Figure Skating


You have got to be kidding me! Ice skating should definitely not be number 21.
I'm just going to say this. Ice skating should be before cheerleading.
Sure cheerleaders do lifts and splits. At least you have a kind of soft landing. We have the cold hard ice. Especially pairs, ice dancers, and synchronized skaters. When pairs and ice dancers do lifts, there's only one person holding you up and THEY ARE GLIDING ACROSS THE ICE WITH A GOOD AMOUNT IF SPEED. When synchro skaters do lifts, you may have at least three people holding you. You also have to count how long you hold the person for, the difficulty of the lift, and how close the people holding you are. When cheerleaders do flips and jumps you have a springy floor underneath you. For figure skaters, when they do a jump, spin, etc. incorrectly, landing on the hard ice can seriously hurt.

As for injuries, both sports may have the same injuries sometimes. Example: concussion, tail bone injuries, broken/sprain/fracture: ...more

Figure Skating is extremely dangerous! The slightest trip can give you a concussion. My friends leg was once slashed open from another girls blade. I've almost fainted, gotten concussions, and strained many muscles doing things that don't even compare to Olympians. Blades can actually cut you, if you have to grab your blade it can cause bleeding. These blades have cut a fellow skaters hair when she was doing a death spiral. The fact that we have spins called death spirals and death drops shows just how dangerous the sport is. Don't even get me started on skating in pairs, dance or synchro. One step out of place can cause terrible accidents. A girl was doing dance with her coach, one wrong step and she was having a seizure and being admitted to the hospital. In synchro peoples fingers could get run over by blades if they fall and they have. Us skaters get knee problems and tendinitis, and are rarely without bruises. Its an awfully dangerous sport!

Almost every figure skater I have met has had to get surgery because of skating. I have a massive scar on my right leg just from doing a single loop my skate was in the wrong position and my blade cut through my tights. I've face planted into the ice so many times from leaning to far forward on my toe pick. Unlike most sports skaters have no padding or helmets all we can wear are some tights and a dress. In pair skating the man has to be able lift the girl above his head and throw her at fast speeds and catch her. As well as spinning side by side and If with one travels then that can involve a blade in the face. I believe figure skating should up there with gymnastic and cheerleading, honestly and not down here at 24.

I think this should be higher then number 26. Like it is a lot more dangerous then some of those other sports. Right before Halloween this year I broke my ankle and shattered my tibia and fibia. I still might have to go get surgery. And this was something as simple as cross overs at a fast speed. I've done cheerleading and dance and I think figure skating is a lot more dangerous. My younger sister also figure skates and she popped out her knee cap.

Death drop. 'enough said. Anyway I don't deny that cheerleading is hard but figure skating should be higher on this list. When cheerleaders fall they fall on a mat, figure skaters fall on cold hard ice, with no protection except for some tights. Yes you throw people in the air in cheerleading but often there are multiple people to catch one person and they are standing still plus the position they jump in makes it easier to land safely. In pairs skating they are thrown in the air at high speeds, the girl has her arms pulled in and her legs crossed mid air so if she falls, well, she might not skate again

I am shocked by whoever has the nerve to put figure skating at 21st. I've been a skater for 5 years and I can assure anyone that this sport is never taken lightly. I've had multiple injuries, like strong bruises and broken bones just for misplacing a foot or having a wrong takeoff on a jump. I've seen people fall on their head and have to take time off for concussions, I've seen people fall over and break an ankle, I've even seen a person fall into splits while practicing triple flip and they had to take 2 weeks off to recover. I'm sure people will agree with me when I say skating is DEFINITELY NOT less painful than cheerleading. at least when they fall they have ground softer than hard ice. Figure skating is such a dangerous sport, people can have severe injuries by misplacing a foot or not hitting a perfect position. If you lean to back, you can fall and injure your neck. If you don't pull in your arms and feet during jumps you will fall and hurt yourself. It's a very precise sport, ...more

Figure skating is not only jumps and spins. You have to vault in the air and twist three or even four times on a small blade on hard cold ice. Figure skaters also have to spin while holding one leg in the air and balancing and not fall. If you land a jump the wrong way or even take of wrong, it could lead to severe injuries and brain damage. With the spins you have to be able to spin at full speed and not fall backwards and get hurt. The jumps in figure skating are very difficult and can lead to very nasty bruises. I think figure skating is way more dangerous than a lot of the sports above.

Synchronized figure skating: 40 pairs of blades. Pairs: throwing in to air = could land on face individual: injuries are a common occurrence and are dealt with like it's nothing, jumping into the boards, and of course landing wrong can kill you. Back to pairs, partner spins, blade to face? Show skating back flips, and death drops, headbangers? I mean 22? Really figure skating is hard enough being as cold as it is...

Figure skating should be so much higher on this list! The tiniest mistake can send you and other skaters to the emergency room. I have had hundreds of stitches from various times that I have gotten hit by other peoples blades, I've seen so many people hit a bad spot on the ice or on their blade and get concussions from hitting the boards or ice. I have been asked numerous times to call for an ambulance because of other skaters obtaining serious injuries during freestyle sessions.

