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American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.


Football is one of those sports were every game someone is injured and can't come back for a few weeks! We put our careers at risk every day. One wrong move and you could have an injury that impacts you for the rest of your life. Also concussions from football affect you the rest of your life, a concussion you get in high school can come back 15-20 years later and kill you. That's why we have so much protection, how many other sports can you play with a broken arm and not really even notice it until you get back to the locker room. We play with broken toes, broken fingers, screwed up knees and shoulders, and many other injuries and not even come out of the game. Coaches constantly scream in your face and you can't get your feelings hurt, you just understand they're trying to help you. Cheerleading is not a sport more dangerous than football.

I played football for around 11 years and this sport is more dangerous than cheerleading. Seriously, at the games the cheer leaders just sit behind us and start signing their cheers and doing what ever they do while there is a game going on. There's halftime when you go out on the field and do the pyramid or whatever, but most of the football guys and team are focused in what their coach is saying about what the heck is going on in the game. If you think doing planks and abs are really that bad, that's a breeze compared to what we do. Try being coached by an ex US Army Ranger, and doing the drills, such as Oklahoma and King of the Pitt. I've seen my fare share of team mates getting hurt, bloody noses and scratches from these drills, and even in the game. I recall a couple time an ambulance would have to come onto the field during a game and help a team-mate or player out. Seriously these injuries the players get put them in the hospital for a good week, concussions are usually the ...more

I'm a cheerleader and this is actually really offensive. First of all you have no idea what you are talking about. Second we do stunts that you wouldn't even know what to do. And I suggest you try doing what we do for a change and maybe you will have more respect for us cheerleaders. The cheers we learn are for you guys out there on the field. If you don't like them go ahead and say something because most of us work hard for what we do. And the girls that do their makeup for the game are ridiculous I agree with that part but I don't understand why you would put that on all of the cheerleaders in the world. And you have to remember there are other sports in this world. Why dis on cheerleaders when they are the ones keeping the boys motivated or at least trying? If anyone disses on all cheerleaders please check yourself you know we aren't all that way.

To all you "future NFL players" GO CRY ME A RIVER!
-"We work so hard."
-"Everything else is easy."


Horseback made the list in 1st football isn't as dangerous because if you are under 18 you are only required to wear a helmet with less padding than what you wear on your butt. Then at 18+ you are required to wear nothing. Even if we had your padding it would still be more dangerous. We don't die "Every Season, Week, or Month"

Please that's why you are #5 we die every day/ every 12 hours. Riders have it WORST because its dangerous, challenging and can destroy you emotionally and physically. I have had trainers that want me dead when I mess up because "a simple mistake" = death, injury, or coma

To have put enough trust in one animal and then to have them nearly kill you is worse that having a coach yell at you - oh wait that happens to riders too. Our sport is made of money and muscle. You basically pay to sometimes break a bone, hurt a ...more

I don't know how football is not #1. I don't see cheerleaders getting carted off the field for a concussion, or a tearing your ACL. For football they go out there for 2-3 hours of straight hitting each other with bruit force. You go out there and you just want to kill the person that's in front of you. The players don't care (excuse my language) if you get injured, the whole game they are trying to cheap shot you, hitting your straight up or going for the knees. Watching Antonio Brown (NFL player for the Steelers) get rocked out there 2 taking shots straight to the head left and right by the opposing team reminded me of how unforgiving the NFL is. I can see bull riding but everything above, I mean, those are just accidents. Bulls try to get you off and you take the risk but gymnastics, cheerleading, or horseback riding. Are you kidding me, that's one you, you rant indented to get injured. Football the opposing team is trying to injury you in a way so you won't be returning for a long ...more

Dude... Your an idiot to be honest. "Horses don't care if you get hurt." You are working against yourself here buddy. Barrel racer: horse flipped over on top of her and ripped half her face off, took 400 stitches to put her face back on, I don't hear about that in football. 15 year old girl: riding her horse, horse spooked at a bee, flipped over a fence and crushed her spinal cord. She died. I don't hear about that in football. 8 year old girl: horse refused a jump, she fell off but her foot got caught in the stirrup so she got dragged and trampled to death. You wanna tell me that a bunch of 200 pound guys are more dangerous than a 1,200 pound animal that doesn't speak your language and is controlled by a tiny price of metal in its mouth? How idiotic can one person be. - Gshayea_shandi

