Dance is not only physically difficult, but mentally difficult. In dance, you can't look like you are concentrating. You have to make everything look beautiful and effortless. In other words, you have to focus on two things at the same time, which brings up the rate of injuries. You also have to bend yourself into shapes that you should NEVER bend into. You are like the choreographer's experiment, and chances are they don't worry about you getting hurt, that's up to you! You have to attempt many things that could permanently damage you.

Besides the twelve hour practices, dancers are constantly working. We do six day weeks most weeks all year round. Dancers never stop training. Injuries are common. Most will work through broken toes or torn muscles. I'm not going to compare dance to cheer, gymnastics, or figure skating because I believe we all deserve top of the list. Dance is an art and a sport. Bodies are destroyed by dance for the greatest reason: passion. Dancers are crazy flexible and have incredible core and leg strength. Most other sports get padding or only work for one season, but not dance. Our work is without protection, all day, all year round.

Dance should be in the top ten. First off sure you can get hurt in football or cheer but try dance for 1 day. I hate how people talk about dance the way they do, many people at my school say "oh dance is so easy" I told them to stand in first position and 3 days later they said their legs still hurt. In cheer or gymnastics or any other sport you use the typical muscles but with dance we dancers use so many muscles others don't understand. Everyone always thinks oh look she's a dancer I but she just does patty cake in a tutu everyday ummm no try standin on two toes with all your body weight on those tips of your feet for 1 minute bet you can't do that. One more thing WHY ARE CHEERLEADERS AND GYMNAST POSTING "oh I bet I am way more flexible" no one cares here have a gold sticker. (Sorry for being rude I have done other sports that are difficult but none harder than ballet)

As a dancer, I can tell you exactly how dangerous and painful it is. Flexibility is a small part of the pain a dancer encounters. Shin splints are so common, yet you still dance. I know people who dance on broken toes/feet and torn calf muscles. Pointe takes an incredible amount of strength. You also have to have an extreme amount of coordination to dance around people. You constantly risk running into someone. Eight hour rehearsals are regular for nonprofessionals, not to mention professionals who do twelve hour days six days a week. Yet, we smile through the pain to give an incredible performance.

Dance and gymnastics are way more harder than cheerleading I've danced since I was 2 and I was a gymnast until I had to retire oh and by the way I'm only 13!
I was at a dance comp when I done a chest roll and when I done it I cracked my hip! And when I was a gymnast I was 8 by the way I done a round off double back handspring into a full back tuck which I fell and broke my back I made a good recovery and got fully recovered when I was 11 I was finally allowed to dance again at age 13 and I'm happy but I'm never allowed to do gymnastics again! So In my opinion dance and gymnastics should be at the top of the list I was a cheerleader For a year them quit because I felt like a dancer/ gymnast who went mentally insane so there's my opinion

Hi I'm a dancer and I think it should've made your list since cheer and gymnastics were on there. There is a big argument between a sport and an art. Obviously it's a sport. It's a physical activity and has some competition to it. Not to mention you can seriously get hurt while dancing. Instead of lifting weights or other people, we have to hold our selfs up on only the ball of your foot for 5 minutes. Also being en pointe. We choose to jack up our feet because we work them so hard. I hope that you put dance on here. Because it IS a sport.

Dance is very dangerous and I think it's even more dangerous then hockey because just a day ago I had to do a partner lift and I got dropped on my head and got a concussion. Many sports have gear they can wear to protect people but dancers are just totally exposed and same with gymnastics. In my opinion I think dance should be up in the top 10 with gymnastics and cheerleading.

Dancers do all sorts of dangerous partner tricks, flips, leaps and jumps. They must go beyond extreme flexibility and build up muscles all over their bodies. Many things seen in gymnastics originate from dance. (Leaps, turns) Dancers can injure themselves to the extent to where they may never walk again. Pointe can RUIN your feet and make them look disgusting.

As a ballet dancer myself I can appreciate the amount of skill and pain dancers go through, I dance minimum 30 hours a week, I have bad bones and pressured to keep a weight of 90lbs maximum. This should be much higher than it is currently as I can't imagine soccer players toe nails falling off every 2 weeks or having a dislocating hip every pirouette!

Dance! You can break any bone or joint or pull a muscle as simple as lifting your leg, or turning or jumping! You can come out of a jump and roll your ankle, you can be doing partnering and have the guy drop you and you mightn't be able to dance again... It is very dangerous If you dot train correctly!

It is very, very difficult and dangerous. In ballet, if you stretch to far, you can pull a muscle. If you fall off Pointe, you could end up with concussion. Going on Pointe to early can cause foot problems. Falling from a guy's arm can seriously injure a dancer, as sometimes, guys are spinning with girls in their arms. People might say it's easy, but have they actually tried it? Dancing is an extremely dangerous sport.

My friend says dance isn't a sport and she says cheerleading is a more dangerous sport but clearly dance is super dangerous and if I do a split I could clearly NEVER dance again its obvious but I guess you have to be one to believe one!

Dance is very very very dangerous constantly have pulled muscles and I get heart so much it isn't even funny people underestimate dance but dance is a true sport dancing is like signing a contract to get injured

Ballet is by far the most body ruining! I have had surgery on both knees and shoulders! My feet will never be the same from pointe. Also sometimes I have to go days without eating to be the right weight for my pas de deux partner to lift me.

I'm sorry to all those people who say dance isn't a sport and it's a part of cheerleading, YOU BE DAM WRONG. Honestly I think cheerleading is acro and throwing people into the air, dance is more than that, it has some much technique and emotion and shows stories that you can't do in cheerleading. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone but that's my opinion. I've regretted reading some of the comments as they have hurt me and my passion. Dance is a lot more than what you think.

Dance is extremely dangerous you can get hurt in dance just as easily as you can clap your hands together. Sometimes it can be extremely dangerous.

Dance is dangerous because if you are not trained properly or you aren't strong you can get seriously injured. there are so many opportunities to get hurt in basically everything you do!

Dance is extremely dangerous, half my Ballet class of 12 is injured and another 3 are marking due to minor injuries, on my class last friday there were literally 3 healthy girls out of 12!

Many people say dance isn't a sport. I dance. One girl in my lyrical class broke her leg. We practice just as much as football players. We compete just as much as them. We can catch a ball and run or throw it to avoid being tackled. Let's see them try to do a split or an extension.

Dancers can have a lot of damage done to their bodies. Have you ever stood on your toes while doing turns and stuff

In Dance you need to be able to do the splits, leaps, and flips. You always pull something or sprain something. We plank do push-ups, etc. Dance is a sport and a hard one too! We dancers don't just leap around. For example pointe, have ou ever stood on the tip top of your toes and did triples? You need to be able to walk, turn, jump. You need muscles to do all of this. Dance is just like gymnastics.

Depending on what kind of dance you do, each kind is so dangerous in a different way. Your trying to move your body in such different ways that not many people can do unless you are highly trained, pulling muscules, breaking bones, feeling ill by just staying at your studio all night trying to perfect your lift, jump, turn, or leap using every muscule in your body. One wrong twist or turn and your done. You must work for it and want it if you dance, for it is not just a sport, but an art.

I think that dance is potentially a REALLY dangerous sport- I am doing a project on Safety in the Dance Studio, and when you look into it, there have been far more dangerous experiences in dance, that in most other sports around the world!
So watch out... But keep dancing! X

I have been dancing for 8 years and I get hurt on a regular basis. I think it should be higher than 32.

I am a dancer and it is a very serious very dangerous, one of the girls I knew was performing her solo and she went to do a back walkover and she fell backwards onto her neck and was paralyzed from the neck down!