports.. Cause it is.. And to the people who say "Cheerleading is for popularity". No, honestly its not. Yeah it feels good to know that some look up to you and all. But cheerleading isn't about the pretty faces, waving pompoms in the air and having cute boyfriend and a lot of friend. Its about teamwork, dedication, and taking a risk. I have a friend that's in football, k yeah I understand your point its a rough sport. But all you do is knock over people and run with a ball. But I don't see you lifting someone 60ft above the ground and them depending on you to catch them from rather death or a broken part of their bodies. It's hard. And going into practice for 4hours all seasons long almost everyday to make a 2 to 2:30minutes routine perfect is damn right hard work. And my cheer team isn't a highschool team, its a all star team. Yes their somewhat familiar but allstar is also somewhat ...more

For all you people who think cheers not a sport wrong it is let's just take a moment to realize when I was at a comp I was watching this amazing team and when they got to the pyrimad boom it happend my life turned to slow mode as I watched this poor girl fall back from a full and it was the longest 3 seconds of my life when she fell straight on her head and died... Rest in paradise my friend... But back to the point does this seem a sport to my reference it is because we spend over 2 hours at the gym for just practice don't remind me of the extra practices and tumble and privates and just to see your coaches we are there and every time it is brutal sweating more than you football players when we don't look pretty we don't dress to impress no we look like slobs with our legs giving out and arms shaking and our whole bodies aching And stomachs hard from all the tension from conditioning cheer style by that I don't mean push ups with our knees down no I mean more like 3 min planks push ...more

Here is to the people that don't understand how hard cheerleading really is. There are two types of cheerleading. side line cheering at school and actually, there are cheer competitions at school to so um... yeah. Then there is competitive cheerleading, and college cheerleading. So before you comment something stupid about that competitive cheer isn't a sport or college. School cheer or sideline isn't a sport. But competitive and college is. We aren't all about dating a quarter back. Most of us are single. I have a few links for some competition cheerleading and college at the bottom. But we aren't jerks or rude. We do it because we love it. We condition until we are about to throw up. We run up to five miles. We practice lots of hours of week. We have 3,4, or 5 hour practices! Guys even do the sport. Try flipping off the ground and doing one or 3 twists in the air at once. Are conditioning can be just as hard as boot camp conditioning when you enter the army. Are coach actually ...more

For all you football players, soccer players, motor cross, and anyone else who doubts us I'm in the 8th grade and on our varsity competition team... I'm a main base and I've also been a flyer and a back spot and a secondary base they are not easy positions and this isn't an easy sport the mats aren't when that thick it's like landing on grass. We do not cheer or compete for guys we do it because we love it and it's such a big rush going out there in the mat. And yeah so what we only get about 2.5 minutes we use all the energy we have to do our best to perfect everything in the routine including our facials and pointed toes. It's just like any other sport we also have to not only look out for yourself but the girls around us one wrong move and we could be trampled. Kicked. Landed on. Anything. The people you are hitting or trying to get the ball from? Yeah imagine us picking up those girls with our hands above our heads and remember to be sturdy for your flyer and no bobbles flyers ...more

Ok guys lets get it straight Cheer is are sport not so much sideline cheer but allstars is extreme doing fulls, back tucks, whips, really hard tumbling passes and just watching I bet you think in your tiny little head "psh easy" ok is its so easy go throw are full out routine perfectly with technique, tightness in your core, ab strength, muscles etc ya I dare you to go out and try you wouldn't last are minute with level 5 World teams. Yes we perform and make it look easy with no practice but we practice 2 hours at least 5 days are week. We condition non stop running outside until we throw up and want to stop, but guess what we keep going we r hard working athletes that have are lot of determination. We haven't even got in to stunting, well now you will here about it. So bases that throw lift toss the flyers actually have to catch them from 10-15 feet we have no padding to protect ourselves we just go for it, risking our lives just for the flyer. If one little thing goes ...more

I agree I'm a cheerleader and have you seen cheer forse they won nationals 5 years and they do some really dangerous stuff like doing a flip from one stunt to another

Okay this is to anyone who thinks cheerleading isn't a sport. You can say we're not athletes. You can say we don't work as hard as other teams and just cheer on the sidelines. That's not even close to true. For most of you people that say that, have you ever see a cheer team practice or perform. Most everyone says "oh only competitive cheer is a sport." Yes of course it is but so is school cheer. Even in elementary school they at least do one or two competitions. Well let me tell you this if you say cheer is isn't a sport then you should just listen. So last year I was an elementary school cheerleader. You don't know how many times the football coaches got made just because we were practicing like them that we were on the field practicing for a comp. So we asked them to come over watch our cheer and dance. And they did. And ever since then they all believed all cheer was a sport. We practiced 5 days a week for 3 and 1/2 hours! Much much more thank the football players. ...more

I'm not even going to start reading the things that people have said because I know that 90% of them are going to be negative things about cheer.

Cheerleaders listen up... It doesn't matter what other people think about cheer, all that matters, is that you enjoy what you are doing! I do all star cheer and high school cheer. Both are very difficult and dangerous.. And I know that, that's all that matters. Trying to prove to people that cheer is dangerous wont get you any where... No one understands until they try the sport. I know its frustrating and makes you angry when people say stuff about something you love so much, but you just have to deal with it.

And also just because you believe cheer is the most dangerous sport doesn't mean that you should say bad things about other sports. You don't like it when people say bad things about cheer and I'm sure other people don't like it when their sport is made fun of. Every sport is difficult and dangerous.. Not just cheer. ...more

Just saying, whenever you say cheerleading isn't a sport, all cheerleaders get very offended because sure we make it look easy but if you tried we all know you would fail. You have to be perfect. No matter how much it hurts you have 2 pretend like it doesn't and keep a huge smile on your face. Oh yea, did you know cheerleading is just as dangerous as football? Well it is, probably even more dangerous. We lift girls over 100 pounds into the air above our heads, they throw a 5 pound football, oh yea and we actually catch ours. Cheerleading is blood sweat and tears. There's bruises on your legs just because a certain dance move makes you hit your legs every time. If a stunt falls, welcome to 50 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks, 50 sit ups, and running until you pass out. Just because you drop your flyer. A life is in the bases hands, they have the strength to hit a stunt over and over even after 4 foot high jumps (or higher), face planting on your tumbling pass, and even forgetting every dance ...more