Why don't you jump onto a horse and go running at 45 miles per hour at a solid object that is taller than you and have that horse jump it. Because you would be to scared to. Equestrian is so dangerous that over 300 people die every year. Not horses and people just people. Quick question have you ever danced with something 10 times your size and that doesn't speak your language? No because that is only a thing that equestrians will experience. So before you judge us do you know about the true bond between the horse and rider? If not you have never rode on the level of what I call equestrian. - Equestrian

I play football right now. I'm 13 and it is the most roughest thing on your body. Considering that cheerleaders say it isn't hard. YES IT IS. I have almost been paralyzed by this sport because I was the safety. I'm also the quarterback and let me tell you. Trying to shake off all those defensive line players is hard. Also being the kicker which doesn't require contact but I have pulled several muscles in my calf and pulled my hamstring twice. Competitive cheerleaders are like were better but umm no you guys just stretch. And yeah you can hold people up but having to push the offensive or defensive line a
Take all your power and your drained after ten seconds. And we still have about an hour and a half to go not including the injuries the have all the paramedics come if there is an injury. I have personally put someone in the hospital for hitting them to hard near the rib area. And broke several ribs.. This is more dangerous than cheer.

You say horseback riding isn't a sport and that we just sit there and the horses do all the work. your so wrong. Try craming your heels down and keeping your shoulders back for a strait 2 hours. You have to do all this while your horse is trying as hard as he can do to listen to you and jump over a bunch of jumps with you on top, of them. Everyone thinks of riding as just trail rides, but you really aren't doing anything the horse is TRAINED to walk behind the horse in front of it. You also can't form a bond with a football or soccer ball like you can a horse. Riding is a sport where the ball has a mind of its own and it can decide to, kill you at any time. Even if they aren't trying to. I don't think many people have heard of many people dying playing football as much as cheerleading and riding. Many young girls fall and there horse lands on there head killing them. The killing some one with a football

The Soccer more dangerous than football? Is this a joke? Ok at the Soccer can be a large injury at a different level leg. Or other location. Football at the choques largely stronger! It take a shock to one of the strongest athlete in the world has full power can be as dangerous as a car shock! Some of these players use their helmets as ram which could be compared has weapons. Many are dead after violent beating, or are transformed into a vegetable after their career, the damaged brains.
Sorry for my English, it is bad :-).

Football is hard! I'm the only girl... ONLY! Girl on the whole football team. Every day you come home with a new broose. All the cheerleaders think that football is easy and I'm telling you its not. To be honest I used to feel the same " What are you talking about football isn't that hard." I used to think but now after playing it, I realized how hard it actually is! Yes chearleading is a sport and you do flips and stuff, ya I respect that but I would like to see all the cheerleaders at my school come and try to do what I do everyday! When girls say " oh ya I was gonna do football but I couldn't because it would interfere with my cheer scheduled." It just makes me so mad! I was the first girl ever EVER to play football in my district. So there is no possible way that you could have even had that cross your mind! I'm not just a football player I'm an equestrian too! I love horseback riding too so all you equestrians don't get me wrong, I love horseback riding too ...more

Haha at cheerleaders, trying so hard to prove it's like the hardest sport, yup we football players wear padding because we are so scared of getting hurt or pain, you guys are so smart, we have to wear padding by law, because let's be honest, people would die or get severely injured every play. Unless you actually play football, you wouldn't understand throwing your whole body at someone as hard as you can and what it feels like. And conditioning?... Mainly to cheerleaders, when football starts we have practice 3 times a day in which we hit each other constantly and run until we puke and keep going, and if you stop or give up you're off the team. Now I'm not saying cheer leading isn't difficult or hard, I'm saying football is for sure meant to be the most physically and mentally challenging sport. And if cheer leading is so difficult and straining, why do they never break a sweat or anything in their apparently 2.5 horrendous physical activity? By the way this page doesn't mean ...more

You really must be stupid, if you don't think we train hard. I'm not one of the school cheerleaders. I'm a real cheerleader and we run, we do conditioning, if you think it's hard to throw yourself at someone try throwing and holding someone up in the air. There's this no point in foot ball. But cheerleading you want to try win and your not just going against one team at a time your going against heaps. We flip and twist and Jump and throw and catch. You run and catch a ball.