I am a figure skater and I just graduated physical therapy, where I have been training for two months. After a bad fall, I now have a permanent back injury that may get worse and lead to surgery. After my graduation, I tried jumping to soon and within a week I now have an overuse of my back. I am not saying that other sports are not dangerous, but figure skating is life threatening everyday. I mean, we fall harder that hockey players and they get to wear pads.

I have skated for 6 years and everytine I leave practice, I have sore ankles and legs and can barely walk. I have sprained my wrist about 20 times, hurt my knee at least 10 times, and I've fallen on my back and I could barely walk for 1 month. I'm only working on doubles too. Imagine working on triples or quads. The reason figure skating is number 23: the public doesn't see our worst falls. Yes, people fall in major competitions, but the majority of the time, the worst falls are during practice. This is usually where people break bones and and sprain things. I know 3 people who have become paralyzed because of skating. It deserves to be close to cheerleading. I mean... COME ONN

All I can say is YIKES! Speed, power, sharp blades, lifts, jumps, hard surfaces, the WALL, crowded sessions... I've seen stuff that makes me cringe. Problem is the misconception that figure skating is easy because figure skaters make it look so easy but the reality is hours of training, taking that fall over and over again to get it right, bumps bruises, and concussions.

It's dangerous because you are wearing a boot with a sharp blade mounted on it. Then you are balancing on that blade on a slippery, hard, frozen surface traveling very fast. It's very easy to get seriously injured by hardly doing anything. I broke my ankle just trying to brush a pile of shaved ice (snow) off the ice with my blade. I've done many much more complicated things and now I need surgery/rehab/cast etc because of one simple fall :(

Figure skating is super dangerous! Maybe even more than cheerleading! Think about all the dangerous jumps and spins we do! And beneath us? Ice cold, hard ice. You will not believe the number of bruises I have on my knees! I mean seriously people! Plus, when I was little, I may of possibly accidentally run over a little girl's hand...

Geez ice skating AT LEAST deserves to go before mountaineering and dance I mean geez in the past year I have broken my wrist my ankle twice have a spondi broken three fingers and have severe knee growing problems all from skating oh and not to mention cruddy hands legs from scratching myself with my blade all the time yet ice skating really deserves to be 26!

I was just at skating practice the other day and was showing a younger skater a waltz jump. I was doing the setup and Some other kid skated right in front of me and I sprained my wrist because I had to stop so abruptly and I had fallen. That's definitely not the worst injury I've ever seen/received. Figure skating is a very dangerous sport, especially when you have inexperienced young kids not looking where they're going and stumbling across the ice.

Figure skating is SO SO SO SO SO DANGEROUS! Have you seen someone do a triple axel? Or a double salcow? What about the death spiral spin? The names have meaning! I mean imagine if you landed on an edge when you shouldn't! Broken leg, here you come! Figure skating is so much more dangerous than cheerleading or anything!

Figure skating should at least be top 5. The speed need to complete jumps and spins could do anything to someone who might slip up and fall. When more than one person is on the ice at a time practicing high level jumps or spins the risk of being bumped into leading to numerous things.

I have only been a figure skater for 3 years and I've already seen 2 people get a concussion, injured myself bad enough that the next day, I couldn't go to school, twice. I've gotten bruises so bad that when the doctor saw them, he screamed and I've pulled 6 different muscles. Falling on the cold, hard ice is more painful then you think.

I've been a figure skater for 10 years. I can honestly say that this is a more dangerous sports than these other listings. I can honestly say that as you grow as a skater you are gonna do more dangerous spins and flips. I'm also a horsebackrider which is the number 1 and I ha e never been injured or even seen anyone get hurt. Especially being on a syncro team if you fall it cannot only get you hurt but hurt everyone else on the team. So based on all the experiences that I have had and had to witness there is no way that figure skating is this low on the list.

I've been skating since I was 8. And I think it should be listed number three because in this reading it says that you're lifting a person up into the air on to hard ice and you can break loans easily I broke my shoulder I I also broke my leg I've also had a concussion it's very dangerous so I think it should be put as number three

! How is skating the 25th most dangerous?! I know this one girl who fell and got a 3 inch deep cut in her leg! I also know a girl who almost died on her senior moves. She fell backwards and cracked her head open! She got put into comma for about 7 months, then got like 18 stitches and staples! SKATING IS SUPER HARD!

I've had to get stitches on my chin from slipping on the ice and slamming face first. This has happened twice in less than a 6 month period! When I went to the doctor to get my stitches, they even said they get many skaters coming in to get stitches on their chins. Apparently, the doctors now call it "skaters mark" because many figure skaters have scars on their chins.

Figure skating is a very hard sport, and very dangerous. A bade on a skate could kill someone if it sliced them in the right spot. Also, someone could break any bone, mostly their neck if they fail to successfully complete a turn or leap.

FIGURE SKATING IS SO DANGEROUS! I can't believe that hockey beat it! WE don't WEAR ANY EQUIPTMENT! A couple years ago I was practicing my axel and I fell and smashed my chin off the ice and almost had to get stiches so PAINFUL! This girl that I skate with just recently fell on her double flip and fractured her whole ankle and will be out for the season! In my own opinion figure skating should be in the top ten!