Ok people I think we are confusing competitive cheer with normal football cheer. Normal football cheer is not hard, competitive cheer is. I honestly think football is more dangerous but if you think about all the new BS rules and all the new equipment that makes you safe these 2 have gotten close in how dangerous they are. Competitive cheer is hard and can be dangerous just like football. And by the way to the cheerleaders that say football players will sit out and whine about a injury and a cheerleader will push through it no matter what you are incorrect the people that sit out don't want to be there if you love a sport be it football or cheer leading you'll push through the injury you can't say a football player will stop playing because of a little injury if someone loves a sport they won't sit out they'll go through it... There are pussies in both sports and these are the people everyone's comparing... They both require a lot of mental and physical toughness

Football is one of those sports where everyday there is an injury. I'm in the midst of my senior year of high school, and a game into my football season. At the end of each practice we are all bruised up, but I'd say every two weeks there is an injury that leaves us down a player. The risk of head injury is always there, the first day of hitting we had a player receive a serious concussion, not to mention a dislocated shoulder. Basically it comes down to this: there is constant contact in football, where you can get hit by guys who are 6'2" 225 and running a 4.7 40 yard dash. There is always a high risk of getting hurt, and most of the time it's more serious than the ankle sprains the cheerleaders at number one are getting.

I don't care what anyone says football is the best sport of all. Soccer players always say the same things that soccer is better cause there are more fans. But in football you have to be more disciplined, conditioned, tough, and smarter than in any other sports. My sister is a high ranked cheerleader but she says that she works twice as hard in basketball and couldn't even imagine doing what my high school football team does. And in the offseason football practices 3 times a day 6 days a week, and the cheer team practices for 2 hours 4 days a week to be the side show they are still considered the tougher sport? High level football players are without a doubt the best athletes in the world and they demonstrate that by doing things on the field that no other athlete can do. In football you have guys like marshawn lynch who is pound for pound more powerful than a diesel truck, and JJ Watt could probably base a whole cheerleding team by himself, I could go on and on. I have played ...more

Football has many chances of getting severely hurt and even then after every practice I have bruises all up my legs and arms. I also have cleats in my eyes cuts on my arms and don't forget you have to do the play over and over every 30 seconds and the only time you get a sub is when your injured. But I think my position is the worst, I am a center and a have to block for 2-4 seconds with one hand and have to do that every 30 seconds. So pretty much much I say this should be number 2 because other sports like Horse racing and bull fighting have really small numbers of players when football has millions of Americans. - FootballPlayer7410

I'm sorry but football has to be the toughest sport. Though you have big pads on the strain it puts on you back and neck is extremely dangerous. Also the average life expectancy of NFL football players who is substantially lower than the average U.S. life expectancy. When it comes to team sports their is nothing harder than going through an August two a day football practice and this is coming from someone who has played tons of different sports. In my opinion the bigger pads make the sport even more dangerous and it makes people think they can just slam people. No sport hits harder

Those saying that cheerleading is dangerous while Football players are protected with pads and helmets don't know what they are talking about. Helmets and pads were mandated by the government because Football tackles are brutal enough to kill. The game was a bloodbath in the early years with players getting killed and many more were either critically injured or paralyzed for life. Even with all that gear, broken bones, torn ligaments and concussions are dangerously common in the game, which I assure you, is a lot more serious than an "injured toe".

I'm 13 and I play football and it is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Every single day I am bleeding and cut up from the hits I take and give. Every single day I have serious headaches and several different body aches. You can say all you want that "football
Is for sissy's they wear all those pads and in basketball or soccer etc. We have none" football is full contact! Even with all those pads we're not safe. There has been ambulances on the field at the opening
Kickoff in some of my games. I remember
Playing at 10 years old and my friend being taken away in an ambulance unconscious in little league! Just imagine what happens in high school and college

Just saying, statistics show that (and doctors say) that the average horse rider should expect a serious injury per 130 hours of horse riding. I'm talking brain damage limb loss broken spines and permanent disabilities

I have never played football. But please, you think the possibility of concussions and broken bones is bad? How about immediate death for a possibility? I respect football, some of my friends play football. It's the people who tell me horseback riding isn't a sport. I am in no way hating of football here but you go to the gym for conditioning? Our conditioning is carrying around 50 pound bags, 80 pound bales, 20 pound buckets. Plus everything we do on the horse. We use our entire leg the whole time we ride. We use our core. We practice for 2 hours a day 7 days a week. Have you ever fallen from 5 ft in the air? So please, don't tell me that Horseback riding isn't a sport. It's just as much of a sport as football.

I find it funny all of you football players are like " I got paralyzed and this and this and that" but don't get me wrong football is a sport and sort of dangerous. I am sure I am the only horse-back rider to say that but I have to say what happens in football doesn't even up with riding. AT ALL. and football players only 12 of you die a year. In riding on the other hand we have 100 people dying. If a 200 pound man kills you he gets sued. If a horse steps on you... You die and the horse well nothing happens.

A message to these soccer players arguing that soccer is 'tougher' than football. "I believed that the title of this page is 'Most Dangerous Sports' not 'Which sport do you run around the most? ' for running around the most, yeah sure, give that award to soccer, but the vote here is voting on which is more dangerous. soccer is not a sport built around contact, football is, stop whining about how football is ranked higher than soccer because football has 1000 times more injuries and 1000 times worse injuries than soccer. if you want I can give you guys a medal for running around back and forth on the field for the longest time... but other than that football is more dangerous.

Okay. I'm a cheerleader, reading all these comments and you football players are saying that football is more dangerous? Its not 100% proven it is, first of all. Second, (this is such an old quote) but we throw 100+ pound girls in the air, you throw a two pound ball oh and we actually catch ours. read all of the cheerleading comments. high school, sideline cheer may not be considered a sport but guess what? WERE TALKING ABOUT ALLSTAR COMPETITION CHEER HERE! So think again and come to our practices please. try it.

Another reason why high school football is dangerous is because we are basically try to take down someone that can't control themselves because most male teens (not to be sexist) act like 5 year-old's on crack. and to the cheerleaders out there just stop no one cares that you can fall and crap like that, see I play high school football and its at least 50-times more dangerous so shut up about it stop think that cheer-leading is more dangerous and go to the corner-of-shame and think about your life. - badghostkid37

Really okay so please tell me how it's more dangerous yes you can die but don't say that cheer and horse back riding isn't a sport. HORSE BACK RIDING came first and involves a HORSE do you know how heavy a horse is and if you get trampled by one or it decides to fling you off. Second cheerleading is a sport and I am talking about competitive cheer. One its on ESPN and you probably don't even know how much work cheerleaders put into there routines okay to make it look "easy". By DEFINITION a sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature" straight out the dictionary.

Actually, in COMPETITIVE cheer, we have no guards. We throw girls bigger then your scrawny little self and, we catch ours. I'm not talking about "side line cheer", I'm talking about competitive cheer. Our coach is a military veteran who will make you cry if you make the LITTLEST mistake. You sound so ignorant when you say cheerleading isn't a sport. The movie,"Bring It On" is a dream compared to our practices. I'd like to see you get on the floor and do the easiest thing, a basket toss. Oh yeah, I recall the ambulance coming when a girl passed out, a boy had a seizure, and someone stepped on a girl's neck at full force. People die in my SPORT. In your sport, you sit out with a busted lip. In my sport, I've walked off 3 neck injuries and my TWO broken feet (that I broke at the same time). Oh, did I mention my braces going through my foot and my sprained ankle? All this and I'm only 11 and this is my 5th season cheering. I think you and your football friends are a big joke. Have fun ...more

You should probably get on a horse trot, canter, and post with no stirrups (the things you put your feet in). Your legs will burn SO bad you will get blisters all the way down both of you legs. You have to keep your heels down, knees closed, legs back, arched back, elbos bent, legs tight, and wip on your thigh. It is so hard and you have no idea. So yes HORSEBACK RIDING IS A VERY HARD SPORT! You also have to keep control and keep calm if your horse bucks or rears. It is a lot harder than is seems. I have done football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer and horseback riding is the hardest SPORT I've done. I have the strongest legs in my grade and I'm a girl, I ride horses, and a lot of boys in my grade play football and I am MUCH stronger than them.

Football is dangerous. But I'm a horse rider and get thrown from a 1200 pound animal 1 a week. I am just recovering from a. spinal injury and whiplash also I broke my arm too. I have been stepped on been to hospital loads and have been in ambulance here's to people who think horse riding is dangerous